05-24-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Demands Proof

Thursday, May 24th

We play the game known as Big Dummy!


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You what sort of thing here is real. Trying to look. Offend anyone. There's a. Invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is the they say. Or radio more than three times. And your. Go on in Arizona or 2833. Now. Along with Steve the throw hilts. Suited Ted. Lobbying ball. Had to buy car. Okay imagine a. Okay we've played big today. Dead meat and potatoes has put celebrities pay dictates and what level would you love do based on your personality. Though so I get back get right. My profile lists both headline dimensions of the day homeless or email several favorite TV time with a quick wrap your big guys I know you don't family does not like a vase so they dig into an appraiser and now they really really really like that base. Meanwhile an eighteen Wheeler crashes and spills 40000 pounds of chicken feathers about the place. Two year old rice no thank you counts for pulling over his momma. High school senior finds great way to get out of that graduation beyond that and cable customers says her service Sox. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All I've read his good days to you and yours are right today is the day that we play Big Dig dug a the game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how it works. You call us we used by the category where old. We put. But here's where big dummy separate. So from. Okay and show. We will continue to ask them questions they do you get one right. Because I've always want you to leave here it's more revenge showed up. Today our biggest army ever is he lovely and talented Josh who dug deep into the inner idiots and enter twenty consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course UK so new but the call. And all we go on being dumped big doesn't play big dummy call 844999. All you can vitamins or month FaceBook follow us on Twitter and instead Graham amend your life. Hansen those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's or radio network. Until then let me go on the Michelle and or 2833. When an incredibly large and in charge program we have for you now today want to gamble play the game known as big Dolly it's an easy game play as we spend the category wheel and all you have to do is give one the question Greg's car. Johnston for the okay. Hopefully cliff. Oil prices will be playing for the team sober for eighteen months old had just announced just meat and potatoes has what celebrities hate. As far as foods of celebrities I guess were asked they would is the one thing that you can't stand in and celebrities named the food that they just trying to be absolutely disgusting. And now also on tap what you love to eat and what that says about your personality so that's all coming up with a head chef. No I Sherlock is back profile this and the game is big dummy would you play big dummy would do little men's room Paul. And as it was in the news. The last time we played that seven a Wiener dogs had attacked a woman and and they can make children. Other Motley underdogs again it was it was unbelievable so we asked you who do you fight. Seven Wiener dogs 26 year olds or twenty seniors. As far as the voting on not Twitter if you follow us there had to amend or live and on FaceBook. It appears that you do not want a fight the seven Wiener dogs they have to clear up what Torre you have people decide like Helm. As far as you either taking on the Tony seniors. Or the 26 year olds everyone had a different theory be able what do you gotta Jacqueline lane would get Tony little womanizer or whatever the dealers that are. I don't know late together Jews Chuck Norris ask somebody and it is senior Sylvester Stallone gather that's probable but not really but either way has a Wiener dogs. He said he did not want to fight the Wiener dogs. And not today on the men's room poll were going to a once intake story out of the news. As I believe over in in Scotland's. It and we talk about the stuff a lot because it was just fascinating crap when we were growing up or all kinds of just. Unsolved type mysteries and Leonard Nimoy told us all out you know there was at that point in time it was we we talk quicksand and how to get the Bermuda Triangle or just UFO's. And yet he's a big I mean you name it would nine million things out there. That day you kind of thought were people it sightings of a pictures of this amount to make a million dollars write the book all the politically that's what we grope with the flow renowned scientists are gonna do some type of DNA testing at loch Nass I don't know the science behind with a doing. None either way ending feeling in this thing is really in there. That they have the case that technology may to take a water sample and figured out I'd I don't understand how they're gonna get there and seemed to think may know there are doing but none of us. Really understood I don't understand it so today. What we wanna know is what you think they both find it first and okay what you think they'll find first if any of these are to be found. Which one do you think they'll find first. So we start with big foot and now as far as big foot goes you can take any type of big foot that you look. So if you don't know how mobile snowman yet he does exactly right if you wanna go North American bigfoot I don't know where are sort of like put up or part of an African bigfoot does the race is I'm Russian because they're Russian government that makes sense I would think that might be yadier the abominable snowman. I believe there's a bigfoot creature in China that they have legend anyway we know to be but not Africa are destroyed right you know you're that out now or America for that matter. I don't command the penguins not sit well yet these are called Clark an animal. Thank you Ted Pratt and they are inexpensive and really nice cooler. Coming in and done number two we have there resistance now. They are bare existence. You don't think American over that