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Monday, May 14th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. Listening to. He's thrilled. The Celtics are sitting I'll take our 9844999. A little play profile this game. And you got your headlines Italy one hour from now first we check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working out all right there's a video going around of someone who got fixed fingernails that look like teach. The Senate's lead and the Muller's. So why does he have a picture of this is the white. I I have it. And I also as last. I'm saying look man already flooding or the blood will never mess of her nails are you a chance they may not make them and still leave anything says she doesn't. All you have to understand. If he thinks that those are good then that's that's going to happen and you're going to tell me no I don't las. All it Chilavert craft. Out. Wouldn't. Doubt they found in a good sense it is. Polluted things she addressed. Particularly like to see that dentist I'm on kind of buried Janice Lieberman and some. The double guide to not having sex of the Wisconsin state fair less Summers in trouble again. He violated his probation by contacting somebody wasn't allowed to and she does not with a budget. Odds keep guys. Stop. I asked him not to do that you know the look imagined. Obviously you're stupid so they watch even more exact heal with time the American state fair having sex life. I'm now working on the clock management all right I'm not I'm not working on the clock. Power strikes know how to save the state fair. But what's going on the fabric Dave if you've had the impulse that sets the stage for a little today and doubt about drinking and your state fair in his own cotton candy do one Ferris wheel ride I'll read it. A rest Dublin California recently divorced and there was some confusion every 35 million dollar a castle meaning that they own it doesn't look the white hat and after losing a points less. Since she admitted it didn't matter because she already taken test and the wonderful because I was a reproduction mr. Bender self. All while all know she stole it. And she would wait and that's so that's impressive thing about what you did. She wins and she replicated the pain to the points were her husband thought that that was the original and then she stole the original. Huge battery just didn't give a crap and look at 35 million dollar piece of ardea hanging in his house but. For once just to be a good artist either that or Sheehan a commission to repay or plug costs of overrated or one of the yeah I mean come on sorry Nancy I mean yourself man okay then rats. You don't think that's in town full regret tonight that's trickery. Somebody in Texas got pulled over for driving too close to the car in front of them earlier this month. And police found two million dollar where the Methodist card hey he said. Two million dollars at the G you always say that you don't condone actually. Being drug mule but if you're gonna. W did about it. Got drugs and cars fumble every single traffic ruled seat. Brilliant do in the nine running you all like everyone else act like you're moving its expect. I think it didn't seem like he's never seen make a movie about people who do drugs played. You can bet that much through two million dollars and why our man throw eighty nobody. I don't know wait for you. Yeah I I mean I hate that hate to be that guy famine I mean remember the movie with a fill those Miller's family tells us. Meet the Miller that's that's. You need to have a husband you need to have a life. Get help with the had a kid in the back of the car there's all kinds of ways to be a meal without looking like. Dude dude in her twenties who haven't bay and 25 days into an executive what I O'Sullivan you've been caught my employees are dreaming criminal worsened. Right can even if you're legitimately criminal like Wall Street you don't go to jail but no one. No one feels intimidated or things that we've been bad it's gonna happen if someone is wearing the suit my wanted to Margaret Carlson you could approach anybody as. Faced a builders recently took down a photo of a hairless popping. But we get as he hasn't totally looks like something different in the photo. Well what does it look like panoramic. Love. I thought it's tradable and tiger penis parent that I mean it looks exactly and isn't the president and I don't think that's an obvious none of you that you like to see them as the days. Overheads. The guys got it in his hand and did not come hither and pets and now. Advantage oh goodness and a pair of Soviet Union put that over insane penis or hairless puppy comes in fits these two young giving eroded in the handed lazy one of these is born one of these of the Q Bob. I feel one headline I'm looking at. This from an English paper. Pick a perilous newborn puppies Fayette as a looks like a winning its second wind maybe got a name and don't really read. A man in New York asks a third rate. Amanda New York is suing halo it's not because he thinks they're packaging for the the light ice cream looks too much like regular ice cream it's. Possibly says that halo makes people think of yellow which is the color of butter which is screaming. Do you really sue because you bought plate. Ice cream doubts but sugar and yet again but you cannot see successfully. That's right he's pursuing my brother or is that you can sue anyone for any reason you want but the chances do you be successful ones that