05-23-18 Seg 4 Mens Room Does Their Own Stunts

Wednesday, May 23rd

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's room. These drills my. It's okay Vical or 9844999. A little play profile this evening. And it hurt your headlines on the way one hour from now foursquare check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. Right AARP just did a story on an 82 year old woman in Japan who learn how to code last year. And made an iPhone game that's now been downloaded over 50000 times. It's very cool Arab red bag gonna go into the open and grabbed my other profile this. Stocks it's column I'll. Oh loss. And nobody heard the location where things very event here. A 43 year old man and a gun and I learned as I can finally did he really quietly I get a story out first blow. If there's little strategy did little bits and that's our man. She's lists translation you are now and reality at the redo the whole show what's amazing when your anybody who does that. Do you think like gridiron you know the back into your life there and have the gumption to learn so they knew or do something new or whatever personal dog alerted her dress that's that's impressive he gonna call her dog Ted. I'm just it's a turn of phrase might. Oh dogs can't lose can't learn learn new tricks trying to teach an old dog new tricks from a 43 year old man in Canada was recently sentenced to nine months in jail after he got black out drug with a we have this for the shot of the day. Paul you are just out early look at how he did again with that all I gotta just ruin your next door you know he basically just to the shot of the day I just I just river the shot of the day. Then the goddamn thing can I could do all right well evidently you're there or what I did that it's just again he's doubled Clinton's story on the goddamn planet. Right around eight US outlet a slide and you'd preparations. Limited uses just before we're going to par there is either you do any major Johnny Knoxville news. I do not our TV time school aren't installation skipped a Johnny Knoxville story. I might steal your thunder. I. A man and now Massachusetts got into a drug argument would dominoes on Friday over their pizza points reward system enough. He's facing disorderly conduct charges feel like to watch that whole making your pizza they on the screen. Yeah you know it's ironic the no well while I love it and I think it's in the car now it's another car now it's gonna. What sucks is when it's on its way and then it's like twenty minutes later ask and it's a totally jumped the gun but he that we do watch and if he was excited for the names. Women yeah I don't know why but it tells you who's preparing for just a little like Eric today. All everybody is glad you're well you can develop an extra pepperoni on the left side right okay well Eric soul seekers he also adds life. You like about a man and Ohio put his loaded gun in his oven for safekeeping. Always. An analyst for profile us now now that's never a good idea I. Never put anything in the oven because you know what's gonna happen someone's gonna do. Preheat the oven. And and very rarely do people. Preheat the oven and look inside they just on the other and we continue with the headline his girlfriend didn't know and turned it fun with a loaded got inside you and on the agenda not enough you know exactly was gonna happen at the bullets exploded and two of them actually hit the guys about our about a ball exploded when he opened the oven door. Has he was opening and Conrad the damn thing and it's shot twice it was like he was a non never move that was just enough. The set off the books. So they exploded onto each one of his shoulders live bullets themselves were still in the chamber that aren't they there are they've been in and go through those the barely understand. Northern border how well. Is blowing us. Safe. In front by a Palin and later gun in the oven does bagged and ready there's gonna go for the safe. I'm just saying like looking in the oven I preheated you know they've had to pull out of pain and I forgot I was in there right. Who's cookie sheet ITI is that no one should be able to find your sick rack price I think that's the idea of the safe it's in the same place because well you don't know why I say I can't find it most the time well good faith you don't. What we know we're in a hotel room window of that state is going to be even in general you know you're just you're just keeping that saves to keep it from the employees from stealing your stuff. It's the hotels admission. That their employees we'll Jack your crap for a if you don't lock it up Nolan Reagan in general of the few people that admit in our industry like luck we gotta be an honest living here. We get a lot of people here to shady as elder workforce lockyer crap but do we nice jewelry that no break given to the room but they have keys and they weren't forcefully he. A new survey found the most popular places to get it on around the house anywhere right. I'm movement and a front lawn in front lawn no drop off the couch no. Bedroom no. Pigeon no. In our you know that's exactly right apparently the new hot food trend is bull's flu notes that. It litter his company literally my entire got chilly that it literally food DoubleTree. It's now thanks there's some advice. Did I