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Summer Beers Make You Feel Fine

Thee Head Chef Has the Summer Beers You Didn't Know You Needed!

Holaaa! And welcome to porch-sittin', patio-beering and time for soaking up the sun and our favorite suds. Ted's Meat and Potatoes had 5 Summer-forward beers you may not have enjoyed yet, but should be! On the list? Karlovacko Saigon Export Flensburger Pilsner Occidental Brewing's Northwest Pilsner... Read More
Ted outdid the FCC this time!

HOW Did Ted Outdo the FCC in This One?!

Holaaa! As you know, we look forward to tripping up Ted with rhymes and riddles that could fumble even the most cunning linguist. Somehow, Ted pulled off a win last time and we still can't believe it's true! A shocking WIN in the last Ted vs The FCC! - @mensroomlive A post shared by 99.9 KISW (@... Read More
Take the Miles Challenge!

Get In On the Miles Challenge and Show Him Up with Your Air Fryer!

Holaaa! You may have heard Thrill's ongoing worship of the air fryer and all of the foods it can cook to ''perfection''. Despite this, Miles remains skeptical and air-fryerless. Miles has posed a challenge to everyone, saying his oven and grill-pan made foods can top the almight air fryer! Miles'... Read More
Thee Head Chef does breakfast

Thee Head Chef Has Homemade Meat and Potatoes!

Hola! Thee Head Chef gave us the lowdown on quarantine cookin'! We all have our go-to menu items, of course, but what's yours?? Stand by, we believe we've convinced Miles to finally get his own air fryer and give that bad boy a try. Wait for it..... And have some Mens Room Original Red or Gold... Read More
FCC for you and me

Ted vs The FCC Locked in a Win and So Can You!

Holaaa! We're back with another shocking addition to the WIN column for Ted vs The FCC. Our faith in Ted was low on this one, so this shocking finish is one for the books! Ted vs The FCC pulled off a WIN we couldn’t believe! Play a few rounds of #YouvsTheFCC on the Mens Room app at home with family... Read More
Pick a Pizza for your pleasure

Mens Room Poll: Pick Your Personal Pizza!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we played Big Dummy and, more than usual, the name of the game was pretty spot-on. It happens. As we do each and every time we play Big Dummy, we also conduct our scientifically superior Mens Room Poll. Today we went back to the well of Quarantine. We wanted to know which of... Read More
Mangia This

Mens Room Mangia: Dust Off That Instant Pot Already!

Holaaa! And welcome back to Mens Room Mangia. This is a delicious, safe space where we can admit to one another that yes, we've been getting creative in the kitchen. We've also been churning out every possible form of Peanut Butter & Jelly you can imagine. There's balance in the world, after... Read More
Mens Room Red is On Its Way to Your House!

FREE Delivery of Mens Room Original Red Beer!

Holaaaa! We know you're desperate to find some solace in all the recent madness that is COVID-19 and we have just the thing for you! This does, in fact, mean that you can have Mens Room Original Red delivered to your door here in the greater Seattle area and that. is. glorious. Have Mens Room... Read More
Cook Along at Home!

Mens Room Mangia: From Our Kitchens to Yours, Recipes a Plenty!

Holaaa! In the wake of work-from-home and social distancing turned to 11, we present to you: Mens Room Mangia! (That means eat in Italian) Instead of making you read our life story to get to the meat of this recipe, we're jumping right in - 2-4lb pork roast (boneless), 2lbs feeds 2 people for a... Read More