05-15-18 Seg 3 Mens Room Feels Good

Tuesday, May 15th

Emails, Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top 10 Uplifting Songs! Plus What You Don't Need to Know and the Shot of the Day!


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This is the men's room. Roger as a drug and charge coming all same span is better to look good they say than to feel good but today we get the ten songs. They will actually make you feel good. Scientifically proven. To make you beat a better mood than you were before you listen doom gambles since I'm just not in the salesman John we'll find out coming over the rank castle. The drug and charger question what did you find or find out 844999. Cola. Hello Nate then welcome to the men's room. 00. What did you kinda oh. Well wide out who I was when I word nice seeing now about nine years ago now. I was looking at my daddy did a talker. At golf Iowa. Our current data to try and bite up my god. It occurred sort get. But that was or gone. And in doing this doll that is just aren't at all stash she emailed pictures that your head off. First urge all you spur. It's yeah it's you know. Now we're these commissioners that he took all of these corporations that he printed off. I believe they are what you read on the Internet. I'm a it was like you're sitting there and you identify your kitchen or anything. It you could identify your kitchen in the background of these pictures lawyers say. Well no now but yeah I double dog. Why shot into a game and I did you know in baton. The air it out dark guy here at bat. Out all the bad. Is he married you ever wondered your mom and a pianist. Doubt the private investment. He's. Is he still marry your mom. Yeah. It or morality all I is your dad ever did all of it all out. Okay this is your dad allows anybody know. OK. It is it is that a guy there isn't a woman. To woman broker won't earn big but it. Yeah I get out and bought or bombs blew up our. Out of wherever your job I just figured you know Poland they get the other that's important lover now that is and I look at it as a sport persona. I don't be surprised a lot plus hello rated stuff. People list. So fat. I don't know what the right word is fan and right back southeasterly wind Georgia. But is that more flop and it was a flyer lie here which doubles as a competitor like the flop or just like to be a flop flop and winner flop but when. That was determining they ran as good as they wanted to we live with that and and you know whatever orders never heard Gary have made enough hopman we blob and later covered in Chile would you open our hot dog plays golf flap when we Islam leader. We do go. But Heyman urban and green our dog's throat we want our town and uninstalled it you flopped when we go to Chicago flat. They're gonna get a southern flop would make it a flop there you get a Dodgers lost the game by you've got to have a gimmick you don't mean to you know when you've had a proper Wiener. But it's gotten I don't know I'm from leader right Helio thank interaction for a week I don't think when you get a Chicago with a Vienna beef Harlow with the yellow and later OK so what color finally got Serrano doll like twelve and drilling is bigger leads to other Internet blog the beat but just I mean that you can't grow and it's gonna be high and efficacy and Andy I think that's if its slump and enters its vending right is that she's in the middle. At the end I teaspoons we come on what they would do I don't know where I'd just like trying to find the words don't they let our little part at right. I'm a much underdogs went what did you finder find out a powerful current kind 900 where is Suzanne yeah if this is the fact this is Thea and he used it fellow Linda tell him to the Madrid is that she. He's gonna enough. I found out that my great great grandfather murder the man. Dale brown did he get cards. Mikey actually shot it tights and a back. That I Elaine I didn't know bang next in the walkway eight and then he held the top soft and picking up the body are not a day. Yeah they are ready to do yen into the details. I don't know what is the store why did this happen. Well apparently did die eat through that area me bought the property. Out from underneath them. And then like trying to get an outdated collapse PM every day and going over there and my parents and my great great grandfather he had had a not. And pulled up a shotgun choppy. I was trying to Stephen mica like a dog surrogate eat them later meanwhile wanted to guard the body and really your cares even had he wanted to play dared to everybody you. I am tell the opposite I don't I don't want anyone don't know he proved his point that Ian knows rigorous in his life in jail I'm guessing right did you know he died a month. Any Indian prison on each time it out maps are I know you can't take mile and the wooded guy says this on your mom or dad's side. I would on my mom I ended that streak continue. I don't know I don't think so I backed that. And then on that tie the damn label all neat. You don't say. Jack the man out another random bag of Metallica may have been mean and left him laying there are some people knew right I don't know yesterday was