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Wednesday, May 23rd

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This is the men's room. And only 23 pitchers ever ever thrown a perfect game in Major League Baseball. One of those pitchers did it with a fifth or so of boos sweating out of his face. That man was David Wells who threw a perfect game against the Minnesota Twins in 1998. With monster breath Indy raging. Skull rattling. Hangover as he told Sports Illustrated wells had been up all night partying at a Saturday Night Live cast party. And managed three or less hours of sleep before having to report to the stadium for the game where he there through. A perfect game lead dry on the charge rank castle joining us. Studio they similar baseball store. Good baseball yeah I am I ever tell you guys and I was just I just turn on the show back in our office thanks for let's listen to the IR I ice you know what I do with my days decisive meetings rights that are sure I. God don't let that I services the shows like god you know this guys story reminds me of the time that I had to run America broadcast I must. And I realize what the question was today and I said I have a great story okay. So it mariners are loosely as so. Why I am on seventeen years old it's 1995 this is my first radio job. And it is. Board operating at and an AM station in eastern Washington that carries the Mariners the Sonics at the time the Seahawks stuff like that what they would do is. They would have a kid like me come and and he would. I would play the commercials and I would do the idea that I don't know what I was tunes like Jersey to identify the weather at the top of the hour that's sort of stuff and this is the same place where I fell asleep running the Seahawks game during the second quarter and I woke up in the third quarter and if anybody who's ever listen that took football on the radio knows a lot of stuff happens during halftime not during that maybe because the more up with a wow let out. So. If you don't and it's it's a couple hours before have to go to work it's you know it's like 7 o'clock game or something like that. And done hanging out with my buddy and seventeen years old and he has an eight the mushrooms and I'm like. Sure why not like I should earlier to crack the might get all right all right and I I feel as though even normally seventeen that I'm I'm I'm. A trained professional this department at this point when I seventy you think I can I can hang I think right like I think I'm like young hunter Thompson or something like this is going to be cool. So was so let's put anything mushrooms with this kid. And and everything's fine everything's cool and I'm getting ready to go to work and home. And I'm not drive into work and everything's fine and a song comes on the radio and I am like really enjoying the soft. But this is a really good and now I'm like really getting into this song and it's Beckel a low Al Franklin from. I am in trouble like all at once like a ton of bricks I am like really really. Really hot and if it on and I am driving the work I am freaking the app felt like I you know just that panic strikes you when you realize you have it's like. If you ever got in trouble in school and you had to like go home and deal with your parents call when you're like oh god is doing all he's gonna be so bad the really enjoy this stuff works is is that when it you know you can't you can't put it off you can't delay the start of the games though. The eighth when they start. You have to time your way in right. You have to count down not its horrors there's smoke there's usually an out now the computer doesn't all your old guys like you I guess the manually sit there and figure out so. It gets worse so this radio station is a Rush Limbaugh affiliates the the big boss does the I talk show prior to win the Mariners game is gonna start and it is a a conservative. Political talk show on a conservative read on the airlines and that's you coming yes and mrs. say. Conservative older gentleman. And turf. Seventeen year old green haired onto the shoulders Thailand mushrooms rank castle who could run an iron in the room to run Americans up. Here's the set up displays you like parked out front but there's also a parking lot like. Half a block away that's that's fenced in Wright so I pull up out front I go in because I'm running late and he's he's sitting in the room and Micah Kellner is around him. And he starts talking to me in the whole room just go from world war right. And now we're talking we're talking about football or something and I can't remember what I was saying but I got like halfway through a sentence and I just stopped. Like I just completely lost track of everything has gone up for LSI to stop and then there's like this long dramatic positive. I have to go move my car and I walked out. But a few that I charge out of the room and I don't think my car for five minutes with. Oh I'm a total currently doesn't it overrun. So. And sure Mariner's game on I take. Every opportunity to go to the bathroom and try not to cry or pace around the back parking lot and Thomas over the school you're going to be find every five going to be hot fortunately I was the only one in the building I was there but I Celso wasn't like some always get. Like I was gonna do when the chance of time to talk to anybody or like Steele like start coming up towards the top of the hour and you know