Article VII - Miscellaneous


Section 1: No man shall give himself a nickname.

Section 2: No woman shall be able to submit a Men’s Room rule.

Section 3: No man should ever leave a shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot when the cart return is less then 30 feet from him. (Dylan H.)

Section 4: Don't leave unnecessary voice mails while sober. (The Men’s Room)

Section 5: No man shall ever throw away extra bacon (Evan in Burlington)

Section 6: No meat shall be microwaved from a raw state except bacon. (Evan in Burlington)

Section 7: Whether gay or straight, the only time a Mens Room Rule can be broken is in order to get some action. (Fritz)

Section 8: No man shall have sex anywhere that isn't easily cleanable/washable while in another mans house. (Nick in Woodinville)

Section 9: If a person is caught violating a Mens Room rule, the next round is on him. (Troy in Tacoma)

Section 10: Always tip the delivery driver. 

Section 11: No man can be a self proclaimed beast/badass. He must gain the title from others who witnessed him doing something beastly. (Rob in Seabeck)

Section 12: If your significant other is a DOUCHE or a BITCH, and you know it. Leave them at home. (Jolly Joe)

Section 13: No man shall loan out another mans property without the owners approval. (Jimmy the produce Guy)

Section 14: No man shall listen to anything other then the Mens Room if The Mens Room is on (Kurts Avenger in Poulsbo)

Section 15: If ever a man has a conversation about another mans satchel, said conversation must be as short and to the point as possible.

Section 16: No curls in the squat rack (Justin from Olympia)

Section 17: If you're going to do something stupid, own it. (Bernie)

Section 18: Skip the "selfie stick" if there is another person nearby to snap the picture. (Nick in Edmonds)

Section 19: Keep the golf umbrella on the golf course. (Ted Smith and Miles Montgomery)

Section 20: When you're done with the shopping cart, put it in the cart corral or walk your lazy ass to the front of the store and put it back (Matt B.)

Section 21: No BBQ place shall serve tofu

Section 22: A man should never make beef and broccoli with ground beef, Mike (Doug)