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Thursday, May 24th

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is the men's tour. I'm listening to. Was thrilled. As a result the city by car 94 Ford 999 a little play profile this in minute. I got your headlines on the way one hour from now first we're checking in my car for some of the stories and headlines he is not working on. Right seven firefighters at a firehouse and Oklahoma recently became new dads in just over a year's time but all of the same woman yes OK now photo of them all posing together is going barrels. Man whom they all the same age your version three in depth there between the ages and I'm now working on and I don't care. It's good theater dance though if proud of a couple hundred apparently was busted out for having sex in a church garden right under the statue of the virgin Mary's. No she's the virgin America. What a virgin either in your New Jersey your version at your fourteen. Email your political reporter ball well wolf. They're blood charged with style of lewdness. Dude through included his youth in every do you quake lewdness and he's. Any zero junior firefighter near Pittsburgh was arrested for setting a building on fire just so we can help put it out yeah. Luckily no it was hard disk but because a 150000. Dollars in damages and he's facing three felony charges. Volunteer firefighter we always say men purify the fire maniac ignored ago to shift. Yeah I mean come on hello. Fire. What do they do if you look. When a lot of my boy scout leader molest kids while I was he's clean. People barely ever say thank you once someone helps them out yeah or when you leave that open the door former do anything within reason I just ran a study that found that people didn't say thanks in six out of seven cases and pleases a good 12 totally that you think. And although my fate man it just dvds and even a place. Sticker sometimes and you hold the door something mentally superffoods. Sometimes if you're walking in a crosswalk you've got to give the car a wave they stop there let me go to show you know run me over this is a small amount program and the vet emits a bit of things to make that much of them from the very to know so well my round around I'll pick up as the pace a little bit they're too. About signal a slowdown. Candidate X over my groin and then throw bankers. And let's say island I want to pass and I say hi on the street don't just look at Nadal out of general talk to me they look at me like I'm about to kill. And they had a mean Mike had said I'm now working on. Wow. Oh yeah I know. It's funny when they're veteran navigating men and women according to a new study yes they are yeah yeah that's. Okay I got there will take that I don't hear any direction you know what no one cares about orient hearing so we're gonna take better we're gonna home and we don't care not how would you call a Korean tearing nobody can yeah exactly they never Caribbean. Because men are willing to take more shortcuts and improvise all women are more likely to stick with the route that they now time is important and it. The threat at this time in general like we did that when you're out here. And yeah time. I can't I would I would argue that it's just is important to women ages manage it better. Where they're not running at the last second following it's always the guys were ready for yes he I know I'm running at the last I didn't drive on Wal-Mart Jared you're waiting for me I brag I don't love all this time so they can figure out what they're no I don't wanna be that guy is like ten people there flat and I know it's gonna happen I just don't wanna do that because that matters to me right. That I really important to me I think you're both kind of right. There's also I think depends on the situation I know me personally. It's like c'mon the guy get out of the final look at what's more Iraq ads you're at a bar that bread garden fare. We go out there that's now that's an issue or problem is where we need to leave our promises giving it. Yeah if I mean listen man you're kids might take forever to get ready to get the call but if you go to Disney World would you tell them it's time to leave the going to be like us at the bar like. Go home alone whoa whoa look. It is now time is out of the essence. Hogan do go home that's the no funds no you're friends have all agreed that they need to lied to about what time something starts and you'll be there on time you have a problem. According to a new survey of one out of three people say they let their heads stay in the room when they're getting it on oh you're not getting into the business scratch on the door and I would die out like this they actively involved. But whatever I get you back there now man how. It out. More than have dug honors in two thirds of cat owners let their pets sleep in their bed they like to smell my guess you let your pets sleep in your bed. And they want some company to I mean how cool the dogs think that the better of me back I prefer out of the room and don't have sex and. And yeah I mean you look governor looking you like old saw