stupid. Our real he'll spend more money going to court for the Phillies trying to go get five million dollars back so five million dollar EF four wide. I could you'll know exactly I could see suing the other way we'll that. If you thought your fitness stuff that didn't have as much shattered everything and it usually right around your when he got the full fat one that you think for those guys rally. Out of their may have its history and it's one pint and it's nice that they ice cream. It's it's it's no more than worth the value than the kind of ice in the Social Security Administration just released the most popular baby names from last year. They're pretty close to the U the previous year and they normally of the Amazon gave as to whether I believe about an organizer. Putters 500 exactly. Look for a lot of name's Laura I don't think we have but you always know it you'll know with the babies are born with a bug you don't know newborns but you know when you. Finally get a kid and you check in the class you realize that there's like five of those names and class and you are I'm not right now I think that I haven't actually part I don't understand Franklin. Fully. How is everybody end up picking the scene kind of names and all the sudden get massively. Popular. I don't know if you're right I knew annuity rates in all we talked our friends. I think you because you would never name you want the original you're never sure what I mean my knees straight she's fifteen right. Matt she's battling for shooting a little ahead of the curve but there's a ton alpha members like how it goes up as the same way though but it. Everyone dressed the same people main people one of the most amazing things about this country to me and maybe is sure about countries I'm just not fair nobody. Everything happens at the exact same time for two or three years like what. And the fashion they've been named the big food craze right on the tater tops me. All and I don't get by day you'll take it. People go well whatever you tell them go wisdom and whoever's gonna sometimes when it's popular it just its top of my usual thing I want to name him under. Some cycle started yelling at the employees at a gas station in Mississippi last Wednesday because some peach cobbler Levi didn't have enough pizzas and it all he went crazy able to Ghana got an Amish customers dug a vermin they pulled a gun and shot him in the back. Well I don't know about you but peach cobbler vandalism I think you'll enjoy dollars and Mississippi as an assist us early primary it was an in Vermont I think again if enemy if you had to guess what part of the country that that. That's someone fired again it's open all of them around about peaches will be challenged and definitely not about maple syrup for. Yeah. The Miami high school and welcome to the jungle themed drama landed them in hot water for getting into the theme. Why is that Zell about a one hour now thank you like rock headlines are annoying one hour from now first the guy who loves. 36. Yes they're having to please everyone how profile this is played him a short ten miles that the simple game are we sure do a real life news story. Something that happened right here on planet earth. And as you listen to the story based on the stereotypes you believed to be true of people and the decisions that people make. The last few hundred is you'd think makes the story a story hello DJ welcome to the men's room. Audit of. All I die. DJ you understand how does your game is played. Yet you know given name from radio. All right here is your story and first of all we know that you momma jokes have been around since long before any of those three kids. Some are still there and I can go anywhere but boy and I'm getting at is that the woman in this story. Probably go to waded I don't know another hour or so before she decided to research. There's a 39 year old woman and she's a school bus driver in Blaine Minnesota. And back in February while she was driving a bunch of kids to school. She was on her cell phone keep in mind your school bus driver when god forbid they seat belt. As on the phone while driving the kids because she was looking up yo momma jokes. One point humanity come over to the from the mosque and read the jokes overly America. Well as you might imagine apparent eventually complained the school went review the bosses video footage from today and they saw the kids roaming all over the balls while it was moving. And the bus itself and swerving in and out of lanes of traffic onto the shoulder. She resists arrest and a fifteen counts of child endangerment and reckless driving it should be noted there were sixteen kids on the hospital wanted to carry the but do you believe that this woman is black and white makes you or you. Looking up your mom and do you know location on this Blaine Minnesota Blaine Minnesota. You moms who's soon to be two hours to watch sixty minutes. You'll Marshall. Boom I don't in my mouth. It's an Amazon is. Certainly a lot of white people in Minnesota SI group probably I have to swing I. And friends it's kinda new models and Fred you can't even jump to conclusion but she was looking them all up right right to do you know new mommy is your black you wouldn't know your mom your new models imported daily number and pay attention to at least know a handful of them without having to start looking them up or maybe she told a moment then you know go to casinos that. There's a well of them the most deep and so yellow wood he smiles Traficant who's back. There's a ton of hits him right. You have to jokes if the other kid to read and I was in Iraq and she's down to drown great job and it's a school bus yesterday ace a big boaters stay grown and grown man. The president had intercom system was the kidneys aren't yet enough I'll known here in America we never had a Nomar was told she walked out of museum being lonely and all realistic RadioShack speaker in front traffic sounds distance you've also love me. Which he was little kid through country by phone but these are a lot of jokes are also theory. A parent every culture like what I everybody's got you know I'm no fan asked were the mr. in my car ran out of dad's over your mother's day's coming up kids. What's now what do you think there'd eject. No matter well I play the numbers on Minnesota. And good time we're gonna find out if she was black white Mexican or Jewish next new models so fast she stepped on a scale Hussein to be continued. That was the tees are losing to the reds are ready and our. This suit probably the Castro profile list in a car driver and other bus driver is 39 years old. And he's trying to do is on the road in the same time she's on her phone the looking up yo momma jokes in the kids than reading them over the loudspeaker on the bus and then true to form they go back and look at the video one. There's a bus running all over the road kids running amok there are gone up and read the phone tell the Obama Joseph. So I guess they fire they did fire and not just that Hurley everyone knows Joseph mama joke to some comments and that. Your mom's so batter belly button gets owned fifteen minutes before she did. Yo mama so Don Hewitt to the movements that under seventy not a big decision about sixty more tickets. Your mom's so fat milk National Weather Service names and wonderful folks it's your mom is so short you can see your feet and profile picture even just one became man. Do mama's so stupid she saw an airport left signs whose term problem went home to mama so fat she is on the ball here now. Dumont I hearts. It's really even season that I. Even Jesus in the spirit hello DJ yeah we ask you did you leave the bus driver was black whites may series NUM lights. I. You are current. Oh OK guys Erica good Actividentity mail now relative whose loved not as time TV talent team. In case you're pathetic life. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Mike mentioned it earlier. These how targets people follow her stuff. Yes several of how early you're right it was in Mississippi but the news station itself for any hear from. Is that news channel three down in Memphis and not realize how close Memphis there's a lot of states it's it's really close actually yeah. So basically. Yeah I heard the story of the guy got shot in the back. Over peach cobbler president of the amidst this had happened it's not okay and then when you hear this guy when you listen to him right now you're understand. You go watch the video than to face appeared to be he looks like the guy that would break up. I think in a convenience store and it kind of caught up. He's our guys are also some of Carla Jarrett and other Dover animals' lives are smells like that you're able to ultimately Dave and everybody that told this store no this storm all these women you don't. The only thing that's distract from a bright manga I don't know it are you known and unknown oversold pages. Pages. You wanna shoot it they overs and eighteen growth. I had fears of a car. Shot again. All started by it was a Belgian the really no long days and how we don't put up because those type of bag who authorities say is you wanna go. All the dirty game ought to present this man. Genius or he does not make it. And I don't think he looks look that's the a toothache as go these pain doesn't say he's trying to sell you look at how do that sounds about par for the course there. And you real page yeah exactly eighteenth. Rightly give if you if I got shot over peaches I hope she is next on stage practices. Combining all of the accolades that. Yeah I would usually be Iran had in your blogs. Well I she would have interest in the use this may have laid the guys right in the whole thing was that there wasn't enough peaches in the top in the comic con which also. Miles with the fire you up and also it's those southern held by a if you watch the full clip he explained that this is that whatever. Track not truck stop in any. I guess look at you try to stop them or it's like to have subtitles no but they spur peach cobbler that's what I think but know this place. Okay there's a culture out there that. I'm not sure that we grasp real well in the Pacific northwest but in the south they grabbed they grasp the very well which is. In net even in its owners believe and out of Pennsylvania in those areas to. Maryland does Virginia does it it's really good food in gas stations. I'm Doug and wrote a really and really the difference really good food while you're filling up your car with gas you literally can stop. And fill your car ups you can get too worked in the next day. And you can bring home something that every single person more alike in if you call my this ramping it up I guess they opt out but if you give. Instead of only KFC light and I need to get cigarettes and das. Admit it you wanna grab fried chicken from and then unit that plays and we don't know that particular mart watch the video is bad pitch problem they had advanced meat that I thought I'd say