maybe having just during collier says bear proof to say in my county air resistance so that our advertising you can go to barrel on the thanking you here and you Clinton's idea yet he and found a way to close from the inside you you figure your chances of survival go up dramatically you know honestly idea Luca you'll think you look to lead do you could market. Now aren't OK it's it's a hard thing mandates he's too little straps. All really aren't now it's pretty simple I don't have made the bear resist I think Eagles and epic and epic crash at Coca. But I I think of their figured out either way I'm safer in there and I am just looking at I would agree how to agree who. Reports that hope is that and yet it we don't lose the mayor Tom and I left open everything up. What do you think you'll find first big foot number one number two UFO's or aliens UFO or aliens now. What would you have both the semi pro here for the two or three of UFOs are real. Okay look. Slash aliens you know my cannot do well I don't know regarding that he'll be that the way it's a leg damage that I keep it down and negate. Nearly do you look this is my talent in the opposite I know man and I'll tell him slash LA his mother earth aliens I didn't think you can use hey look this is flat yeah. I know. Yeah. And this case sort of dial it back you've been enormously if I let the thing crashes a that you identified science a look at the you know a man you don't let. If they go to sun if they go if they go to some plan all right or let's just say okay. That they pull over some UFO all right let Paula go over and over now on a land is this these the with a in okay. And in a pop the hatch on that bitch and there's a budget octopus and there's still an issue but hey what's up brother. You know what I'm what does that told you so because they just you know I I'm gonna say this for every one listening. Man oh man I'm Regan of feel bad I'll Matt every great boom will they don't know hey I have I saw the news Dayton Ohio holes. Sheriff plans they pulled over flying saucer and make our belated octave was doing the not to hook line you are right that this is already for that you might be a lunatic that's it's our what matters that come out of Hamas certainly apologize. But when are we in danger I don't care I don't wanna him on camera say I told access pass it doesn't matter. But no yeah you did say you kids are looking for a film beautiful but if you think it's really going to be suffers a for a long time I think. Kathy Griffin of insinuated that Anderson Cooper might be get. But he never said. So we don't know. At that point have we need official in new group while you knew but she didn't know when he congrats you're insinuating that Michael Strahan might have a dampens things down and things like the women we've seen evil we don't really know we don't have the concrete proof there is Brooke I can stick three toothpicks in between Michael Strahan Steve improve. That he has the Japanese T chore. But I still finding enough close. It's funny and pictures you Idaho are both still remember Mike and I don't be via. Verifiable god to improve right directly under takeover but like you were important the world goes over the as the case you're on number three is a lot nest monster mom and number four his other. So other being wonderful camera copper or I'm macabre salute the cops can't be cool when the men do they should be brought food. That was anything what else is there there's the I don't know I did they everything else Mandel when you put a lot mess whatever you are large sea creature may be may I trap. Can mega shark who knows and but this is like get to really be sure what I mean isn't the only thing big washes up off the shore you know I mean my is that other. It is another isn't because we never there's no legend of it. It's not that someone has ever said like oh my goodness initiatives with the who went down because this thing came up to grab the damn thing and eight everybody does you don't know he got documentation. So there's large thing rolling right okay and other just like we don't know the thing it's another write it's we don't notice because you have some kind of weird freaky thing on an ailing chaired act they'll come back or maybe a five alma who knows you know you just don't know. They never discover anything. That looks approachable you know like they might say hey we found a new form of monkey but they recognize that the monkey in the still looks like a monkey Bellamy but. When things roll up a little we didn't know the thing existed it doesn't look like anything you should be happy that you found no doubt why it's never like cute and never just as we gave us up Fareed socially. Your guide you would never want to see this thing in real life now now. If I liked it I think reference a real gonna put them for other certificates that you should terrify wanted to do find the Griffin yeah man. I saw the they gave him his big dummy and your men's room poll which one do you think you'll find first to get big foot UFO aliens and liveliness monster. And other big dummy is a game 844999. Old and a hey Paul why couldn't a man who. Hi all die. Well you're playing for team so we're not over until it's over Falwell good this year that the whole throng of your phone. Not an entire golf men's room or wrong but we think you'll find first ball bigfoot UFO's are like this monster. Yeah I'd stay out of our youth aliens aliens aliens here and then when voting. Out of the consent. The V intelligent alien thing came here would this include not listen. Because as far as what to do all the Loch Ness Monster this just occurred to me right now oh in the national moment of one of the telescopes it's an album specifically one thing's going to kind of life punt team. This does not mean that a vessel would be in Fallujah wife rolling around city does he need kind of life that is extra fresh. But that's all I FBI put it like wander out and about to announce you have telescopes that are actively. Or you're about to actively start doing this that is what her entire pursuit