the flag the tale if you do not like yourself. I had a dog made that years and years and years and years ago and I am plowing my girlfriend at this point and so forth and we have as big as Belgian shepherd announce our man there are. Throw me. This was back had sex I do understand and this is day out nicely and I don't know removing snow. And whatever it was Lara. So order a bit and I don't realize the dog but as well as a man having say I'm on top and there is there's a whole new shirt he wet nose plowing plunges in in my. There and root you wanna talk about them instant loss of erection Mulder plus that we are dog I was so mad that dog in an amount the didn't. I did not say a word to dogs it's even just I don't know got the sense with a look at my face whose dog is Howard in the corner of the room but I zone and you put that whole debate Antalya manner you went to hug him hold my bad you do like it's like I'm pointing like yeah it was all for you feel they are hard cal Tom. No I was cold you don't know wall it was eyes we'll play some odd thing and I he's Cuban president put it he knows this whole. People loosely been on the weekends to catch up on some some of the sleep that they missed out under in the week are less likely to die young and according to a new survey. Yes but that's crazy and regular Hauser of sleepy can't defend themselves think is crazy. Could I just heard him last week do you McCain golf caddies up pretty well don't sleep in a weekend since you're relaxed yeah. The average person checks their phone eighty times a day on vacation according to a new study if you don't know how to garbage patience seemed almost like minute pull out our phone to take a photo art direction it's okay that yeah that I'm saying wait for the sexy you set me up to make it look like you're a hole I am if I'm gonna make an intelligent decision on where to go eat lunch you don't you're not going to be some place very all of do little investigation I. I don't know he had to text people like. Started to bottom our drink a beer housework. A man in North Dakota ran his first Arab half marathon Saturday lost track of how far he'd gone in and of running the full marathon by mistake while. That's awesome it's I just accidentally. Ran 26 miles that makes everyone go to put the bombs are regarded brag rather home residents. The thing have I did my Bob let's say this is amazing I remember all Biden terrain that is amazing. Up until Wal-Mart shoppers in Virginia thumping witnessed a kidnapping and got the cops involved. But it was just a dumb YouTube frank. OK if you don't send it up from look what he did race winner people have learned that this is actually a really bad idea while funny on the surface it's a really bad I only know once carrying in the area I mean we see an OK we see it right around you know Halloween times people dress up as clowns on the set of that death scene where they. Bring down the hammer on a gallon of red juice and make it look religious squished ahead. We're out word negro might have gotten that embody. I mean we had a couple of he's putting candles out of event planner to for the third rainbow are about as evidence in that scene in a snowman has annaly and that's classic every year you see this every year man sonar and I aren't. It's foolish. The University of Kansas recently installed a new bike rack that spells out the word PA RC with a C instead of McCain god there. Number today and come around the problem is if you look at it from the opposite angle as those cramp. She's funny thing. Yeah worthless rock chalk jayhawk. Well that's great look at throw my dog lick my ass. Same situation. That's great thank you fallen. A blaze of Gentex received a letter from a ten year old boy thanking him for pulling over his mother was that a tell that when our. Now they might not headlines are Illinois one hour from now posted the precepts. Seem prohibitive please someone help profiled this is played at Georgia and miles it's a simple game while we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. Our planet earth. Current and as you listen to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be Jewish people and the decisions that people make well a three wood it is you think they do Lori woke. The story fat mouth. The crash hello Russell welcome to the men's room. Yeah. Mean. I'm Russell Malone muscle we understand now this here game is played. Yeah it's fantastic my hall brought this up only moments ago but it involves eighteen year old high school senior who lose their Pittsburg and you recently became my. Junior firefighter. Which is basically a firefighter. They suffer from corn your name that you'd be embarrassed to say oh wow. But he was sick of not seeing any accidents on Monday he went to a two story duplex reuse the live. And he said the same thing on fire now noble was home to no one got hurt but he did destroy the building. And cause them 150000 dollars in damage. He's stored entire building into the hundreds it's a duplex home ultimate. There's there are all now live cheaply someone happens in walking around outside for the fire started