have a question and it was a poor people it's just it's just sushi it's. It's only destructive streak is our chief did you brush your body guard tomorrow so I'm gonna focus on to the local quote unquote shouts of which you're not. Call mobile something interesting just don't take your garbage of horrible it's not innovative it's my thing I know you get away with it but it's a goddamn. And it's disgraceful and frankly it's embarrassing to all of us. 43% of Americans say they don't want to know what their hot dogs are made out now oh I know you don't let of course absolutely not 33% they don't eat hot dogs at all mainly because they're afraid of the ingredients. Yes it's almost like they really don't wanna see other slaves the slave round. It's the flavorful part of a pig listen it's the same thing if there's a reason why ground beef is ground. Right and they take a look up to make it the same different Andre hamburgers and hot dog of the before. What's the hot dog thing after new girlfriend having people she's had sex you don't want to know frightened adherents is. Lists and Amanda northern California stole a car realize the person's dog was in the back. Figured out where they live and let the dog in their garage they're that happy with it are we did keep the car honor are all know it. She asked. I mean I guess that's kind of nice though I am not cool and not look man you better think even maybe he doesn't like dogs. I think the thing MM the dog to members who fell in the guardian observed on the bay. And yes vote. I'm really did go to view things I would appreciate the fact a mandate that he had already has any obviously has the garage door opener so he just pulls up Perez are direct. Throws the underdog in their closes the garage door off ago it just seems really are I'm gonna drive a door opener do disease responsible for somebody stealing a car. Yeah harness that throws obviously evidence of profiled as a man on end DNA and that buys it. Senator thing on governor yesterday LV was a resident England recently after pleased and wearing a fraud is a dollar and going to bat above within us. That's not why he was the rest goes in no listen. It's weird to walk through hotel lobby at all on the outside of your shirt carrying bag to take them and obviously you have to no good to juvenile broken any law. But I can't remember what his tell was phenomenal where you can weed in the rooms okay I was a noble well you area. I do think though. I don't know I shouldn't say they expect. Good security has the right now from your door if you walk through wearing a brawl had a shirt here you think it's of that domain name. Legitimate I think if I were to be where real and certainly keep an eye and the direction memorable given the only thing. Here's what we both those facts gets it up there for you don't play Paramount. A woman or Monsanto recently landed her dream job researching grizzly bears. Why I've been through why is that why he's still got moment but the type of stability he could. If you sit there might give the bush twisted sense of humor. Anybody other real joy of the audio back. Yeah I agree that they don't that the of course the bears how would she like. Yankee pitchers are like interacting with them in nature I guess it was just another chapter in the book can just. The yeah. Nice however harmless. So that I am then. And I have to get them to headline updates today all right sailed out of what are now that you're not headlines are coming up one hour from now first game mayors. It is true recess. Yes Steve is notably several now profile list is playing yeah I guess their here mild. It's the civil game more we showed you a real life news stories something that happened right here I'm planet earth are. And I do listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be drew about people and the decisions that people make. Less good it is you think makes the story a story hello and welcome to the men's room. OK okay. All right Ed you understand how does your games played. But a fantastic believe it or not Yahoo! obesity now from this we're gonna go to the state of Florida and this case you Broward Sheriff's Office. There was still one of the old. After death you know I was accused of shoplifting at a wal marts at Lauderdale lakes while still the new forms. The makes and trust like account balances its final act and model what. He over thought of though the investigators Derosa to Monday morning he took thirteen year veteran of the department and according to the BSO America. There agency's public corruption unit. Teamed up of Wal-Mart after they received information. That the guy was stealing. From the store now investigators. They said over the course of three day's news the suspects into the Wal-Mart and stole DVDs and the Star Wars action period. Wal-Mart said the total loss of about 200 dollars and he was charged with three misdemeanor counts of petty theft. Dayton in the Broward county jail but he's since been bonded out. He has been suspended with pay but it's expected he'll be suspended without pay after the State's attorney office formally files charges. Could you believe that there's uniformed Star Wars figurines stealing police officer is black white Maxi or Asian. Cannot believe how wide that sounds all of that they'll let BJ (%expletive) That is not you know the thing that the dvd thing is the thing that really throws me off was that is just not how I consume movies. You know I got a variety player like I don't download movies and I don't want to belly but I I don't have a dvd player. That's not an illness is not no they'll bug from Netflix Hulu and not have liked him to look and I don't know anything about the gap. I mean I've info I have but like you have kids you give me your old laptop maybe this is your Steele you be different if you bought this number one it's free like a liberal thought when it's free but I'm never going to be darn. Yeah I wouldn't know it sounds kind of white and feel like white people still watch dvds. We are you learn I mean thank notes that I I do not buy out. I know a lot of white people but I think that the importance of what happened and why do really had to enact a lot of dvds any of the top right and then. And those last of course it's always tearing down quite beloved toys just our war. And you must think Goodyear. I've we're gonna find out did he was black white Mexican or Jewish Max fat with a team you are listening to the men's or radio network. This miles. Upon us once again we another Florida and they had deputy who was arrested during a robbery over three day period and rob Wal-Mart. And they saw him is good to stealing dvds and Star Wars action figures for the things. I doubt that tournament fit over a period of three days that's really took months. It was a copy showed up in uniform. You can only guess why you pick up a storm the last person you would assume who's feeling you can use them but nothing cases Simon Ed we ask you. Do you believe there's an affront to cop was white white make fewer Asian. In the end you will why are we came out of the gates the man does he sound white. Ted said Norman and white people love dvds. We've played a couple songs there and they'll look at the comments somebody who said and I quote. I Weis and I watched dvds they grabbed their that was that yeah confront. However in the end match. Okay. Water. I make the game. Sneaky Mexican V monitor their animals miles it was that still Star Wars millions. This homer talking about art dvd game somewhat mixed really thought that was once. It does not and all the hallmarks of being a white that's why I went with it like now you know what the Mexican guys who still staunchly Houston. Now abroad David is low damage dapper TV drama Dan. Yeah sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Guys used to watch jackass museum in any of the movies. I did not yeah watched jackass yeah and and really wanted them much but I did see the movies are you saw the movies they need some crazy stuff on there. Johnny Knoxville. But I know was that collaborated effort the Johnny Knoxville always seem accused kind of the head of Asia only the guy and a host is the face some for sure. Right so Johnny asked those done some crazy stuff over the years. He was on the Jimmy Kimmel. It started talking about the new movie he's working on which is not a jackass don't but he still does his own stunts and they still fat sound really painful. I'm more than I have on any other film for concussions. Are easy to get the ball popped out of your head right there was that that happened twice. Wait until yeah. It's important discussions I had to blow out fractures of my. Left diet caused by a broken orbital Eminem might face which I didn't know I had but when I blew my nose my eyes popped out and I'm like. I must have a broken or little lamb and if the typical I'm. Am I am a patriot. I thought play during the stunt a lot of ball OK about not I've movement. Who's the most help opt out my tournament to face a page you can watch several interview good too as they he's describing awful things and he's just so nonchalant about it. I think if you've been through all the crappy voluntarily is put himself the conflict. A ball Bob's on there would go under and unfortunately that's what he's known for so it's just irrelevant is gonna keep doing that stuff I guess he doesn't really doesn't reinvent itself dude he doesn't watch the only interview because that's part of a point Kimmel brings up that he still does his own stunts. And one of the things we got really hurt. You can't even tell it's him. I think benefited Dominik earlier wrap it that's what he truly great the jackass stuff you're right like he would have the federal buildings have the lake. That's like it was like dude this is a major movie you'll have to do the stuff you don't have to do your stunts here. Yeah that's the beauty of a major move on Tom Cruise. Yeah I still think I still think that's just crazy insane but. He's a star jackass is always crazy if you're an adrenalin junkie and then you're fortunate enough that you meager four to go to movies or TV orderly. In making an action movie like farm adrenaline junkie and I'm Tom Cruise and I get to jump out of what are we Al got to empower was swing around late. Yeah man because for most people you can get to do that from Johnny Knoxville reclaimed it up have attacked misfired and much grown. I got a problem must stop us now to your point. I would have the one caveat like. If you can't tell Lucy means dynamite won't duel but of my faces emboldened styled and our men's I've seen I don't