really neat because otherwise you sound so pleasant. Let's yeah we did it he's the he's expected to be murdered a man in the snow. Whose main. Hello Dave welcome to the bedroom. All of the chill out yeah. And. Such old wanna do that so. About ten years ago like it buddy flotilla out for hunting over unleash at a Washington not the law. And it started just walking around my little business. And on public land becomes the cost about eight groups all the marijuana farm. I was ready to go and yet. I you know he keeps she did get back quite close. Unfortunately you know people are quite protective of that. I'm good I'm glad to be LAR fifteen OK until it goes a money what he'd done there. Exactly and so. You know we double album the knocked out back into her so we're. No reply with their but all public landing so outgunned but not earth and that's why the dots all he would call the bid to the states. And you got five grand for what and no words. These giving Gary the entire field. I would imagine what they're sure that you just came back to childhood. All of you know it's going now I will now plans with a plans budding where they closed or were they how far along where there. You know he couldn't get back close and you don't wanna just because you are on active keep all of us. Only embolden it down did tell it and because they have armed people guarding their stash or because your problem the statue being there at all. Know exactly the first one people are people Gordon Strachan not public lands them. You know public it's not you know property has your property a ride on what takes them to but. My opponent robbery Al brown everybody I thought I'd like Obama or humane fashion police are in Canada and well that's one of the good things about the legalization of marijuana is is that those guys don't matter anymore because it's legal. Q how about the home. Yeah no no no one know guys nobody saw that hill coming with a machine guns and a lot of that's one hell of an advantage when your hiking with your family you know I mean that the last thing you wanna do is a stumble upon a grow operation with guys with big jugs of chemicals and I r.s fifteen. How would you finer find out a 44999. Hello hello Mike welcome to the men's room. Well which almost all. What our guys aren't there. Should attach the memorial Jack. When I'm fine now. Let's have what did you finder find out. And Alicia shared goal. I don't doubt you are dead and bounced off the bed and hit the veteran nick in good result when it hit pretty that I couldn't go out. So that's why don't 45 years later what got you those bad. Well my sister's friends at late almost back you know are you later backed him so much its energy it bushel a deranged called chipper. Do you Wahlberg so I'm facing you won't person knows behind you are push you fall back press. Exactly. Cheap pushed harder. Not bought out you know eventual coma. How long were you when Tacoma. I think our political retreated to that you bet that but I don't want so don't sit on the job chinook. O'Shea their strategy may change in the weather moving cheek slapped me screaming my name I can't go. And I think that you are merged Roman older per 00 each largely. So yeah the times. Sounds both him and they've got I don't know why they wouldn't have just told him that. I don't really unload assets and some kids are planned to busted your head and. Just. I gotta give me the store a quick here for we reader emails just a few days after news broke that a woman found out her puppy. But from a Chinese pets are last year is actually a fox another pet owner. Has come to a similar conclusion. According to the independent two years ago soon yield. From the Yunnan Province of China bought a puppy on vacation believing it to be a Tibetan Mastiff. And she brought the animal all that if it from day one you know and her family were impressed by their pads massive appetite. The dog reportedly child bow bow paying down. Roots that's a Chinese dog joke. And two buckets of noodles every night with his lap but it wasn't until the pad reached 250. Pounds. And that started walking around the on a time lag yeah. Where they realize that they had made a huge mistake. That's what it's a bad would it took for them to figure out it wasn't the dog is actually in Louisiana black bear and since the family has slightly in reasonably afraid of wild bears gas and is not capable of caring for one of the large creatures. May have since transferred their former family pet to the you know on the wildlife rescue senator. Where will receive proper care from wildlife professionals. Who handled bears become ma look I can't argue that Mastiff is used to fight off payers as a grilling him goes almost like the video and we all as I'm sure you've seen this everybody it is siavii. The French family. The goes to the cheetah safari park and decides to get out of their car yet. And you go how on the hill did you not notice like. But like power user is done you might win enough chosen quarry park and you get out of your car. What I would assume would we be on a safari park they have besides. Repeatedly posted like hey just room in case you're an idiot I'll stay in your