though but then I realized well. One of the firefighters who showed up was the same guy and so they solved this death. All the fire departments. Say dude comes back seem suspicious then writes. At W I got caught eventually he admitted that he did it. Does he want to put out fires and I was facing charges for arson causing catastrophe in intentionally destroying an unoccupied structure all of those were found. Do you believe that this guy is black and white Maxine or easy. Thought man I know why do you fight like fire and you'll content I don't know but in my. Get fired operation racial consultant. Rarely carry all good Russell Gary good that's brutal influence on Iraq. I gotta be out the national I'm Russell I've found the story. Saw this morning. This is. I cannot help you Russell you cannot help you Russell. Ted cannot help you Robin cannot help you Steve cannot help you might cannot help you. The world cannot help you Rosenstiel actually I never saw their pictures. Using a high exert authority and we were all talking about back into the picture and I feel the way that I do this story. All right I do have a bit of a wild theory on this one already ninth twelfth sounds like the most the volunteer fireman I know our white. Little Wayne black is a song called environment. Product any black member and they have us on the fire started. So I'm going black. Wow I feel OK you rest your case your honor on I don't know my home videos that that is an interesting defense the defense rests. As you can client is Swinton rookies are no I mean I just rap lyrics I ten is going to go black I guess. He goes through your adult music with your lights a final answer real change. I just don't curve ball they met eight makes it finally answered. He had. I'm gonna find out your black white Mexican or Asian next fat was fatigued you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Did you know you don't have turned the men's room. How violence takes us to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we have an eighteen year old junior firefighter in training who really wanted to be a part of the fires it was ago. He goes to a duplex that he used to actually live in and he said to place on fire so that he could go on and be a fire. Now that's basically it man and I got caught. One of the neighbors realize that they've seen around the house earlier. And then shouldn't we do in the quite far but we're also we ask you did you believe this guy was black and white makes you or Asian initially you would wipe it sounds so obvious. Then came off the most ridiculous theory ever why the guy might be black. And they knew through the curve ball as you send in your final gas. Was Max and. Did your cool lose corrects that. Few of them bank look on his or lose we're right there miles I don't really will always be the who's also black bag right. It's I'll call firemen followed the break rooms right there. Got us. Hundreds did fire yesterday right yeah I'll fire Disco inferno designs and stuff into there. Now brawl do you go to Arafat needs now a chance. Sure. Countless hours in front of a talking. President's. The fire that is dead. I guess we're assured it is off by Christmas but that's good start of the fire. I've thrown around the house Boston thought it was the you lose a fancy word for spitting. Water and stuff it's not like puke or spitting. The no idea I do not know this yeah I didn't need it goes all out creepy Michael. Is he thinks I'm Michael David Blaine a unit is arguably 80 Elaine writing mine my concert I did the deal is featured. Now I'm nothing if you buy it and disappear it's amazing and I got a nose bleed it was a good thing the last row call. Please is tough to get. Up that's. Actually you know what though the tickets that show very nice a friend gave to me and we gave his kids the better seats up my own. Now most people would do anything for their children correct. Now gala yeah just play along now and I have Wilma American now knowing I know you gotta sit up there like your kid out of parents anonymous check this out you got better rat bit for now it really do you'd actually really do when you don't care as much as I do I that this is an understated general judges to our children whom I know of no actually probably not a guess this sounds like an Alamo used to I forget who you thought and you don't do that thank you lose and everything and it. This goes downhill damning enriched by how does a lot for me. Yes yes she does yes yes it's not an awful this. Anyhow my point is is that. You can have children that are okay your pain in the butt I guarantee you you not have a child is Donna's incipient. Now the good. How all this kid reduce your burden but Fleury. All thirty you don't go to fifth everybody hates this guy. A prize famous Michael what time though he does basically he's a guy living in his parents' house he wouldn't leave says now they take them to court over this. Now first of all you need to know this the man has a child of those which is beyond me and number two it's been around eight honey impregnated someone how to who said I wanna. I wanna do ham. Do