it is and they have the tech. To be able to pull it all sort of makes five years you're gonna hear some information communal find anything. But if they do does that make that lessens our group but what I'm saying is those doesn't need to be likened it. Bad came here in Maine we can think he's style alien or Joe's I think brewer finally got to prove that I forgot to throw got the proof that if an alien like walks up the camera that. Polo like symptoms they do like to pigeon on the traffic NN included a pigeon for the traffic jam border for something Boris and like bacteria. I'd approval life open aren't about a good idea but that's the spores that for my octopus he could really they have rarely is very plugged the flu the best they flew on the asteroid. I. Yeah. Could see a body. Well I'm the daily habits are what it's like miles from the actual news story where people watch mask thing in other news story just less excited. Is that there's another telescope gore about the one over the main focuses of the style scopus specifically that pursued and I mean they got hold TV shows people born out of it for bigfoot Seattle think all three of these things are actively being searched for an yep you know to be other goats. All right yeah definitive prayer book I. Held nothing in those earlier that other grand showed that the calls I can. Charming always thought that I just didn't go albeit good ghost or spirit you know I'll other listening all don't be that guy. Your experience or drinks from the classic. All right Paul shut out here is your question. What word used to describe certain animals comes from the Greek word for thick skin. Nick skin excuse and it. And listening to senator Nelson now. But I can't get a lawyer or somebody like that you're right now is one of these things. I don't see certain I was in months I imagine folks can bargain but yeah his arm and say this slope you know well it Lola. I don't I can't. My animals on one side. Yeah well oiled down my new lessons and just not gonna cost. Thank you didn't show where we only give you struggles and hard about that now let's get by the end of the month. Some are you coming back at duke I would cry and I definitely pachyderm I never would have got that so relative and who can. Four to produce the model T and only what's color after 1913. It. Very little for having a famous quote of like oh yeah are you getting any color you that you want as long as it's black keys. Is that what he says and I'm pretty well I think if only that but the teacher's kind of crazy. Shore them up positive I'll rely on anyway you realize that they are getting rid of all but two of their vehicles a to a little hard right. Ford yes you know cars they're going to will surely keeping they are they haven't a model coming out but I'm not sure that I know of they are key to being. Let's keep their suvs and Nikita Raul Ramirez almost all of the trucks but they're only gonna go with two models of the sedan and wanna say the same. Applies to everyone else like Linkedin and anybody else's in the line so they are taken that company an absolutely stripping it down just to the good things of people really enjoyed. They won't have a a tiny little car. And I think the key to the mustang. And that is once the mustang and the end of whatever the Taurus but not the Taurus the hell lot of feelings. There's big dummy we don't know crap. What does it look that I always look that up but was all right division. Fusion and there's you know there is the fusion to blues decision that the focus fusion C and animals will look at double a real strong what we think it might be just remember reading it. Game is big dummy for 49990. Lose our next contestant ready to play the game hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Always thought oh wow. Debbie sober now for over. Over Jeff. All right Jeff Burton Group called everything defined first bigfoot UFO's like this monster or other. There are other mom won't soon. Don't know other there at a lot of people a lot of people on the comments you think ghost. Woman's G spot monopoly comes from a woman who goes and endless I don't know half the guys you'll ever find that that tells me that is a woman's say OK that is not a magic trick. Both the big foot flood this minority found that you put Cabrera then add to romances and got. I'm sorry I didn't already found that she is normally anybody that is something that has Manger isn't that the telltale sign of that nine times out of exactly ten times of the time careless what ever fill in the blanks and a lot of people adding the crack it. Only crash your big although I like her dad dad crack. Well dragon got it's that's Rouse and vision in coming up and grabbing the ship battle the statues is all about McCracken when you're gonna dynasty thing about the ground. Craft. Are here to question. What does someone be calm after being canonized. To be canonized. You know oh yeah. Performs miracles. The whole thing to become. Politically let's look at a miracle to. With a little edgy and thought what a mouth opens if that's a miracle just have to becoming a thing period that's also where you'd like devil's advocate. It's one priest that's the only man do you like from the Vatican do not know they really didn't do this column and you got to over the place like. You got to prove that these miracles happen. They need to hire me as doubles that. I don't go in the senate arms folded all the time Brett could David Carter had you know we need territories all their past the here's the question what is the name of Kathy Bates character in misery. Don't literary. Well that'll make its I'll say. You could definitely. Very good not perfect Kathy so don't go Jennifer. Who do you think would do all I've got what may make you think of someone that would do all these kinds of things to Brenda aren't they convinced not bad name what name Tammy how. Brenda and Tina. Yeah and it's gone. Crazy any welts. Quite like home to hear him. I could hear the smile on your face I'm house there so we're crazy noise it could almost every story man follows