you've got to open the microphone until ten seconds you do as my second so I get at. Fifty I start planning out that ten seconds I'm gonna take ten minutes to figure out exactly as they say we you newsletter on its young lady blah blah. I'm telling them the ball well nobody they did they have time it's. They did they typically have brought you right perfect fit right then Dave new house would say. Rick and now for great for station identification Billick I don't know what's happening what your I have to do it you're listening to your home or personal it has now gone it's there. It's you know of on fill in the blank on radio or day's news Randall. And 57 degrees. Click OK it's. Wool as it was Hanson so by by the end of the night my shift is done at midnight by the end of the night. I had to I'd come down off the mountain and everything was it was it was a little bit better was OK tell me how long that our post game show is is well mistake right and then it and then Mike you know it's like the doctor dean at dollars show or something like that afterwards but tough. That was hands down. The worst drug experience of my life that was one of the worst days of my life was sitting in that room. Having to run the Mariners game it's like okay now so often to come again be Foreman is the recording of those people. Want to hear how I don't up your tenth I have no idea it was it was like late in the mariner season ending in 1995. I think you know what probably not as an adult probably your car and you know nobody was here Broadway players it the 102 idea here's the truth of the matter is it to the way the wind Stewart I'd rather than anything but in the here's movie with. If you were to somehow go in the bathroom. And missed that ID then that guy who was sitting there who is now on his way home is still losing the radio Z doesn't ever turn the station on right right you're hotline will go off late. You miss a top of the hour ID. And like that was like one of the worst right did you could possibly do in the history of bravado the lord that's all you guys don't these the kind of stresses that I was under. I don't think there's an institute school they did the president Andy I think you have to take tower readings you know check on the U got an officer you guys the lights on the tower on it's an AM stations used to like turn down the power on the transmitter at night if aroused they are also loosen your broadcasting to like Mario I don't know I don't know fifth. There was all kinds of stuff that needed to happen it was that was it but it kids don't do drugs that was the war one key word got to the floor of my life at. Drug Chiron over what did you get done a 44999. Hole I would let you listen to hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Our. And excited at Eastland gave a first time we're. I can remove spurs and yeah they were together it. OK I didn't got didn't let my about a body blow them out clockwork or dull about it but hopes. And I aimed at being beholden to cornered because they killed so you know. Felt it now that's intense doesn't ultimately denied. Knowledge you have to ask you what if you have not seen the movie when he said makes complete sense if you watch unholy every now and I'm you'll what does it multilaterally. Yes you might goes on different but you're not what you feel right about anything. We know let us know what I accomplished in the first place when drew accomplice. Load. Leaned back in the day I don't Tony some odd years ago. I had a drinking Buddy Ryan who's really in trouble little R&B. In a good appears during built for about three or four months. And you won't reduce. 1970. Chartered which is. Basically had Sega teammate he should be occurred over Newark boots these groups inside its. Learn a lot of power and there. I am not going to. Parties with a little with a friend of mine you know it was it was prediction did you know you're trading opened bottles and all I can discussing. I was sent there and an invasion. Heard quite awhile. Until April or go home and and maybe ever you don't. So I. I alternately card. And turner overdrive and and in about a quarter mile. And they're mixing and so I'll are blacked out and outlook are. My host 7 o'clock in the morning in mind in my room. In a bit. Of a close up of everything. And and they'll put dollar got word dude actually whereabouts. Not just got in the current metal gun and I wouldn't. Golden. So. I just sitting and never you know never drink and everything. The outs. I believe you me that this is right without having it go to jail I am now presumably right yet interactive policeman. I still terrified. Black woman who called earlier this one she doesn't remember how she drove a manual home with her shoes tied together. That's. That's unbelievable. One more Oreo. Ricky Davis what they call this in the twenty greats drunk moments in sports from Bleacher Report to Ricky davis'. Hang over miracle. He drank the ball are entirely dry of its tequila supplies solar rebels the story is hearsay but it was from bill sevens from his old ESPN. Blog. But if the rumor about Ricky Davis is true it has been legendary and it has been repeated many times by some of the members who were in this entourage and it happened on a night out in Memphis. As one of the most ridiculous NBA drinking stories ever. As the tale goes sometime in early 2000 a trainer with the Memphis Grizzlies went out for a night on the