distant piqued his senior year high school okay. There's gonna take you right I'm sure for both super dope. Cynical. Also he represented himself in court. Which is a you've never been to court you know both that is insanely bad idea in your logo on. So then he did some interviews we did some with CNN this first when you hear is just how incredibly awkward the man at thirty to solicit homeless. Hi wolf welcome I. Hi I. I so wanna let me let me start with your thirty. The right the simplest question. Do you not want to find your own place. No. Why don't wanna live there anymore I don't wanna look at and living. Now. It's not it's it's very tense it's very awkward it's. If it's won't leave you with the shares base which you know may be the case was that was where I would find myself afterwards but. I'd I'd prefer to get out. I would consider. Much of what they were doing to try to get me out as attacks. And what I was trying to do is just you know who's. Trying to preserve. We'll try to do what's best for me which is just you know what let's try to do more reasonable and I'll I'll leave I don't like living here. Are. Right I should also say when I say that this guy has never left home he doesn't have a job. I get so we will you know financial burden your limit of that but I think thirty minute I'm not a funny but he's RD awkward right. Now he is thirty bullet pierce thirty. You'd be a millennial. He disagrees with that I would say that. I'm really not. A member of that. Of that demographic that they're speaking to of that group under very conservative person though millennial that there are speaking to a very liberal in there. Ideology. For your thirties are technically I think you are trying to millennial generation I don't think there's a felony right between. You're you're right by we let the people speak to the millennial. And there and they're general nature as a millennial they speak to more liberal leaning it's. Been nice if you didn't disagree. Com I don't think it's for me to disagree I think colonial is an oil is an oil based on May veer the rebel warrant but I think it's totally your opinion to say. Yeah now that that doesn't. Applied to me and and with sat like over time though I appreciate you coming on I truly wish you the best of luck and. And I am a millennial. Youth I am I losing my tools and Rex. Cardinal rules. And OK okay yeah I I don't know if he saw that whole thing but really it's the whole interview with the badger offensive page. He did that whole thing that they do as I am a millennial. You gotta think that you eat it you know as a group out there that just wants to. That snowflake lead to only wait he's one of us to get out they hear no way you know enough and I'll play well that was one of the Macs that are among women children as a general of them that only the parent tirelessly you wore the screaming example and you will not take responsibility for your actions that. That's been lucky mine I wanna K I don't know they've read that right you might want to have a brother you. You're more millennial as far as the negative connotation over and eat meat of the millennium you or exactly. In precisely. The stereotype of what people say well I guess his point break he thinks it's it. That's true. But on the same token like you're just in this each bracket does it matter if you're conservative or liberal runner if you're just in that they eat but even I only have to be disease early Earl. And live at home to look to bounce off responsibilities so. Nodded but not did not look at development a hard time but because you're a fool right so you're at home of thirty share our concerns don't say you wore your living and home of 30 AM. Evil would you into court and everyone else gets what the problem is and you still can't take responsibility for the fact the you will. Things are tense at home Reich is a once you move out. So you move around but that's before this thing from a conservative mindset well don't take responsibility a little known as well as social services and use. All right a white car and had him file letter does like clearly the letters under his door and I mean just. It's it's I'm a Republican. And his lovely though lists this little the united nmap you don't do that to those people don't want to know not one of us borrow or not you're your own and I believe me. She's correct. I'm very conservative you live at home won't move I don't think well OK your conservative with a working wreckage if you think yeah I don't know I job and I don't have to. Yeah what do you think these twos threes and the larger town and he did illegally interact with the pants. No I mean if you if you look at how much I'm number conservatives who think I'm like that you're about to have a good relationship with the parody they offered him money to start out to put on a down payment they offered him ways where he would be connected with possible jobs. So he could seek employment they tried to hook them up with friends even though they knew that he probably would be the best employee that they still try to get them jobs what went wrong and what is wrong