Hawk on Hawk Action: Drafted

May 4, 2017

Hey 12s!

We’ve made it through the draft and it looks like the Seahawks came out on the other side shinning bright! Let’s dive right into it and break this down

Offensive Line

FINALLY! We’ve been saying this forever! The Seahawks offensive line needs a little juice. Now it’s arguable that some fresh meat on the line may do more harm than good, but these aren’t the only 2 additions we’ve got in that department. Nevertheless, we’ve pickd up LSU center Ethan Pocic and Mississippi State Tackle Justin Senior! These are a pair of sought after linemen that racked up some great stats in their college days. Can’t wait to see these guys develop.

Offensive Playmakers

Carrol and Schneider are seriously beefing up our tools behind the line. On top of all the agents that were scooped up by the Hawks, the boys grabbed wide receivers Amara Darboh and David Moore as well as running back Christopher Carson. Darboh’s stats for receiving have been doing nothing but increasing over the last 3 years, averaging 15 yards a catch. As far as the other two, I couldn’t lock down any solid numbers, but I like that we’ve got a full arsenal of men behind the line that we can continue to confuse teams with.

Defensive line

It’s pretty clear; Carrol and Schneider focused a lot of attention on the defense during the draft. Starting their picks with the line, and flooding the roster with safety picks, that we’ll cover in a moment. For now, we’ve got Tackles, Malik McDowell, who was our first pick, and Nazair Jones. Not sure how much work we needed at defensive tackle, but we may be seeing more sacks in this next season if this plays out

Mike Carter/USA Today Sports images

Behind the line

As well as the 2 tackles, we’ve got a new back in Shaquill Griffin That will respond well with the top notch mentors he will have with us, as well as a slew of Safetys to choose from. I hope these don’t come as a response to Earl Thomas announcing that he had considered retirement, he’s a great safety that said that in the heat of the moment and he still has a few good years left with us. But he and Kam are starting to get banged up and we’ll need some good quality backups for them, which I think we will see in Delano Hill, Tedric Thompson, and Mike Tyson (heh heh).

Ron Chenoy/USA Today Sports Images

All in all, I like what I’m seeing and can’t wait to see how these boys develop on the field this season. Hopefully we’ll see some great things to come.  That’s all I’ve got for you this week gang! We’ll cover a couple of the latest signings that they boys have made next week! With that……Mike Hawk is OUT!