town with Davis then with the grizzlies. According to the trainer. Davis in his very small entourage gulp down the nineteen bottles a patrol tequila and jam as they were hammered attempted to set the Elvis memorial. On fire. After all of this the trainers says the Davis went out the next day and put up a triple double. Hey you know the I liked I got unbelievable. You know how to make me a fan drunk guy are hung over what did you get done we get your emails coming up the men's room at mints are my dot com also lord has names parents invented for their Cannes last year. And the return who sucks less that is all on the way you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Yeah. Our question John go higher hung over when did you get done here come those emails in the men's room and mr. Mudd knocked off. Guys I've played some of the best golf of my life higher than ass on Ecstasy my money I decided to roll while they very nice golf course very challenging. We both played very good golfer several holes while higher than S. Public is about five months ago I drink three fours of bottle about get six Beers in an animal. The next morning I don't play hockey on the goalie and I had a wicked hangover. I don't know how but I'll play the best damn game I've ever played after the game had a good next door to buy pizza and a half that Mo on the twenty minute drive home. Only guys I go to my white collar job bait every single day and have for the last 35 plus years. Even working at the United States navy hospital in the environmental department once in my twenties I went to work in restaurants still high on acid after going to a party the night before where I was offered liquid LS. DC you guys have paid her ascent from lease up. A navy man I'm telling you got a lot of vitality said today about the navy a money can read those we have a comes came in today I'll put it this way all of them they came from the navy beat me to believe that the EB given moment everyone in the navy's. Kept up on something only guys that took my SATs are they for alarm hang over aroused flooding 21 didn't take them and high school for whatever reason but all the schools I applied to after community college required them. I came in and sat next to a high strung fifteen year old taking a for the first four times borrowed a pencil from him because I forgot to bring one. I got a thirteen hundred which back then was pretty gut. I always wondered what so that gave god and of his mom is proud of him that from upside down Scott and we do have some comments. We did random latency I snorted and grab military I snorted and yeah milligram oxy. All the counter of name rejected the owner of name redacted Otto. I've been web master if I could David's daughter and he said yes that's when I got done. Up all night drinking and welcome to my mom tell me that it was time to go take my second driver's test. Until the first one even allow a sober a breath the second global 100%. Still drawn very hung over. And high school was a much of departed or but the evening before all country track meet I decided to try my first second and may be third beer ball in the I was home over to meet but I won all four events and received athlete of the meet war. This is lovely lost my virginity on mushrooms and jungle juice back in the days at all. But that's major general Hugh has done we've been. I can today I was a photojournalist for newspaper in the Phoenix area long story short I got hammered on a Friday night I went to work on Saturday morning. Only to find out my first assignment was. Interview in the local stunt pilot and taking a ride and his by play ball well let's throw Rudolph putting my nurtured on backwards and camaraderie flew upside down old barrel rolls and we'll go ahead above four g.'s new sources say I held it together with out puke that's one thing of those blue angels come through Tammy sue the news guy gets arrive with a mom like. I know that I'm not doing ORB you would they are aren't throw up all over again and feel awful I might feel horrible our league. A fall of 2000 acre forest fire massive. It was magical. Okay. Hey good time review extreme Els in the mid term limits are buyback job. Couple kids haired gentleman today is arts and dig its first birthday we can't believe how big you've gotten tank Abbott a little kid faced an allegedly Levy. That from Colin mommy and pop off. I guess today is my son's bed these huge fan really loves throws impressions especially Michael Jackson and Shannon Sharpe. Gonna get a badly birthday. It had a birthday man I hope you celebrate will once the thought well like a fed move by a thread stay mobile phone to my thing. Yeah up frolicking about Seth Smith is like it was my boy LJU turns eight today had a bird they have a second I've got gate for his six year old sister Emily. And LeRoy Jenkins from mom and dad thanks guys appreciated. It. Yeah. Colleges and my oldest son Aden is thirteen years old he is now eight teenager wants young girls that Leona middle school. Thanks to a Stephen Ted's advice last year he made it on the soccer academy first club all right man so goes home his youth soccer club may have a sudden I've got gate and they you'll like it thanks guys from the Russian speaking Ukrainian Misha oh. Yeah. It's a lot and have a birthday shout out to my work partner in crime tear up honey your peers is too small and they suck it up update thanks guys is every day