killed and raise them they still would he'd just won't do anything I mean from what it sounds to me like you know if you have any initiative. Even the date. They did try as best as you can to help someone who's not willing to even help themselves will soared because you can also throw him out. My god damn Karl I'm okay how quickly their older. Like they're okay well with that yes Floyd you're gonna share fueling this is die homeless guy's Smart you be my kid or not but the thing is he's of age silly to get as as I get about. One album him toppled off. Yeah you know mentally I was in the amount of sidewall brother that's been done figured out there. I always enjoy the easily they're gonna find it's a pretty sweet to category Jeffrey it's always pretty good this one now pretty exciting is pop music is the group's 200. They've got method man bill won't hang base remained what is the Klan yes musical groups 400. Full of every day people sly and that this dome arena but as a family yup musical groups 600. Don't fear them blue oyster what I mean what if colts correct musical rent it conduct. Rap group with Luther Campbell two lives we hear me not what this crew yes. If confidence about him it was a reality that they gave us our rock and roll fantasy bad that this. Earn enough for the company you're up by New York. We found. I don't want yeah. I like the Jeff it's there in the form of a question right it just lake. I've heard I know a lot of love who tinkling and I never heard of makes a late. Of the clay and record what they don't have any car and is the Klan yeah I might tell you what drew my wife and I are definitely. Good I won't play and let us see. But he. I mean we all know nothing Netflix flicked his candidacy kind of funny I was at at them ever been referenced just not clay. Mean unfortunately the clay and kinda occupied been related deaths yes that definitely got me out the CEOs nuclear movie coming out. Used to be just magical family or something. That was the new with the new claim I would say it's an FBI agent is a black dude I can eat. Infiltrate the Clayton Powell how does that happen well then we're goods. Oh so you just shows a Padilla the immense yet I think like on the phone or whatever they tried it. Shares of the black Klansman but he basically he just got and we got to would you talk to the do right he never eat in your black to know that I'm black. So I think it's the hole and I would say this is a true story that he did the same dangers talked all these due to them we would show up you showed up in uniform. A lot of Klansmen are like fully covered by red gloves and everything well to be fair you're not you're not dealing with the intellectual juggernaut there. Well I didn't believe them would be one of the easier than an outsider who has a pretty good I'm injured. Outside a Mickey Mouse who really looks good with white gloves fit in my nose back Ungaro I'm. Not remember it took a noted in particular see him as a 73 years old he takes on those talking taken anymore I must post a very. Yeah. Well maybe that's what happens we got to leave his health and good they stole as news and he's a child he's never gotten over it then defended her never found it again their ball cleared. Made ten the most watched shows in the last TV season it's Tony seventeen when he teen. I can you guess similar shows that people watch the most and CIS. Even nine sports is involved. And CIA and bolt makes the list there miles the Super Bowl. Super Bowls not on here is that I think this is a one off event but NFL Sunday Night Football all he mean that everything late Monday night I think your race. That that that the so clearly. Sunday football is second on the slicks for most watched. First on the list with Big Bang theory Roseanne's in there shed a tear this is us. Young shelled in the good doctor the exact Atlantis is not yet at all and then NFL Thursday night football. And also Thursday night football on NBC. Oh really yeah okay and every time I say no one's watching this and all that stuff barely enough people are and I know the players say that for good reason because of safety concerns and everything else but. Thank god and on the look at those uniforms against this year there's one thing that we can look forward volume like cholera so color Russia's thank god that's gone right let's do things her Thursday night for anything has to do with NFL right. Like you know he silly nobody watches Thursday night football now comparison. Some of that other stuff it doesn't do as well but right now it's still. To greatly they're still highly ranked in new people say their ratings are down again. Yes this is true brag NFL as far as sports leagues was so far ahead everybody else and all evidence serves in a football for a long time there was just only on the NFL network so never had any exposure and. Yeah but the thing it's the way they skew statistics depending on what side of the fence you wanna be on iTunes or Russell crab season like. Jeff measles make so much money right or you could say Jeff bees of man he fell 10% short right the guys were billions now. So the deal