wanna double. The Fed stewardess. That's simple as that I was actor he's no longer with those years ago George C stock to them and always talked about about sex scenes as weird as an awkward to settle out. It didn't matter what who the actress was a work wealthy few that he would love a good looking and the few times I knew sexy and he said he knew this is what I said 100 sometime I would look at the actors and that wasn't. We're gonna do the scene. And be weird. I apologize if I have an erection and I apologize if I don't. This attack open. Every single way that we don't over the goes ma'am but those. I'm sorry wrecked that either Clemens just know I guess you are right it Italian red bread only but don't take it personally. We talked about awhile ago about double dare is coming back yeah now there is a major questions out there. Is mark Somers involved easy original host. He'll return to the new version providing color commentary on the challenge autos and ignore him. We're saying he doesn't eat as a couple shows on the Food Network. OK number mine yet now know there yet that I mean at this point in time the people who originally wants them there are all grown up. No watch him again yeah Marmara menu search fondly Christ think about what it is like Charlotte do I think a lot of RB like Abbas say it came back to host America's funniest home video release they say it. Sag actually. Well whenever. But at least America's Funniest Home Videos is consistently funny she like doubled heirs of those things it's also with the child. I know as an adult but I'd wanna watch it watch too late how how often how much people get slot you're right but the kid the problem. The kids again but I know my kids are gonna really this is also. I'll probably had a bye and the game two of I don't know reluctant we Iran any. You know her from Kia queens. A few other shows. She was. Basically she had to show she used to be one of the yes Scientology's kind of get people to she got out of Scientology's. Had a whole show about in in now but the inner workings in this enact yet gentle but you know. Whatever well that was on rainy. Now that's show's done since she's gonna do one about Jehovah's Witnesses to look at. I think you're building and she just found that they were she's just gonna do. That's everywhere boys are you sure told brawl hander to the Jones went so you know those are intelligent things personal to her like she wears in the church got out right by revenue and I did get out we all know goes on her body and let me do good thing and that right general that bag grief for bad so we GAAP. You don't surely we got we talked about Jehovah's Witnesses before saying you know most of our interaction is limited to go knocking on your door or whenever it. I resemble one of the tenets. Of of being under was what it was like you know so were holidays birthdays. The day when he said it's the comments came pouring in from current and former drove those witnesses claim they don't doesn't allow command. As far as you know we've ever are we celebrate it every got they have birthday we have android share we'll tell you that I'm drunk on the fourth of July UK I mean just the comments came in like listen and that. That's kind of applaud you put its only be a parent like. I will tell my kids do certain things that I would have never done educated about the pilot correct correct it's the same thing like Miller and all we told you like hey this is this is what we respect. This is what we observe and as soon as the door is closed I may have been marked as I am for a million bucks and happy birthday all right I'm pretty sure we can. I'm pretty sure we get to see you take a nine million for me. Well I mean the Catholic Church is pretty being on. Now. No sex outside of mayor all of the angles but I mean arguably him in my family loves them but are really that you know that the biggest. Cheer around was the Kennedys. Social all right and they are also the first Irish Catholic president in this event then there and it out goes that in in there again I've. Speaking of ladies maybe getting out there a little bit to head David Spade is on Allen and talks little about his dating life now. I'm doing this new audio book it's called for a guy and a snapshot world anyway it's about my life and about all the stupid things I do and comparing sort of ends now. One of them is dating where I go. Because sometimes a bigger than are my exact same means. Like Carol follower limit. I'm sure like guy and they have Demi GDP per share. And that's. And Mike and well into men's awkward like you're out and nearly Led Zeppelin song in their play in phases blanking on. Finland's up loser I do not Maroon 5 is all right. Young girls and a problem like no no that's next this is he smiled at. It does on the night dating there's an earlier they argue mean because she got in my life and own currency us to have an ox cart and I don't. I don't know you're saying I don't that is just blocks caller IRI it's slower and I still don't know. I maybe hawks like the animals as I live a life you know that is an I don't know that is. She goes to plug in my Islam if I die. She is like Kelly I'm sure they are it's a 99 is my land cruiser I don't know reverse all right so. James Bond this could. Tell you that I found Steelers