that from Aaron. Only guys a boyfriend Erin and I've been losing your show for quite some time anyway it's miles of boyfriends birthday I was wondering if you guys begins and dirty Germans talking about. Comic con. Thanks guys that from Linda. Lydia. Yeah come come and do something special thing as a black mama puts on this labor male figure to be. Food yeah. Yeah and let them do like this I didn't think Spain and look at him he went into the wind shooting down to meet its. Now with the since its. I feel like I'm in sticky. Just thanks business. Yeah well of course I you would be the needs of marking the fiftieth yeah. That he took a pocket of my junk yeah. I'm visiting there today and I love this feeds upon gotten it gives you fifty. There ever days Joba myself rhinos and do my guess look forward to hearing it every few days. About Ray Lewis in a big old LeRoy Jenkins. Thanks guys love the show that from Ryan does have a ticket to see. Yeah. All does my name is Kevin B browns made love and I wanted to wish my self may 23 birthday today wondering if regular barber shop they sandwich thanks guys keep on rocket. Beers it sooner we borrow this and we had. She's done her own desire. Television cameras and he's still okay see in the morning and afternoon. Dish out the girlfriend Chelsea pronounced biscuits he has 25 today and we are currently in Rhode Island getting doughnut drunk. She would really like the dirty Germans to talk about what they do with her and doughnut thanks guys that from her bay water. I was says some other agents of supply you biscuits. Now I mean I probably ransom jam into the biscuits now because primed to. I mean that's an the donuts Sosa. Heard there's the my brother Ted help. He's a mere shadow of a money is 28 can he get a bong hit please and they original face analyst thanks guys appreciate it crashed towards. How bad very turning it to my husband Paul thanks for being the very best he'd love for Ted to say the Vietnamese philanthropist wrote an ambulance and monitors of Robin can do the same in German many thanks from his loving wife Leslie and his little dude Rory. The Vietnamese political press McEnroe in an ambulance. Then the war. This is all of you out Labor Day shot oracle. I haven't been doing okay good there. My good read in English and Debra hey I don't I have. Philanthropist. In my back problem Allie Sherman nice person right lies personal money that's an awful Winthrop is this idea that the brag about it and I'm now right philanthropy turn yeah meant showdown. This is unlike my neighbor Derek was an amazing fiance Daniel is his 31 trooper on the sunny request and we are much bigger than those 3030 Germans thanks guys. Large bond that from she now. Yeah. When I moved to a new book the new elements which includes a good looks like him exploded some on the back side. Yeah the person who worked for Ford Daniel come over here and both my car. I don't know birthday shout to my husband Daniel hopefully not the same one goal could be internal acts with a faced sandwich in the buzz thanks guys that from Heather. Fish sandwich. Okay. Guys can do is my wonderful wife Pam a happy 35 guard day since I already gave for the gift of our second child. Got to also give her some dirty Germans please love the show that from your local bartender Bobby. I'm not sure what the events is what we are German tradition of dog chug. And pound on the Tony normally when I'm done with yeah we'll stick to assist. Guys are robber wants for his 36 birthday as a birthday Jennifer men's room. He thought bears and dirty dirty Germans. Thanks guys so much but from Bridget and tree bowler. Yeah we're Trevor right couple a couple. Well I think we missed about when he retrieval or food in there can you should go to a ball and I think history. Yeah I am unsure what to make the film equal weight of the but the look there was schools are too often that. It's extremely agreeable and able. Not a number of sensitive street bar none of you'll be elected truly and I would blow won't include. To remove them not applicable rules and guidance office. The smugglers I gotta love it here a couple. I mean I don't I've got I had no idea I heard and I had ever. I may have been a good day you did you end. There's a German run by men. Also available through these we'll stay on men's lives dot com another sign retailers. Know him shoreline fly right or. Oh we're not guys in my underwear. A Tony first birthday for some really ever drank all my friends remind me pitchers getting me extremely drunk. In college you back to the dorm around 3 AM my bare crawling up the steps may get to the bathroom next thing you know. Campus security officer checking my pulse. That's what I realized a most of passed on the bathroom also realized that I had thrown up although buffalo wings and ID and earlier all over my favorite shirt and jeans. Drug Italy I asked the officer of the orange vomit would come out of my clothes he laughed and said probably not. I proceeded to take off all Michael's except for my Thong. While to a garbage can and toss all of my clothes into it I think crawled in the window seal and talk to the officer for another hour so all while just wearing a thought. This by the way is extremely out of character for me. My college by the way are delivering a policy about being drunk on campus anyone of Scott has to go to committee and tell me your story and in the punish you funny thing