that don't like the NFL or the people want to drum up interest mailman you're losing ratings were home maybe but there any good as a if I make 500 million dollars today and tomorrow make 450 million yes I lost fifty million dollars and guess what. I'm still filthy got the camera take on that I know we're in a single file and they are coming to work generally look but I always did not him even more just so from Tennessee than anything else sort of what is that the reserves than I care because I'm curious to find out what. As the Tivo wanna watch it. Penny from me you know I'm a fake to me Thursday proposed a so is college football and used to be yeah. Like I mean for my for my choice and I get home nominal watch one of the games they are probably more than likely still gonna watch college game day is the big east to. Yeah he's the you see all the good stuff Dan you. Let's see if your if you're a news crew. I would say one of the most important things local news national news is too beyond. Yeah on the correct topic for the store. Brad I would go a long way that would go a long way so I Jimmy Fallon it's kind of funny down LA there is a car chase and something when the wrong. They local news station was senses is covering high speed car chase for the accidentally started following the wrong card doesn't realize process. That looks like he's pulling into a driveway here don't know what business that is but it looks like if I get gas station that's up short he has a lot of analog. Wow look at that okay look at this guy my goodness okay well there's dad's feet. He's had a demanding our doing the right car. There is Zach Johnson bill. I mean they're good confusing not bother. But for justice is done. Marina. I know he's got his kids and. And the way that I sit today so when you believe they learn. I had I don't know he had read here it's just strolling into the store piece of crap how he's gonna buy so I remember has been pleasantly. Two ahead of the regular this is not insane and he he he he he at all only in LA and only in LA. And Logan of those helicopters and follow that follow in the chases. OJ. Yeah OJ basically start run on them saying our news about the I'd just like DMZ is like that he started so much yeah. Why I think go 32 in murder and in the law in the world we live in today with with the social media stuff like these newscasts are trying to beat. I just don't think people check enough anymore sure sure coaches we got to get the news out there first this and that it's late. You cut Haifa on TV each other doing nude woman the role I don't honestly there was a high speed chase going on Blair but they just didn't have it all sure I mean that's like saying hey man there's a murder we have witness and then he saw about witnessing a dog they gonna grab in the Wal-Mart parking. Yeah I mean like you just I you've shown this is the guy. Look here and Arum and you know it does get battered car walking into the store. Yeah exactly and met me in the guy and helicopter is just so I Justine in his voice for excuse him. He pompous jackass. All right I don't could. Moment he's done nothing pretty good thank you and I'm pulling me. On odds you evo gash he said to like there's the ID. But Susie by the smoke some blues think they'll block a few times we have brought wasn't as a label it what side hell. Did you at the worst thing would be imaginative play catch UW quit smoking thank you and army and like when everybody. Play like he's like yeah I quit smoking and that he's someone didn't eat. Think he will walk its struggle to buy a pack of smokes. Easily what Nolan was like put on the gloves and it's so cigarette she wouldn't notice another big red is to know that yet try to do all that stuff there. A gamma smoking two. Yeah I still guided held a little pin to. Go to holy actual yeah. So would like hold his cigarettes and you just kind of oh my god don't really idea uh oh yeah well he did he did sales and he had interact every day sorry OK don't smell election out. The Obama signed a multi year deal with that Netflix and again and probably everybody is seen this. You know. I am I gonna produce a diverse mix of content including me you know scripted stuff and unscripted series. Who knows the guy with the president I'm sure they have some ideas and surely you know I'm sure is and I says contrary and you know he's got friends in the entertainment industry so I'm sure they can pretty simple show. But it deadly adversary we get the headlines going oh my god you are listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and Swiss miles. I'll see what's happening in the real world I have an off camera doesn't like base so they take into an appraiser and now they really really really like that face. There are eighteen Wheeler crashes and kill 40000. Pounds of chicken feathers all over the place. Junior all right no thank you cal for pulling over his momma. A high school senior finds great way to get out of that graduation Yani and cable customers says her service Sox it is time for your headlines. It's time they did that. It's beginners might call. Our job guard