car maybe keep the windows were on a level but let's get out walk and they do it twice. It's amazing it's amazing it's it's it's like after we fire they ran out of time. But what's great is whatever language they're speaking and I did not know languages I don't know whether drop in the cuss words man it's straight up English all in this F bombs as it almost Katz an attacker. College yet it in there in the big cats man. Analysts say here are question what do you finer finally get three that's gonna for the men's room mad men's or live dot com also in my ride gasoline since then what ten songs. That will make you feel good that's all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. I don't write downs luggage charges coming in momentarily to sit and spin and as they say it's better to look good and feel good today we are going to get ten songs that make you feel good according to science ten songs they can make it. Feel better and will brighten up her spirits a little that's coming up with a drunk in charge as we will sit in spent. Our question what did you find our find out here come those emails in the men's room amends in my dock jobs. And thank you goes there to skip through most of them just because of time but I get a few of these a birthday shout outs and how adores my son camera and a happy fourteenth birthday could you send him a European as is too small because his Brothers would love that thanks guys at from Brenda. It's my son gave to sixteen today he is suffering in these 63 nearly 300 pounds still to build as confidence. Given by your penis is too small and what that F is that bro thanks guys from rich. Yeah. I always goes I just heard a quarter century hopefully I don't party too hard and it Devin jailed tonight's gonna get up big bad bong rip. And your penis is due small thank you guys and keep on rock and bad from Richard. We noticed on amendment appears. My and I don't think she god is my Tony seventh today not officially been losing your show for a full decade you guys made me laugh thanks for that. Thousand dirty Germans talking about my allergy to dairy. Please don't hold back sincerely Austin. Sumitomo. Those could get milk. Cannot condone through. Intelligent enough to keep inflation. Good enough at the moment and it's. And since including the it was a moment. Hotels and posing for five years to create the birthday today can I get eternal life through the European sizes too small in and I'll look out in the pause. It'll make my day thanks bitches you're the best keep me on lap never days thinks that's bad from Celia. Go look go to. Okay. Son of small penises today hole placing the birthday song for my future son in law Jake given the European assistant small dirty Germans talking about baseball bat from Scott's. The best thing about FaceBook obviously is sliding in the. Now what about the America used catches. I do like nick his bags and volatile raw food. And Mitch sticks and and. President Obama today is my body color doesn't sway ninth birthday how to be only Roy Jagan and the dirty Germans talking about working in man holes. Thanks guys that from Michael. Yeah. Yeah I do have a teaspoon mom tonight I've been working extra. Yeah listen I was in a man whose most. Spacious. All good news. Others just given to beat master for his birthday gonna get the dirty Germans dogging about his grass fed stakes at from the bearded viking. No I'm not consistent. Yeah yeah. I mean yeah is to be mastered the team crested. It is likely emerge there goes through my fiancee she now queen of the jungle she's thirty years old and she is requesting Ted doing as high man pre made patties. Lard on guys from Daniel. Got up. Guys thanks and I sexy boyfriend Michael. Walter that he'll leave the third. Hulu isn't your show every down now an avid listener to you guys rock content I love your laughed he's 34 today and never wants anything first birthday so. I was thinking a birthday song from you guys maybe an original face and originally Roy Jenkins along with a mind blowing sex tonight. You guys think that would be an acceptable compromise and give the what do you think thanks again for making a ride home now for more great and rock on that from miss and July. It's a much. Yeah. Nice day Stephanie ally to Israel amazing husband Robert the best birthday could use a dirty German thanks guys appreciate. You know when unit into rubble and others which wouldn't be doing. Down you know sometimes the Germans like to see. Do. You think you have to the defense but yeah I'll get bombarded Motrin meal. Yeah briefing. Just don't you. Do you think when it's. She's thrown an apple and. I don't Singaporeans have a turtle lacks pleased with the baby Ozzie did giving play by play is there haven't accepted squirrel. Sad Uganda CNN and then minutes notice to revoke the don't say it. Do they want. On days. Full assault there's also bred filly is birthday she got into losing you ought to forever dribbles also be okay giver toes in the form of talking all over each other Rajiv is an Irish whiskey. I cheers guys out from Graham posse Russell I I wanted to walk anybody and it comes out and everybody. Is always another memory arm around