hello back. That's a Joseph Jill potatoes. Paid two different kinds of gravy they had biscuits they had hush puppies they had French Fries I think there's a civil way to explain cult like the food mart you know hopefully avoid his claim this is what the stories about you went to a gas station and you got peach cobbler. But because of her expectations of how good food is at a gas stage you're still shocked that an. You do not get enough peaches and peach cobbler. That's the sign of the food must be good because typically. Embargo rural gas station by any thing and don't get botulism I would send a thank you apps like technically wasn't a gas station it was Joseph Joe's travels and okay there I'll that they don't travel are that there a yeah if you. If you see a barbecue. Stay ended in a gas station go. Pull over and. Yeah that's fair IC a lot more food like it's cool now. Wherever you go such in the West Coast there's the food trucks everywhere every the laid back and today too late I see a lot of food trucks that we would like there is specific barbecue places like chicken or even crabs and leave you wanted to get crabs you would go to like a down side of the road why aren't. Vegetables. Sent everything so I wrote that. Stanley Gold at the East Coast farmers market. And ended up earlier this particular case if they're not altogether but in one stretch of driving home a fireplace you go to your program whose kids seafood he would meet. Sox batters got to pull over we're not supposed to know the song but I liked anything I am at the travel center. Over that peach Catholic pages. But they couldn't get more sun than guarding it. You know sometimes you might see a star he kind of star struck or whatever. And they. You know maybe you engage in the maybe you don't I would say the plane is one of the odder places to run into people Mick I ran I walk. In to like an athlete and you want that I just. I just kind of looked adamant that something that he would now and he's just kind of smiled but it's weak at ease the only athlete. The bar edited Luka are just ordinary why did he sit in first class that he used the played their attitudes like that out my thoughts are rather than go scanned the music they were. Why did you sack him we knew what to black as it is and who's written it. Yeah you and anti liberal kind of reasonable hour Arrington might have been like the last linemen to play linebacker. Bright yellow are completely that led to but it really easy to putting on a plane. And their city. Many of us also but he had a bar with a group of people dead I'd say hey what's up to home but he ate dinner trap there and I got you in my sites like that's the issue is on the plane there it is kind of stuck there are sitting next few new home. It it's the Ryan Reynolds he shared a Graham Norton renovate it very odd time that somebody wanted to say hello to. There's a couple of there are on honeymoon and the plane hadn't yet taken off and the of the didn't woman who just just gotten married I've just became. Violently horribly ill on the plane I mean it was not like a pretty good elect sick bag. Kind of thing has just like. I'm going to get painted with my organ this. Freaking out all of the play in that and then there's this and it brought a stretcher down and they put her on the stretcher and they're Wheeling her away and make. Her new husband is just kind of cruising along. The thing and he sees me he's like pool. I'd ever. Wouldn't he would like what is she got. But he's like what tiger eyeball. And by the way you're. Life is like half dead and but this is just a very surreal moment I'm I'm sure they're fine I'm sure they're on their second anniversary now. So again yeah yeah drag off the plane on a stretcher but posted below full any throughout the hot spots that. Brett after wise but I'm Leo which I don't want to touch you. I was trying to figure like in honor action I think that that make it when we are went out of the navy ready to a celebrity in the bathroom. That's always that's not a word of yeah there and it's. All right. You know this is that time a year or shows unity canceled they get picked up or they you know and there's a couple shows honestly I didn't need it. Latest leave them in limbo you gotta kinda guess what's gonna happen. I don't know why should audition for those other show I don't know palm still employed. If for no one of the reasons just tell people for the right you're an actor MR. If you can get a gig as an actor you're gonna take the gig because obviously that they crazy thing to me about. Your shows a limbo maybe someone else is trying to attack you do something like man I don't. I don't know phone stolen gun today. Can only be like getting released after all you know from a football team after the teams spent all their money. And nobody can afford Jacob your high price Dez Bryant and. Even know somebody offered Joseph multi year contractor who now that I'm gonna prove myself and then no one hires who offered him a contract ravens are today you know number three year I thought he's got and don't odd spot you like. This lead free agency was over the data that there is some shows I don't know why they do a film and it's generally the same ships. But you if you were kinda questionable the year before they'll wait till like summer and I think some an orchard is waiting to see which is actually get done what they're gonna put your production. But the most interesting thing I think so far. Has been Brooklyn nine