Myles Kennedy 02-12-2018

Monday, February 12th

We welcome Myles Kennedy of ALter


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Ladies and gentlemen haven't haven't Studio One and only Myles Kennedy everybody. How life there. I'm pretty but I don't know I have a collaborative I'm OK okay let me stop abruptly grounded in the right frame per hour. And we give the cup signal a lookup notes did you use on linking applause lights and it was our time but they're a good way I've just as they have been incredible control your audience that's. They're scared of an open door locked from the outside if they know that. What would neutralize your you're a solo artist and we did some deduction as we're thinking you know you've you've been in a lot of different bands and this time around you get the money. And we're happy about that extra money is going to use you have to split it was markers slash league this is the war money more importantly when the ground we show. You're the second person let. Me try on the year and I asked him for slash after you first mammoths you'd. I don't know I don't know I'd I don't know if personally it's the music business is there such thing as money and then. In 2008. Team. Is the name of the store I get the money this time I got them on. Is it cool to that the go out like better is it is or is it a challenge to you because you you play with. Great musicians all the time and you know I'm sure the man's great but he it's it's your stuff if it's the stuff that you wanted to put out as. Is that kind of intimidating and wires some and you really the most important. It's some it's both you know because I'm here and you're kind of walking a tightrope on your own and you don't really electric hiking behind any entity it's like it's your name it's your show your songs and and so. You can deliver delivered I'm by that but at the same time some I've wanted to do for a long Time Warner. Gonna take this approach musically and and it's a different part of my musical teammate and I've you know haven't explored so. Yet it's really exciting to happen in time we'll look. We're not we're not from crap incorporated. Tara. You know it's assault while the sultan who really wanted to and the name of the album as your time. Reluctant when he teams to your adult right first of all notre or in Asia today. Sign it anyway go to a little late we want to let you know that however it will cause your eye of the tiger again and 2035 C of the album. Is a little late or real do or. Well I didn't know that so that's I guess I'll hold this up now you're seeing guys I have up I have to return back. And after the did die you know a lot of the Protestants and about not to do to have been Syria's been a lot of the content on the album is about yet and you've said in a few interviews of the fact that why he isn't around anymore written and and that plays a lot into it is that. It was that tough to go to coconut in perspective on that stuff and bring on dollar was a more. Therapeutic. Well as it was vote. Yeah it was news heavy subject matter not bother. But the reason record is called here the tigers that was a year and he passed away which it's in 74 and it was tough is because it was rather sudden and it was hard on and we obviously but so some years later I decided to. You know how that V. Something to that need to be dealt way through through song and so yes it was real challenging but extremely cathartic and that's the beauty of being. Songwriters you get two can work through your stuff and you know document and hope hopefully people. Other people who are struggling with some can listen to find themselves in the do you nobody siblings. Yes I'm over that idea I have a brother by my by my biological father and a half sister is he. A musician as well. He it's okay you almost and you say this and I'm like you relative of siblings place parent I got music and I got down markets though. They do of the opportunity may resist so your your your sister. From your stepfather is she is seals and cross that. We do research around him I don't know if you know what I. I know she is I know that you know Glenn our arts that bothered that's where I remember when my mom and commitment in my step dad and I was going through his records I was sent then there's the pins. And you know Ivan Guerrero. Some ovaries as a in this diligent my nose over relive what I think you know like dialing girl. We may never have this way again if you heard that you and OK to the world I definitely knew some robberies are you of one of those bands on recognize everything. Newt. He kind of economic isn't it strange Bob Dylan and and I though there are no laws Eleanor any better and we better part of thirteen this is a good one because the and I realized afraid if you seeing an intelligently all the time with the exception of Hulk when. So I'll see Pearl Jam through time to come to realize I don't validity saying now I don't noticing and nobleman truth is that he's at the detriment of the leaders. He really don't think about that small unions see you'll seeing clearly so if you're gonna screw up everyone's gonna know dummy you need to think these things around. It's true but you know I am especially as the years go on it's getting harder and harder to remember lyrics so it you know maybe later produce some Foreman. It's just going to be in your errors at random and I am so we've got to do you do think the teleprompters are coming. There are there they're there yet again as the underdog ago I swim you know like I got to point after like. Or government records have been apart eleven record I'm in. My brain zones and look I'm just admit it I'm not smartest sharpest tool in the shed. OK with that so so there came reports like we're gonna keep change in the songs after networks. Dies you die is that it is the human spirit is well to what songs can be. You know what it is it's like Lee circle training Wales it's like the leader since bear. But it's like she asked in case you come to that. Third verse Munich what was that first word again and for the most part and there. It is I think Susan. On the Kagan is too grand picture backstage Guns 'N Roses and in their rent on the teleprompter is paradise city. And I thought to myself it's paradise it when we know I think we're talking about it but not like is that the disease have a brain damage it's a report that that's really what they're there and you'd be surprised how many guys. That are out. I called Gavin Rossdale screw up the leader secrets. Fred good to let it even that you'd think I would note with this. A we would like to play a little game with you called your guess is as good as mine and miles it's it's an easy game to play basically we give you want to categories and then from there. You pick a category wanna go with you got to get as many right in the same category before three strikes. Are so categories we have free today. And this is just just worked out just not just happened how the sentiments Alter Bridge miles Kennedy's kid records that change violent. Gonna have to got you cornered in the duke as well as you really need to was an interview today Beverly in the U when essentially broke down your favor knows well that they changed your life. Now as more of a fan base here but is Myles Kennedy ten most impressive vocal moment. You might get your feelings