lately the only thing I can wanna let's move that is just what goes through my hand my worry at the end I think reverend James Joan Allen Rosenberg there was my wife Christie amazing wife and mother as the 03 crazy boy she logs around the tank that is our one year old. As to read off one or four story tonight to our four year old and she does know more patience and I can ever have. I can see you know little kid's face and legends of greed be German from thrill and dead about driving BMW's. And your children BMW I would pop in new garage from my big massive. You know previously about the Intel loses has always have to drive so close to you didn't want to. And annoy from Colin deacon and they. Guys why are some husband Adam Brown's face is 47 giddy about little kids face sand wedge. And internal sex six plus he deserves more of that comes later that from Amy. Finally guys Illinois to have reverted to my son who's turning six today I love you I am proud of you flush the god damn toilet Loeb thrill. You are correct all right guys materials. I mean I didn't I'd. Yeah yeah arm okay have you had any. I can't I go to Leo. Mitch and I. They're German drug. Also available through these world sings a men's lives dot com and other fine retailers. Know him shrine Flacco do. And guys if you are at all Andre the Giant fans were taught him as documentary a spectacular was on the HBO Tillis and checked out. Guys you've got to read Kerry l.s book. As you wish that is a book about the making of the movie the princess bride amazingly funny Otto stories about Andre. Could gaga eyes. Couple more as far as your neighbor story. Guys and I was nineteen out of the my first apartment upstairs neighbor was the worst. She had two dogs who would run back and forth causing so much noise at all hours of the night and day as if the incessant barking weren't enough she always had a friend part in my side space. Let's see here things are pretty quiet for a few weeks let's see here releasing a deny bested estimates of a finally decided to talk to the apartment manager. Things are pretty quiet for a few weeks into my boss called me into her office she closed the door and told me that she received complaints from my upstairs neighbor. About loud screaming and sex noises coming from my apartment at all hours of the night. Yeah that I mentioned I worked as a leasing agent at the apartment complex I live dead. So that was awkward. Needless to say my neighbor messed with the wrong girl. She received notice that we were unable to renew her release and she would find it need to find another place to live in just a few days we did give her sixty days notice it's been over ten years since that went down and I'm still not sorry. But by neighbor. That from the lovely jets from Orange County. And one more volatility I just have to say Alison dear I showed twice now on the podcast I. Thank you fellows for making my daily grind full of laughter. Days like this I have headphones on and get the honest looks my coworkers so right now I want a quarter pounder with cheese and Max sauce or peanut butter and Didier burger. Yes Ted did beat not drip the keep on Iraq and that from Katie Sanders. I don't kilo program eternal what you don't need to know the first. Yes friends it's time once again dogs lose six and spending. Gather around me on the radio and listened to Arizona sweat. By a neurologist. A neurologist yeah he conducted the study determined the ten most uplifting songs. And for his analysis he focused on technical things like lyrical theme. Musical key and tempo so for example come on Eileen from Dex is an ironic. Momo use a B song new fund lyrics yeah great great for everybody except for Eileen. OK well maybe you liked it maybe that's where she wanted to show. Not enough if you have met there are millions of good Karachi a while what do you mean amazingly calm like let's go come on hurry up yet know all you wanna go out all right dual layer our soul Larry when you're done LA is now when that no idea few caveats on the left has no idea the songs are wrong. The songs he considered were from the past fifty years really that doesn't matter because they all actually happen. Within a ten year window coincidentally. Authorities. 120 year window between the this 1966 in 1986 and also those funds on the poll was conducted in the United Kingdom that title are shots although you are OK well real science today. These are songs that are guaranteed to make you feel good these are uplifting Jared and Garrett Jared and I did YouTube Internet using the you're gonna goal output. I'm a cynic and grumpy it is my nature all right blame my parents hello I'm all about the way as a wolf so well that I have I think I've also been accused over the years of being our crabby and know also Ono also I have been referred to as a sour posts are right Soriano feel good why you gotta be felt real good FG or sour post. SEC on air voting and early on as GM dealers as your 50% or I might death I don't know songs actually will make you feel good. It. I think now. It's good. But is up tempo song called walking on sunshine I I understand that and I don't know what could be higher on the list gives