not so about a week ago we find a Brooklyn 99 fox is gonna cancel. Twitter kind of went crazy if you think it getting the last few days Brooklyn 99 gets picked up by NBC. Now little more interest seen they did on that is basically. NBC is saying hey look Brooklyn 99 came to us years ago we didn't pick it up then what to Fox's those kind of bond it's out and they are especially. With Andy's Andy Samberg wrestler guy right he was on SNL which is an NBC product for years and they're like dude if we knew he was going to be on there. We probably would have picked it up. So I guess what they did not yet they got it now but the thing is some other shows too late. People feel real bad plate he'll get fired up right what they wanna bring these shows back in the recently family i.'s most famous one this can happen like. Brooklyn 99 while it is a funny show like it just didn't get that good rate right I like NBC there upfront about it they Santa. But basically we think it'll fit better and our brand than it actually did didn't Fox's breed of comet also depends on where they pulled it with a put it on and don't look don't promote Morgan that there boy. In an America that they'll promote island post Annie. Yeah and when when I think fox out of that you guys I generally think funny cartoons bright you know our thing like eight sports. Lately they have they have live you know. Live action shows with humans. Better for better fight live action right why don't go go American girls truth cumulative I just think of sitcom that I watch on a weekly date and I generally think the fox in the cartoon strong words NBC. I would think for lately they mean they need more of this sort of yeah they made Thursday night what it was. They got the different shows they got to show with a Ghost Whisperer they're gonna bring in Kirby in between. That we always talk about sort of shows in bars bloom NBC's got you covered it's gonna be called Abbey's. I guess it's about a bar. We won't daddy's it's obviously they say it sounds like cheers except it's in San Diego now Boston and go all San Diego's got great parts. It's our current rescinding outside there's nobody ugly there they got to show is over yet that that's their rocks a part of the titans games. Bob six contests mean to contestants. These contestants annoy me some column on contestants. Six contestants backs it up in physical challenges against the reigning titans. Almost seems like what was the show ice we used to watch back in the day. With the American American Gladiators. Based on teams though instead of individuals is at the idea. Yet to sit out notices are going up against the titans who could also NBC's gonna add a winter champions addition America's Got Talent. America's Got Talent dominates the ratings every summer. Frankly that's one of the few shows that come alive right right it's lie it comes on for the summer and it's new episodes right no shows you know often like. Basically just are done for the night. And you know one man if there are 900 people fishing at a lake and you can get there when there's only four. When you think you can catch more fish than you think that they would have more the more people would catch on like hey here's an opportunity. For a new show to grow our new show to be who they present. What some shows me all you know our problem is they're not gonna get the ratings as though that one or not they get the ratings but it it's just. A lot of time because of soul. Many new TV shows on all of these ridiculous frivolous networks that you kind of forget until summer comes back. And they are oh Christ yeah you're watching us it was pretty. Yeah I mean literally I mean look man. One way to know that most of these networks are garbage and army the main ones are most of the one point cable fine but every time people bring up the idea going allowed carts with cable like look. As wanna pay for networks I watched. Right what do they always that. All that be the death of whom it was like 80% of the network chinoy great to you would admit the neighbors on what you do is garbage. But we still get in and it like you recognize that no one would pay for those garbage but you still forces. Absolutely as he let me ask you I was since let's be honest if you got rid of like a lot of like rain and had a cable networks but how would we have any idea whether it's fishing hunting. Looking for gold what the hell is going off to allow. All right but but because we know but it all until they know Afghanistan that I have is are they officiating product they've followed the write them a truck like just. They laugh at it and it that was the that was the model for the product to so I in my mind it's it's a broken model and it's just. It's the way a lot of media works and it's for target that it's it's stupid. Perfect example aren't you have Heinz Ketchup and okay. Heinz Ketchup doesn't cited deals as we only go into a safe way. Now they have competition there's Kroger other's whole there's all kinds of grocery stores out there. But there's no one place for only that one type of catch. Right and that's kind of what television does and it's it's sometimes Smart sometimes it's not. If you'd stranger things to coming outlets but that is a hypothetical wrecked or fact from now our exit or three all right and you have a coming on the fall. Well if I'm ABC and I need us show. I can run stranger things second season. Still promoting the fact that Netflix Thurman have a third season coming up big and run