is. I was the chair of that committee. The jobs erode every detail open as reports that the committee receives from my case the other members of my story was funny. And I was off the hook going to a tiny college the president of my college gave my incident report to me a graduation. Because he thought it was hilarious. That's from Megan losing on Z rock 103 in lovely Lexington Kentucky thank you for sending that lovely email we really appreciate. Coming up other programs are sort of the word has that names have parents that invented for their kids last year but first yeah. Israel wants to know. Yeah John and blue. Okay dinosaur whose Sox last the as the situation is this did you bring a three story tonight that evident to lose all of these three stories to some degree suck. But it is a deal to determine which of these three stories suck the least now do you follow the men's room on Twitter or instead Grammy Edmonds or live or you like the men's room on FaceBook the debate is already under way on who sucks less yes indeed you're absolutely correct three press stories that again I must reiterate based on responses I get. I am not responsible for. This is other people but in this case we have the wife of an army sergeant. She'll be competing against a mobile for Michigan and then we have a man I'm a flight to Orlando bullets. So the army sergeant in this case as the story reams. The terrible news traveled 101000 miles to reach Stephen Garcia that's the 24 year old US army sergeant. Who's done an overseas deployment sold these to patrol supervisor of about 142. Military police company. And as today's crept into January he discovered. He was going to be a dad. I waited for his wife marina to deliver their child back and Arizona but obviously he's in Korea but the second report against. Not so good at is very bad his very own sister called save the baby which with the baby girl. Had died in birth. And he says quote from a sister called me about that I was pretty emotional replies cried quite a bit together on opponent devastating well. The second green will quickly sidelined by the more complex feelings the following month when the sold to learn the true. Not only was the baby alive. And able. Both the focal point of the criminal investigation was the fact of Kim also. Was not here and met his wife and had an affair got pregnant. Had a kid. And to prevent anyone figuring out the infidelity. She didn't sold the kid three days later to another couple. Who may need to get pulled over randomly by the cops which is what blew the whole thing off. So he's overseas believes he's going to be a father is 101000 miles away hey yeah had a baby girl she died at birth peace that now. Your wife had a baby boy it was not yours and that same wife sold the keys to hire them at different. So that's her that's a lot that is the idea to tell the story man. I know we'll go to Michigan were missing it won't authorities say she embezzled more than 400000. Dollars. Former disabled nine year old son's estate and as she faces prison after entering a plea to quote. Resolve the case I mean I don't care you are principally to resolve the case isn't that the police you would today. And integrate the 32 year old Casey prudent Rivera should we sit next month after pleading no contest. To embezzling more than a 100000. Give much stood about 400 grand but. As the crime read that's about it you have more than a 100000 dollars and it's not an admission of guilt it's just said if you investigate these futures go find me guilty. Now they say that you received about 650000. Dollars on behalf of both soft. I mean she spent about 240000 dollars on how the rest is as they say unaccounted for all the Dudley former director probably some tattoos that's it. Another court records say that are so undesirable palsy Palmer a brain damage in over health problems the money from a settlement. And it's is that her son suffered seizures or brain damage shortly after birth and hospital moved from a settlement anyway she spending about what. And Al. Let's go too well the city of Orlando more violence erupted and Frontier Airlines flight it's rolled all the way to do Orlando airport this is when a passenger. Punched a deaf pregnant woman and her service well. So began on the passenger Timothy manly. His wife complained about being allergic to the great date so to respond to do turnaround and punched the ball made the dog yelled. And hid under the seat is a great day. Number those owners both of whom are death. Is say they shouted in English side to demand. And they listen and give you can't do that well the argument didn't stop deduct your soul soulful footage officials all this going up but at some point. This got punched the twenty we pregnant woman in the stomach. Throws an attack with a gun permanent home he says you know until the cops get there. Let's just. The husband of the woman who got punched he plans to press charges everyone else's from a while ago but anyway essentially. You have the mother. In the whose army sergeant one. Lied to him about Bertha did etc. etc. she's taking on the Michigan mothers taken money from kid who has all kinds of digit health problems. Gloria we got to the point that they got pregnant woman because he's allergic to her. All of the rule on FaceBook and he says the baby is probably we'll have a good life someone bonnet. And I finally got both of those people who ball got pulled Laura