didn't. Don't you see those Hollywood couples in the age difference is massive. But everyone understands it's gone on my dad better note they do I'm just saying Mike. And that everybody's that they might rightly should date somebody much younger and in their little more offshore whatever but there has to be some awkward conversations. Oh yeah things that you would know or remember the good you can be Smart he could be a majority of all that stuff but he's only know what you know and in general racially. Are my kids around Albany if they may want to Jermaine and I won't understand 10% we'll be talking about an army in the words are using I mean what's. They are talking about old TV show movie and it means nothing but. Subsequently. Unabom rocking out to a song like. Acted in the such a preschool parliament odorless paranoid for Black Sabbath in for me this is a massive moment issue excellent dark and it. So she says and daddy have you heard that song I'm what I don't know the song that's that what who seems happy to be careless with some of them crap like bad. She's like I don't know like sing into it she starts seeing impaired on a one and analyze it hello dad I'm like that's for Black Sabbath. Okay and out keep in mind. She's a fan of things like. Taylor Swift order Carty beat all these other overly Carty and we knew drops on them like. You know do an emotional issue because you have to say I just know the main. See you want to say I'm already front I know the mayor Tom found out anybody and actors or tennis Blair I think she seems and a they might give way to. So I told her it's all maybe it'll deadly lobe that's always my urine is great tune. And who doesn't and some blacks that. I never really gave the style but when you do like people men Teddy feed him ensure it. And like white sands is downright terrified though I say the store and the look on her face and Blake. I think I was before years I mean like her brain went to places like Jesus Chrysler what is that I'm like. Everything's gonna like the evil holding its black sapped its check on the car to be picked Arnold did Taylor Swift are completely different jobs do I don't care. Listen she's she laced Phyllis where she likes likes that if you think it matters to her. She loves the red eyed chili peppers for the Angelo also saying friction on the ground. Hey if you don't over look of the earlier sugar labs say it that way kind. I. I think if the credit he's he's a different dividends. Shark week this week you guys are watching reality show is OJ is a short week this week. Now this year all this year okay Jose in my miss an honorary for shark week this year though the people from shark tank are gonna swim with sharks. If you keep them safe it's our want to so like sharp cross Mark Cuban would be swimming with sharks yes I don't know the rest of those people I don't either they were all I know the one guy. I know all the the money got tight I just don't know they bring him and others that I know small bites and oh yeah British guy. You know wherever blonde lady as a block the enormity of all order the full blue dude who are yes who was of. Oh. I'd recognize the mound street we still look at a little fish is lug out yeah there you go. They didn't so that's always a surprise. Yeah I was gonna have been bad guys on shark tank every week for last four years now called and still the through blue guy. There's fool guys there's the ball dude who's been a reduced bamboozled Juan Jacob's growth slogan hands and vendor is the guy will please read and show don't tell tale Hillary's brother out to be home on a Friday nights and other stuff. Yet the penalty or anyone know channel right exactly yeah I don't honor the commitments on my skirt. Richard Gere is coming back TV you don't see Iran that. You know. I was one of those movie stars alike back then didn't make it you wouldn't you're absolutely right I just threw in the word back it just as Richard Gere is coming to TV OK I just threw him for her. Richard Gere said senator Richard pierce coming sustain it. Wow hey that's crazy if you traditionally one of those guys and only did movies yeah he's in a BBC BBC series the about. Colin mother father son author of course he got to do that maybe he honestly this isn't. I. Well. I approach all brown flowers rattled and not. If it. Does or do they get that and I think never happens but. Rod Stewart thanks Dana Hussein the family. Job don't look now learned that men younger things little cam for my generation. What it will actually known for over this thing Richard we're about Richard Gere could call me rod do drugs or would you rather go down as Richard get it good so look we're gonna start this rumor about you know what do we know straw and it's just gonna persists is gonna follow either. You've got to put a durable and rectum. Oregon having downed semen pump from the start. These are the food the urban legends we're gonna before which when you go. That terrible and wound drove all day could only be funny when even numbered and chronic. If the thought I had a detailed not minds that I'm out these are some I don't know about tonight. Cedric the Entertainer funny comedian. TV actor this and that a lot of you'll gnomes have even known by as what's. You're arbitrarily do so than you know quietly in the not to