commercials Eric I'm just providing the catch of most people would probably like to eat if they had seen had tasted and anything else. It's should be carried them brought as a block carry the products people want maybe you'll have the newest one yet because someone has exclusive rights to that like Detroit's front just to know which is obviously no we don't want you to know what now worried about rob showing repeats regularly to Brazil and it's not going to do that but if you're not gonna build a show them put on good shows that people are hard. Yeah I think so I think if you're Netflix or Hulu though like you people have to pay for the services they Bill O'Reilly drive you'd be a little for we don't know if they'll emerald there are people know that once that show has been aired and it's gotten its lifetime where most people downloaded binge that show they their expectations are that. You're just going to be fired up for the next season. So in those instances like you did you say they would HBO if they have a new Curb Your Enthusiasm coming out. You could put the old season because everyone on the Theodore wants to make those who didn't wouldn't you'll watch it may have a new audience in the new going to be interest in the new episode now they're gonna subscribe to HBO. I think the most interesting thing we'll see if somebody shows get into syndication from these other network break that down a little below and don't make a lot of them it's law and order acts as you can. I never watch it I know ice Ice-T is on it and I knew the show's been around for awhile. They got renewed again that'll be its twentieth season and how it's tying with the longest running drama of the regular law and order. It doesn't smoke won't. I gotta think that's one of ocean no longer than he's been in body count I think it's like one of those shows looks like a band where. May never Robert number one you don't even know if you like them or not but in the thirty years they've been around they've made just enough money to be a band. I'm doing that show they know exactly what they're gonna pay is this weird I know exactly the ever titles are named they make whatever. Like they're never gonna make any more or less money off of a child in it it's fine it's always at the same we're casting people to likely call Andre Brown article Richard Belzer Richard Belzer Richard I'll go off monster's back. Pickett if after thirty years of. So I talked a lot the last few weeks about how they keep bringing back these old shows rights rough Roseanne came back Murphy Brown came back. Mad about you Barack I still don't know who was clambering for that ship oh let's. So fox confirmed that they're gonna bring back last man standing. After it was canceled a year ago right ABC. Now that's. Tim Allen show. Basically I got famous because it was very. Right leaning. So we've played Roseanne's south kind of famous for being like the president called her in the cement. That's the last man standing with the kind of a show for conservatives and this and that but he got canceled by ABC. Now the issue here is though that like ABC also revived American Idol after fox got rid of it but the thing is that the ratings are there have been terrible. But I think there's a deference on me like American Idol down replaced by the votes American Idol you know whatever they want a show's done but. Or they're not alone. But would. But violence in my own charm and if you like Tim Allen only to show Donnie came over the other version of that I think he'll do just. I really do well some of the shows they just kind of funny they they keep bringing back stuff like. Like King of Queens thank you basically revitalize that show with Kevin can wait when you fire the actors have been brought back Leona and yeah and now let's just get it like you guys don't have any patience. I think Jesus cry did live there Hollywood might I didn't get through the bottom line is Syria yanking crap way too early and already a chance. That he really cares. They don't appreciate you guys had last killer might hear in just a few minutes you're listening to the men's or radio network. And Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real. Fire area of Florida where they are so dumb they can't figure out why they are catching flak for bringing up tiger to the problem. Meanwhile Q resignations have killed 28 is people accidentally leave your car running then they are gone carbon monoxide. Margaret overturn a 47 years shocking people that library still exist is being pregnant wasn't hard enough also getting hit by lightning might make you pay us. And Detroit Def media days where in the catch all of us are Paul whose third don't have time for headlines. It's Sunday it's. Yes there's Mike call. Our job starting at a Miami or high school welcome to the jungle prom theme got a little too real. Under the drama Zelda local DoubleTree Hilton and people were astonished when he lives caged tiger was brought into the dance. But that's not all a lever to look Gaza and an African fox we're also running at. An African Bob moon moon. C.s and the organizers defend the decision saying that the animals were always properly handled and were never in any danger nor were the dance goers. Well you know there are properly handled his top one of the human and natural habitat insiders that music has learned of teenagers dancing around exactly. Yes you know you can make the case that they were that the tiger was in the cage and there's people around