babies in state care. Aren't that might be a better scenario old then we're being with the birth mother for sure I would say that the birth mother in that case. Sucks the least simply because she is in fact a liar. As far as the guy was concerned gave a strong on along that was terrible he was told some awful things and had to deal with personally which was horrible bottom line is. Number one wasn't as child number two hopefully is not what that person anymore. Insurers Philip I don't know whose silver lining there's no silver lining all the as far as the three are concerned. A lot of money to take. From somebody who definitely needs of from a medical standpoint to join which were you saying socially I'm saying at the army sergeants. His wife Sox released wrote I think the Michigan woman doesn't mode did our pit she's still taking care of kid part of what it took from this space tomorrow how much rookie of lives yet. And I don't know what would she do the other money so this thing and right now the kids living in a better house. And still get treatment it's okay for her tether the money was for his stream media play for the rest and go red bar. So far she can still make the payments on treatments and others they have right now. I you know I have Jesse look miles from the only because it wasn't actually used for sure. So I think that makes it up late in granite that emotional thing just put him earlier this horrible. That's really few signs everywhere. And nowhere kid interviewing all day and thank you a little bit of if you don't like the men's or month FaceBook all our followers on Twitter amends or live and in the grand Edmonds or live the debate continues there. On whose sex last I got a clear gun to drink it tells for the shot of the day. The word has named the parents actually invented it. In the last year names they gave their kids if there are over a thousand of them. We have a few bring deal coming up next with the word you are listening to the Mans the radio network. Did you is your. Prove it's. Filtering it tells with a shot double Metafile. Although I heard I learned. That I bring you that. Parents are just that sometimes the most intelligent people who were. Obviously we know. Bibi always say that they're gonna get rid of bullying don't leave your kids on the strange and every dude are you won't put a bid from people my father was an American babies were given 29910. Distinct names last year alone. Distinct names over 29000. There are over 11100. And make this list based on the fact. They have more than nine people. Gave names these similar names. To update so here are few by the way I just give you an idea a couple of big ones. That would be a shot it up 58 babies. DJ police kiddie name was shot and there's Dallas. Taste Marat Rivera. Taste for more taste mar Rivera who is is to Graham model I guess some like that she is the because of her popularity and answer Graham. A number of people have named their their kid. Earnings so here's in the additionally the aim high death cast the end of keel war. Keep your players your keel over the case. There are seventeen kids now named Drexler drag flirt there's ITV like I but I Keeney ITV knocked us. Say your out what knocked this. The other seventeen offices while he didn't get knocked there's thirteen Lohan does not sleep with a K there's. Twelve of them argent ready there's twelve margin ready it's there are 118 the Jake's he's a brand new day ABJ. Lunar roads I'm Mona miracles. No believe how about Al's way breaks late June nobody clued afraid ya mean. Easel. I'm real law. Cup mile hole Khazei play long enough rough stuff Hosea and I'm moron back. And as though say get party jewelry Milo rose say Yoram Omani saved by a unit. Engine shore then yeah has been endured Danny he's honest he's god that we made to drink in time. So we'll bring. Just tell who it is they. Kerry touted as an as usual we had Susan Gregg desk and see the throw him a fine out Nortel. To yes indeed today we toast 43 year old Stephen Lawrence of somewhere in Ontario Canada. Like many of us Stephen has had too much to drink blacked out and an ad called friend the next day to find out what happened. Now on his days Stevens said he hoped but he wasn't a quote super hole last night. Well let you be the judge of that apparently he was getting really loud during his his drunken night before and the friend asked him to quiet down. Sort of drunken stupor Steve's demise of the problem we'll so much that he was being allowed the problem was that his friend. Could simply here to well perhaps that is why Stephen Bent his friends Europe. All. All wow. The party doesn't remembers but we've been here all the fact that the deer was then placed into a bag by the that are more OK I mean plenty of people witnessed this and this is the from the recall the next day about. That would go to the air and eyes. Russian to the hospital Steve was there I believe they managed to reattach the ear and he's as good a friend should break. A full recovery and keep my let it happen maybe seven hours before receive a place to call pay Pablo wasn't too much avail. They're still friends and so we've more of those boos imagery does lose because we think it's. Yemeni and I told the Italian down the throat to party in our tummies. Down our habits die. Particularly on the line for profiled as a 449990. Look. The show and many games continue on the men's room. Radio network.