speak of lake you know skews you think you can I have the quarter from which she's you know. Like you said it has yeah you're running. They knew but a lot of people think good that I'm the RBs do though this is. No hall like notre readers know maybe I am who I guess you know look like their blood be live like it because we've you know that happens you just gotta go everywhere you go. Oh no it's not me man. I think I think. I don't know what that line is that there is strain yourself what's he doing it with the sushi chef in my hand notarized Brady thoughts your whereabouts a player like illness after her obviously I'm just gonna go with this. And if I hired as is usually leave me alone bracket. Ended the army's guy. It was that big ring renteria and bing brings is a large duke is he's a Big Brother for show yes that's posting about Cedric the Entertainer I would be happy the people think. That's me but until throw why he he won't take credit right I know I am. I'm Pamela knew would not leave. I think exactly humanity to a report for the that is one of those pale I know is look for Mikey you're scared the aria. Then has been yeah who knows child being. No that was his given me. Org about being why would you pick out what will be wet weather beaten quite the rest of big new phone is ringing I'm like what a German man may not. Don't bonus being good but I just got it being this really was just like Jack. And he's like man I think chuck is playing. You know a lot of people think chuck has judging but to some of my friends in the least likely and a way to being rained real member dairy. But PX. Via scary he couldn't be Gary. I don't give a sobriety and again he's OK Jeff. Yeah orange called Jeff ray players there's a lot of names he could now possibly handedness. Rainy and and CIS to still dominates number one last week residents still doing well but sees finale and CIS New Orleans came in third. This season finale events yeah I thought that's escaping an eight. And it showed just doesn't stop between Matt and then the other thing. CBS rolls out man is the Big Bang theory right that does better Mulva. Big Bang theory demanded that big a week but it could've been a repeat but just amazing that young Shelvin. This spin off of that if it does very well marine Selig basically. If that showed Big Bang theory is likely third in the ratings that week. Young children before telling them they made a Smart move us but not often and put them in early November show yet and they barely lose any of that audience. Which is pretty tough to deal rights you know it did to keep fumbled for the spin off there too. Sixty minutes are we sneaks Americans well let's. But sixty's image that's been out yet people like I'm sure. So I imagine CBS because CBS someone's once again for the tenth straight year was the most watched network. Now they averaged nine or nine million viewers it's down 7% from last year. NBC is second. After them. They're saying they got a big boost from having the Super Bowl the Winter Olympics which. I I still is daily what you think of the Olympics outside of the Olympics are not positive we still need them in this you know everybody's kind of connected but with that with that said. When they're on it is kind of fun to watch it now I don't know IR and hi I got really into that. The issue though for NBC was basically they were number one and that car and that coveted demographic of eighteen to 49 year old right on. Itself is hidden 49 spends money that's all they care a right to CBS overall also has the most watchers. NBC says the young folk in. Young folks thank you did earlier version all right headlines on the way when Mike got ten minutes you are listening to amend or radio network. Please and Swiss miles. Now let's see what's happening in the real fighter a Florida man and raised it to Burger King attacks worker over a coupon for a whopper. Not to be outdone Florida cities and don't think zombie alert during a power outage as a top. Ohio woman goes in the store to buy lottery tickets hits the sour cushion jackpot instead it. A judge ruled the thirty year old living with parents must find his own bed. They never got used any rattlesnake Belfour made three in new is kayak and venom he was lying it is time for your headlines. It's time to its. Yes its OK is Mike caught our top story form our top story I have a headlines updates. You never called a not so young man I was still living with his parents at the age of thirty it has gotten so bad that they were actually pursuing legal action to get him kicked out of the house yeah. The verdict has been released they ever older that the man must leave the parents Allman no more than fourteen days. Just dug out of fourteen day he's staying fourteenth yell event. Then they explain exactly and so all the headlines a number row but the issue is what like eleven under burns thousands they get out of it. Get the F out right was. War I don't close the problem I did he just would have now that was the thing is that it actually said that he would come home and it shouldn't say he would come home he didn't interact with the parents of all he didn't pay rent. He didn't do any of the chores he's just basically boy leader newsroom. It definitely they get ago he he he lost his job eight years prior to this point. And