this one sour postpone those students I'm sure our America. No you can. The song makes me. This is so stupid I just look soft. We're excited there and love Tennessee Katrina and the Waves and I think you are right. There have such a good guerrilla McGwire and I don't care let alone play we'll play Johnny cash's version hurt them when I said earlier flavor. They're dead lawn CA and there won't really make you feel. There are no. Well yeah. You know why throw like pissed off. Well that's because he's held somebody up off track here I learned this case became every I don't say. I have million dollar. Because that's youth I think yeah I think we can cover the thought they did drop their bombs that benefited the other thing about better. You know it's still a lot of sucker for a good cover take cover of I will survive. Yeah stuff. I don't know I don't know I was walking on your grave that one bogeys away I'm feeling good or being a selfless here on what we believe to be ten songs. They are guaranteed to make you feel good. Your feelings for Jon Bon Jovi in the band until we think the film on its merit alone before they feel goods. Which are felt this good. PGR. We're delighted you're gonna I think you're like tenacity is right. I know bro like I'm Brian at this trial in 66%. And I guess. These are ten sons and I still got us. It's okay. Armor I have for a I thought I don't want everything to me about it this. Who came through his breath as I was dancing behind all the national motel across your face a publisher ridiculous you know agenda of commercial wouldn't that I know I can rise to authorize right of after I lose you brought a little is known as food was the last time I've heard since they lover do and I think in the duties on in my head Roger did he order yes that's also an opera. Look at this all right ten minutes saw hugs did that make you feel good. I'm very sick. Saw her. On this hour coincidentally. What's your picture of Mickey Dolan and then here for a big smiles on their faces when Ambac and hey man look there is no doubt that they are happy donuts. But the sun starts and I hated music sorry man I just don't like the song. In the. Under fire. News. News. A used to cover the side. Do you know your time this week killed there and I'm sorry. They don't we're better now this will want a little more years ago due to. We try to play I would tiger library we were still we would now I am authentic we've played in like three shows poorly three time you lose so masculine yellow book it was just like. He still puts it away. The percentage ever sit here I feel good enough it's our close on ten songs that make you feel good we moved to number talk about. Paul. Don't blame me. I know blamed on powerful just about everything we know he's powerful and okay. This is the bad do you watch over reason do walk into our post now in the lead or get down to the nitty gritty here on the learn here since songs are both would make you feel. Okay. No matter. Really that's my black yeah. You're like yeah thank going to America alone. We're talking about here if they pick up up up and me I didn't Knoblauch he had a friend. We're tonight we're died and no word number two here on ten songs guaranteed to make the. I'm 110. Okay. Look down at. Take an over the top of the feel good guards are now going on since then according to Steve fill these glowing we've got five both those original. You see actually make you feel good veterans like your friend she's. And handing out troops it gets a little different in fact that they are together they're there they're only gonna have a. Part of marriage number one does both leave. Ten songs that make you feel good odd thing. Yeah well. Note that a car commercial Alan Phillips lane. Feel good enough. Wedge and over the ever flown they won't until vegetables are what I have killed him and all of you present at present I'm only they dumped forty reserves fell both. Please give resentment. I like I like it at all both sides and it's. The studio very you don't go to the shadow today which you don't need to know goes to China foursome NBA action that's all coming up next you're listening to the men's or radio network. Did you know you don't have enjoyed the men's room profile as the gun away we'll drink Intel's with a shot of the day the first six. We're in Poland useless information. Ngo and are too many brain cells not to let us kill you. So low engineer on the men's room shares what you don't need to know I've done maybe you know maybe don't know what to the NBA isn't bagged eight. Very big deal in time. Absolutely and other fans there have believe it or not created their own nicknames. For their favorite players now they're transferred back in the English. They aren't exactly flattering in fact some of them are chemical. Or do you feel about the actor yeah. Depends on the player got tough on big camper who is a historian of modern East Asia recently shared a bunch of them on Twitter and here are some of the highlights that he found I'm. So LeBron James in China is known as these two little ember. OT EJ JJ employees going to be a little amber and I still matter and Russell Westbrook. He is known as. We