police. In. Full year risks that Texas received a letter from a ten year old boy thanking him for pulling over his mother. The letter goes on to explain the boy's mother took away his phone which he did not like. Nor does he like that she always bragged about when a good driver she is it just denies him in town. I thought like she's drunk she's on drugs on the user's phone is much longer news. Says take away as and mom won't. Knock her out. That Arafat at. And after he's gonna hate like when he gets on media parent imagine being an end round the energy. In other news in federal way Washington a tractor trailer driving down I five made one heck of a mess. The driver had flawlessly able driving at 3 in the morning and managed to crash his drug dumping his blown up 40000. Pounds of chicken feathers. All of the rough weather is light doesn't lend how many born and learn thousand. How I can't imagine. How many pillows down comforter is a mean president down that's what they look I'm my god. DA has these two finish that's soft turf club down those. And I don't know a lot of the accident caused an eleven mile backup for crews to. Scoop up all that stuff got meanwhile Hemmer all the board naked children chickens that these coordinated guest lieutenant put their kids goaded. I don't think there was any chickens on the track none of you naked chicken the novel is like get donations from horrific they're yeah the naked starving chickens that are dry run they didn't love all of a lot of Julie's they're waiting no no there there another set their negative. And it. We come out Carolina or woman is facing charges that he forced to cable repairman to let her perform oral sex on and she forces she forced him. While waiting for the Kindle much to reset the woman approached repairman took a stand and placed it on her breast. He initially tried her sister but then she forced herself. And all to yourself I'm home and perform oral flags on the man's love is love. My this is terrible no one Gerry these movies. Yeah. This includes more now sign here sign here and. Then we'll just go on our little birdie those are able to then throw. Okay initiative expenditure in the story a crowd and emisphere reported that the police. One and phase him one bit because you really double plays and you was arrested in a while he really did care. I'm really well I'll let you have them. And sucked out really good turnout threat like how do you I didn't believe you don't have a weapon all right. You don't have a web man and a woman says I am going to force myself didn't put a lot of underneath the origin there on my blog announcement. What that tells me is. I didn't think we'd find her attractive but I might well. A mouth to mouth all right because she didn't forces got to don't think we've he stood there and let her do it. Maybe some men don't go to pull the glad he's starting at and then let them make it and Kevin Phillips oh my god we pulled away and doesn't matter who played glad that I do think he's scared nobody wants to touch. You can leave. We do like it lump may have Indiana within this guy and maybe cynical he was an accomplice we have and he's in his own. The fifth the fifth of the fifth with a. A lot of guys smiled then you'll want to grab the page. I'm glad I am wary of the story and other elements like my last thought to myself hey maybe I'll just and so okay. This after I graduate and high school in Missouri it was taken out of the graduation ceremony after he decided to play a more docile frank on the school and they really think that anyone cares about the ceremony to be really did anything that's like well many deep. I mean Oz again like. Don't they realize no one wants to be there in any way shape or fashion ever I don't care what does that made the looking back on and he's no it's not they told me I couldn't go to graduation thing thome didn't have to go I would have been there. I chose not to go and learn to live new app for really who can all look Greg you've put me through my parents are big catch here I was. Pump that graduated high school football college graduate I determined to graduate certainly the ceremony Reynolds won't be done basically they can put the school up for sale on Craig's list. He give the schools are good and after reasonable price of just 121000 dollars and but the school wasn't nearly as amused they deem the franc a friend yeah banned him from the school I was a magnolia. Included major reason for change to be funny and Poland's ability to watch his graduation as soon as you have only and we really again had a three point nine GPA MM I honestly it's a prank can we left Iraq it is not even have got a brand really how you had Lew administrator. Here's a thing of political subtle one about stories I know I'm right I'm lord of the eight year end every headlines that might not in the nation or appreciate or did they senator Ted verses the FCC mad dog we'll bring it tells of the show today and another round profile lists yes indeed all of that is well most of mercurial find out. I until next time please do continue bass and for a leave this thing. It's day. Yeah.