hurt and out of that we don't know. You know I would think that maybe some of the song do you think that your Nalen and maybe not according to expand and I don't know where even the way they played a minute I laid it down on zones of the family you know we demand note and certainly in the don't you an eagle at the depend on essential problem here for Myles Kennedy or do you go to go with miles Kennedy's ten most impressive. Vocal moments as Myles Kennedy please George yes it is now with a one out of the sort of money to these as far as he did records that changed my life that would be you. You have a source material the other one is an amalgamation of fans yes I have no idea. I have a better shot trying to remember what I said in. A I've been an essential breaks into your life now on he's ready albums are just just like single. They Spiegel article written record that change you wouldn't be here right now one of these we'll Alcoa and then you're likely to lift the door now it goes up I'm gonna get that aren't trying to act. Oh it when I go attend records that changed miles Kennedy's life. I'd like we play the game as he needs to I guess is many correctly in the category there are ten. Before three strikes your out what do you think one of the album that changed your life according to U. I just happen when that this background music you'd like her about were the mystery of how you know worries it. But you're definitely in our market. That's OK okay. Then no 11 Van Halen bought. That is correct. According to Myles Kennedy had to put on the got a wonderful to fly it right hand healed fast. I turn around and I'll flip phone wow what's that I need to learn how to do. Doorman inaudible about the man to quote I this. Oh wow all right the one problem in your debt as my neither did records that changed miles Kennedy's life. Okay. Chris Whitley dirt floor Chris Whitley and that's a deep weird went but yeah about a number nine I believe at night and it is exactly right. Robert Johnson little delta blues. Get two edited no strikes so far as you know pretty well. She sees better this than about it. OK how about that. Changed your life changed my line and I have had him James you're eleven and Marvin Gaye what's going on Marvin Gaye what's going up. Did draft. According to my helping the white kid from OK okay. We'll talk about the that I could that I can really say that ought to be that's socially aware but those things and record and a time it takes ball. Yeah so you threw for three. It. You don't realize they've had yet. And by you guessed incorrectly that he did get three strikes admitting there seven guesses left on the ten album. That changed miles Kennedy's life. Jeff Buckley hearings. Jeff Buckley race is such an amazing album and the fact that he covered hallelujah on there now. That is my car rag and put them on and on a mound like K did you July and did not change and I know I don't think it vigilant and had OJ lives pass while Kennedy said he didn't she's right according to that Myles Kennedy. Definitely do. And caring you know ones I see anyone I didn't smoke may have actually been saved his life and got re right so far event cable and one from 1978 Marvin gay what's going on and Chris Whitley. Dirty floor from London dealer to floor their floor. If it is incredible two entirely different and I expect. Seven albums left of the pin and two strikes are meant to. Construction. Your head Q and you did. All right I got the roses appetite but I think. Four out of it to instill two strikes are Manning on the ten records that changed your life. Kind of blew miles Davis. And voluminous files in 1959 yet very little on the left donated. Now you're yeah. Three 45 albums remaining you're halfway to home you have to strike for many ups and downs that changed your life personally according do you. Okay how about that ahead. Yeah I want the fans it's a it's a funk band in the our ten million members ten million members I'm gonna say. Earth wind and fire pointed buyer is number ten potential earth wind and fire this is the album I would like my. To be happy party. According to compiled their phone PFL they're horn lines are really into its positive what better way to go. You've got six of the two and there are four remaining on the ten averaging. One is a double album when is double and a well it is. An hour later in its entirety in the last group. Played him since. I think I got it. Mona is that a Florida will. No. Doubt I dinner dancing for you it's Motown but it all okay now it's. Stevie Wonder songs in the key of life that is pretty savvy kicked back. Then on the tenth album fifth mile it like to have inflicted number one album the teacher life according you. The number six yeah. I hadn't and number eight out that they only got three. See you youth just this is actually. I think we are out to them in general analog era definitely if that debt if I'm shocked I have. Steal steal against Asia Sudan Asia number six we were just it. For. All right. One afternoon in the future. Younger when you should give it certainly should get how about. With that said Led Zeppelin four Led Zeppelin or what a monumental and our at all. Hold on that's not good when couples say one of the now Hewitt. Miles and I'd miles Montgomery and we could not rapper we were tracking with everything you have on the loose except this one. The solo artist it's all our news four billion trio. What the light ginger with a solo album there's there's a there's a Hendrix. Hendrix cover on this preacher well. You just gave way to you know them guessing note that this is that. This is nothing like this and I started back you have one. Remain on the fifth at my affinity. My favorite album where you could and you have one strike remaining all time fever or it comes in number one I mean I mean that's just ordered it whether they plea yet in my and that you elect. You relegated to an image is that it's there's a reason is number one. Reasons there's reason I think number it cannot happen when news on this is it's. Englishman. Must. There's the most measurable. Was their mustache. Would during the recording this record or athlete isn't out yet their laws are there out there on my door. Pretty sure a lot of it's hard really sure there's mustache. I'll give you one hits. Man I guess car. Not many or it is certain to be not Morocco with a blog. They'll. From Flores. How does start with a beat. Is what do what do you think. The campaign he's from any football fans all they have the ball Zanzibar early morning says yeah that's it originally from have you ever been this sensible. I'm definitely on the line here. You know answered I fail. It's an. How are so little little hole tonight you know it was between new clean or dry. Ollie. That first record exactly live with the goodness you know being number one and I. It's number one perjury and and I think that was Reagan's most. Now that tells the game there while I gag order and then the ball pretty mercker tonight unity tiger by the way is not out march night. And you'll be in the road and going to the United Kingdom and you can actually hit the United States we do we're doing to it just went on sale offer other parts here as well and always at this time around obviously but no English Canada wanted. You ought to be back to see if it. Absolutely thanks and papers and absolutely.