in the actions of the tiger was up from 85 minutes. But still like you said the chaos that's going outside that cage the loud music did indeed strobe lights the cost of people's cellphones I'd tiger. That that's just gonna rising up like crazy manner. That's all I'm saying I have normative but yeah cool for five minutes but a terrible idea people. Agree around the world also filling up until his dream involving an average two climbers could be facing a ten year ban from the mountain hollow there's. Why there is so ridiculous that it is the one okay. The two Sharpless. The have been going up there nine million times providing all the economical dollars in that area for a long period of time based on what it is of people go there to do which is climb this mother right and nothing else and that's what they do. These guys bust their ass to make sure that those ropes from place all the lines are of everything is ready to go in the people have the opportunity to do that. Most people who should not be up there anyway there are large percentage of people who should be. They guide them to the top. These guys decided when they got to look to face it on the ski down there. As just because. They wanted to try not only that but they were doing a test on altitude so they have one twin at sea level of one went up for their good run some tests to see how they differentiate on bond until scientifically but they wanna get dressed down I. Turns out you need to have a ski down every for every instrument. We'll announce the roller sherbet maybe jaded we don't know but no one had never done so they really didn't know all the Disney has donated the money that we you know papal. What's permit. Jointly presenting their aspect out of the dates of oh no now you're gonna be like no we'll pay Portland don't really surface what they should. If they get they screw you out of anger in the birthplace of cardinals dangers become I had while I'm sure that there was it was Davis distress through those guys or for no reason. Thanks miles the other news it appears that Detroit media has a new officer in its ranks just last week the judge swore in a new officer that they would only named officer doughnut. It's helping those who don't know if you have against them by now officer Don it is actually get him in the department adopted to be therapeutic hidden for the department. Don't. First Chad badgers who was decommissioned due to an illness. Do you have to name. Your animal so close I mean we know we you do for a living right in it like not unit to catch doctor Gomez and unfortunately not all super. Let's Hamas commands and I think it's rather clever that's very clever my my I'm sure my five year old would not follow. He keeps it becomes a Gerdes I'm gonna call upon us there if I was arrested I wanna pet the kitty I'll say Iran and I get drunk enough left arm around. I have since done an invite almond farmer Deron. You know where these guys an actual animal. Ranked last hour. Well like would you would you think when I first heard that term today outplay somebody said that to look out that that was my thought I believe that I am wrong. Yeah I loved wizards soda is also a kiddie menu don't know how all kiddies are gonna turn out to them it's gonna be pretty good time to turn out to be just like leave me alone never released all the sort of Psycho he is next right. Probably a nightmare scenario for the Ted Smith a snake made its way out on the field of a Minor League Baseball game during the eighth inning. It took five men with a disarming a blunt tools and buckets to corral the animal but is being said from an unnamed FaceBook users that the animal did not survive the count. A big. To say over and over again in this story that he was FaceBook users that said that the animal then survived not to say that it didn't because they were a little bit rough and it. But unless you word you know. One man Ricky who was out there with a rake morale in the standings aren't on camera and I don't believe anybody that just watched this video could actually say no bad animals dead. What if they lived I don't know when it's not like the minor league teams commando like Williams thinks fine. Yes fair enough and I didn't know the vicinity animals lived either it just says the man people that are just watching the video are not a good source as to whether or not this animals about it. No thanks well the first thing facilitate acts. Death threats is yeah that's huge I don't know how they're going to be able rallying behind killing and there's no doubt about that argument and I think about this exact same story no wouldn't know lose if this makes arrive tonight and put puppy and another. Tennis hundreds of tons and not bad though we that's how we roll. I don't know anybody that had a shovel for cut off heads of other animals the sights next move and I'll do my iPad don't quite think about that Harrell Bobby showed my. People think it's cute don't see it the good part of a five and Deborah gist of the unthinkable as Evan a book titled stolen eyes was returned to the public library but it was a little bit more than light the book was due in 1970 Alley 48 years past him. As every headline and admire the her 007 drug charge dragged out into sit and spin a men's room rules are back profile that they will bring it tells with a shot of the day. Yes indeed it is all true and in the meantime we'd be all of how this bitch so until tomorrow please know what you do best and parlay those same stale.