duty because he looks like a lot like his character it's only we. Don't not awful right all right Jeff curry. His nickname is F this guy and not others for him include meaning that he gets up so much. That he's just out there haven't sexism problem polite that's his nightmares brown Dodd an elementary school students are also service nicknames sprout house brown Kobe Bryant is called snail shell because of his resemblance to eternal or it's neck. And. Manu Ginobili is nickname and Chinese translates into the demon blade. While so for most players that's actually a pretty cool in the demon that play yet they make a bad movie without me. The giant shark is any ideas for a player struck a car giant man. Him all the time on TNT and Barkley Shaquille O'Neal as a giant sharks played Johnson called him fat or something. They do as well. If they do that I am sad I was trying to take Dario you're you are going to go over at Jenny John Paul huddled behind premier players who do they call the Mellon. A melon melon right there in the name. Carmelo Anthony. School mag do make outta golf school bag do score. I killed during July. Is he rock east Iraq about a you have to walk in do is 'cause coverages and at the video games talking about it actually columns go back do. My Charles Barkley by the way is believed. Oh boy the grooves you can slide arcade. All. What do we used on the round mound of rebound them as a lot better than a foot Uruguay and hey Michael Jordan is known as the gang boss for disease control everything or. Best Tony Parker of the little French sports car. Now they run no. Jade art any idea what his nickname is in China and all the years here at the big beard ever the big beard as there is correct given the lousy Scottie Pippen payments. And no Toobin David knows what is known as Derek yeah how about just the they're the bosses associate. That that's you are as you are right there secondly he's known as angina second best under head. Which means he's not the best he was the second second that really knows there with the best he was he was physical and it was Kevin Garnett and David Jackson. He's called it. Yellow rock king of the wolves. I hope it does he used to be to global filter your greatest player in franchise history and how does Steve Nash. They always are some of the win. Some of the wind yes but maybe with some miserable until they meet when they go to. Phoning new wife it is. And they think he's going to be something special so they've given look pretty good to talk Kate the great ones. Can get to pretty good nickname Tim Duncan is the stone Buddha. You guys feel as Buddha have any idea what they in my name old Anthony Davis. Yeah of the about it eyebrow thick brown with a brownie brown think Ralph Paul Gasol to a monster. They call them sister in law because that's what this all sounds like in their language so I'm partially is known as sister in law and Chris Paul. Commercial guys CP three. I don't have very good radiology donated aren't auto imaginary it's. The answer is it's a pure again. Israel knows just. Who it is. Great job and antennas usually heads of these during desk in Steve throw him the fun out nortel's. Yes indeed and today we chose the thirty year old Joseph Hamas sand from. A home plate I cannot possibly pronounce and Sweden all you need to know is that she went to a local tattoo studio 21 lead the names over to children in drummer. So after she figured out the current policemen all that the artist did his thing and join a goes almost are now permanent declaration of love for her kids. Kids by the way our nova and captain. That's deadly Kevin's name it was misspelled chose that Hussein Kevin it's said. Kelvin with them as well so we Joanna when she discovered the mistake she broke down tears and as the Jews Jews not a good place for hours we'll finally. She went back to get a refund from artists and agreed to give the refund but he said look you know we. You need to look at this before actually start going to war that's one that got a spot the best I can do is give your referral to a tattoo removal clinic. And so she pursued album she discovered that the removal process would take multiple painful treatments she and her husband took a different course of action. They legally changed his son's name from Kevin to tell them. All that solves that problem has all holds a kid hopefully Celek to only five Ahmad shore man I don't think he sued for oil one now mom. It was two years ago which got tattoos she's been trying to figure out what to do. Enemy and thousands levees two or three maybe it's okay well I scaled back a bit. We. As a child and stereo I. Well bomb bomb. And a lot of a lot of children now and then there are given to you have got a lot of those are rare opportunities but that is. Adds thousands like damn. How you change your kid's name to match your dad do that's love kids. We've for a lose lose imagery does lose because we think it's yummy okay so over the talking and I look forward to party in aren't Tommy's. Down not a whole lot of jobs. Good Deco or nine align right now the profile there's a 44999. Old. They should many games continues on the men's room radio network.