just squatted in the house you loitering in the room when your team is mental because your masturbating and apparently in an injured right when you're thirty get the hell out of places. Any any said the heat that he doesn't like it was then he doesn't talk with parents never talked to a parent but he's just not ready to move out. I'd say right guys yet he's gonna do wish they had detonating anything changed and had visited there near do well. Take a minute here. When does not the only updated story. Celebrate his labors on a talk about a man South Carolina was attacked by a falling rattlesnakes and Ryan was tired from overhead it was a horrible story and in his eyes flicker with the win the worst scenario in the world you just kayaking heavenly this time around bright. Rattlesnake falls out of the tree right by Zhu apparently that guy I was Golan he was not a good shape on the way and I know he was he was to Syria by the time they actually I launch. Turns out he and his friends all the snake in the water thought it was an alligator and paddled toward it. Which I don't know why anybody would do that thought there's a Gator let's go towards it. If you wanna back after finding out it was just a baby snake he's still trying to reach had to pick it up where it bit him three times in the hands. And Chad. Okay thanks Hillary. What do you think guys I'm with you like Tim O'Brien. I can almost fathom paddling over to a political watchers the baby's sake let's rabbit out of the water rights but you know you're in the south you know there's rattlesnakes. Let alone. Just go to the old cotton mouth and all kinds of other dangerous things apparently I legs I left efficient home once because there's a stake in the water that would leave us alone had good my body was like hey we should get out here than when we left. He was just think K adding he moved to another spot only lefty detainment and hate snakes that you and I think the V three. It is to go to Florida or police arrested a man that tried to beat the system. The man went to burger king and attended a vial whopper with a handful of Dubai that he had in his possession just one problem. Now one of the coupons he had actually worked. As he was trying to explain the issue with the coupons you became enraged and grab the woman behind the counter witnesses said that until police arrived and arrested him on a battery charged. Which as. What kind of kill monthly carrying that they didn't work its may be you know I'm war memorial plaza. Maybe if this in the forty that I have. A woman near San does he's started and is today go into the store to buyers of some lottery tickets to but turned out returner Ricardo finds them and even more intersect. She got a newer cards about something foul the smell was coming from a baggage that she had less than not left in her car and inside with something called. Sour cushy. He unity. Com C news Andrea sound. I'm I'm all these yankees damage denying. CNN probably called please do check surveillance what did you learn to amend our. And the man that made the deliberate move. You go to hell and back cleared yes necessarily early evening Nagy may have mail list. If maybe she just didn't smoke marijuana yes I love I don't know who don't have. These guys you may know we don't smoke and then again I didn't. Mike okay would you buddy we you're we need to hit coney exactly I don't call the god given because he founded the we'd all the time when I was in and out of cars and I had a body that I would decide as a right to know my time again. And you I didn't know you anytime Ted a lot of data promising to clean up somebody's car that's a mistake limit that costs. David Beckham does he wasn't their car anymore it was repossessed. I. Gave. I don't win. I hope that we rise up and do with the banks we had a guy. If you buy and read you wanna get rid of you signed equipment of the bat symbol of public while I'm not I don't imagine. I don't know like a Papa smokers of them will know just a bald head would see those guys are sick mice and found we don't want to go I'm coming. Is the flood Cigna is the difference is. So are tourists are good to. In Florida the city of Lake Worth up they have a little fun with the emergency alert system for there hours the power outage in the area. The message was sent to phones around 2 in the morning issuing a quote zombie alert for a Lake Worth and term and it's tell me that everyone at least giggled and no one to consider do you think I would hope. It should be noted determined as is the name of the city on the show the Walking Dead there since apologized and reiterated that there isn't facts Wake Forest no zombie activity going on. The area please know zombie activity and we really didn't tell you resentment and never in the cities do I. I'm convinced that the only reason why they got him was because is that 2 in the morning. On your movement W goddamn dog is exactly right. At their grandmother that Mike doc and I play her channel CNN sample return our big dummy head tennis Baghdad's meat and potatoes no I Sherlock another round profiled as ordering Intel's with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all of through the meantime leave me all the old Bubba or third so until tomorrow police knew what you do best. And parolees who say it. Day.