a misery oh yes when they're both houses they who remember do you not remember the look. What about that it makes your forever book I was incredibly captivating. Couldn't put it down. Aren't they are I really isn't scores are ought to balance a lot of the correct yeah let's dial. I could alienate entire amount to no. I'm Bret. Go to manual to go to my sounds like no I don't know that door if Columbia video feed my cannot be back for my wife could end up power tools on blood Arnold. Tiger question what are European city he would you find the grand canal. I. I got reminisced for. How do you have confidence helped lead the lead in the childhood and the red lake Vista gradually though it and the canals Venice. But I think they got a good time. Listen to technically yeah right. Yeah. What was the name of the Apollo eleven lunar module. Divot and thought. So. They leave the Apollo eleven moon model coming out of touch down on the moon within the they need to let Houston know. Dad to Dell admitted that they've that they've landed there Houston we don't go landed. Try to I can't get it down grass right there. Ahead Lola. Apollo Apollo today who's going to go yeah yeah yeah I guess what we have landed and he sometimes they say like if I got our BA yeah I got to drive landed yeah I got drugs OK like if I feel like I'm speaking in code you on the phone you even you know I got we've right. Okay Jeff so I'll say this phrase to let you know that is Iraq what does that phrase. I got the week. I am really a I'm an okay thing nowadays they're not going to they'll celebrate. Who did you deliberately do even. How enough. Then they tell me if you like to me it does today 449990. For the repair gases we gave Miguel Perez Hilton the more they gonna kill enough you're listening to the men's radio network. Did you know. You don't have turned men's room. You have got to send me details as what does celebrities hates as far as food goes and what does things like say about your personality that's coming up attends meet. And details all right the game is big dummy if you'd like to be contested 44999. All we have Jeff on the line playing for two sauber and Jeb is working on question. Number five yeah question number four mile away Jeff what was the name of the Apollo eleven Lugar. Your goal and it was in fact be evil yes Josh it was the only eagle has landed cards in question. Well the first American franchise in the NHL and ON HL. National Hockey League. I don't know I guess. And yeah. I'll drink yeah I really love our outlook does dad you looked over you have Bruins know like that would be my guess absolute yeah. This is big dummy 44999. All lose our next contestant ready to play the big day anyone else think he was gonna be on the outlined a little longer. Well the whole legal thing may be you know I would even start strongman that I was in his defense in the eagle thing I do not get a first time I know that but that's why we gave the hands like hey man. What else is landed as anyone and relive those IE did you guys did not have your own they're real time weird drug dealer friend who talked in code I will say this. Between you would leave that is what we want to hit the exact family and valuing life when he Dylan. The Eagles landed probably need Lowry did you think anything like four leaf clover for leave clos for the wind blows wellstone Tuesday as your period anyway. I'm a lot of legs but no doubt he got the win easy for a if there are right now in might miles why are you different article on Elvis. Sasha down what you're getting drugs the eagle has landed right on autos and have. I have Redman lot of corn to be shocked over here come a long way if if if I'm I don't know. VW's Aguirre for Ford 999 all new we have there hello Brian welcome to an injury. Hey Brian. I. You sober now for over. Brian beyond team sober fourteen knots over. It Christ. Fired out of it Brian men's group both bill fine first big foot you couples like mess monster or other. He had only wanna know why was played game all right what's. It went up. There is no less to. What part of a sailor's uniform can be used as an emergency flotation device. Yeah. Probably be bad. Really I thought it was like to all of the pain. Our I don't. I gotta have a very nice guy maybe knows I'm different than he would if you can look at it this our halftime. And Motorola's brand new movie. Well I'm say saying it. It's being first solo album was titled dream of the blue white. All. An animal. The blue band and oil. But no this thing helping every itself. Dreamed of its total hold deter them total all the turtle and most of the inter hello I try. I don't know I'm glad I didn't remember that but I don't. But what do you think he meant. It was I will need to dream oval blue turtle or this is the dream of a blue car it's his dream of the blue tour when you're asking me to know that you tell me that that's what does this I'm sure. I just realized a sinking island of the blue dolphins the book. Auto and other titles I don't know grasping the ministry. That's the reason we possibly know to say hello guys that we had to leave the black pearl one of those lower class. We're back in drugs that block I got a blue turf so it's. The good come on the I don't know where they gave. It's like a good number I'll. Oh I got mad I'm taking tomorrow off and you got back. Port Charlotte marijuana I chaired led I didn't have the know what's your hand if you call me say something innate need rooms and gum and only gets bigger on the showroom something good yeah. Yeah a man who end up like eternal you share. And blue. I era inside your question. You got a 5050 chance on called aliens coffee beans with a high level of the said. And grown a ball below 5000. I. I'm no good to the coffee when lettuce I am absolutely. The air there are now carry the soil is I don't know. Rational person Matt I wife Blanca. He's glad he let me ask it doesn't play big dummy for four. Nine at 99 cola more big dummy and a brand of contesting coming up in seconds. The show and many things continue on the men's room radio network.