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March 17, 2020


The world is closed...with the exception of a smattering of local restaurants and services. They're struggling...we all are to some degree... but their industry is getting compressed into a black hole.

One of the contributing factors...aside from Covid-19 ITSELF...is that most of the general public isn't aware that a lot of these places are open. Now, wer'e doing what we can to help alleviate that. We had business owners call and let everyone know that they're open, what they provide, hours of operation, etc.   

We have a loud bullhorn and wanted you to use it to, hopefully, generate some business and maybe, just maybe, help save some of these places and people's livelihoods. That's the goal. Plain. And. Simple.

We...and by "we", I mean poor, poor Robin, has been very diligently sifting through the literally HUNDREDS of places making themselves known. It's been pretty incredible, actually. Even more incredible? We're getting numerous reports that Door Dash does, in fact, deliver alcohol. All hail Door Dash!

We truly had no idea SO many places are still in operation. Honestly, if you want take out or delivery, it seems that you are in luck!  

*For delivery, check services like Caviar, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Postmates, Door Dash and more. They all seem to offer a variety and various restaurants, so know that if you don't see your favorite on one, it could be on another*

Check out the list:


2121 Pub in Tacoma - take out

AA Sushi - Juanita - delivery and take out

Aceituno's Mexican Food - Spanaway - take out, drive-thru

Acropolis - Everett - take out

AFK Tavern - Everett - take out, delivery

Aladdin Gyro-cery - take out

Alaska Silk Pie Company - Seattle - delivery

Ale House Pub & Eatery - Tacoma - take out

Alfy's Pizza - Granite Falls - delivery

Amicii Italian in Graham has take out options

Andaluz Restaurant - Quincy Valley - take out

Anglea's Restaurant - Tacoma - take out

Asian Teriyaki - Tacoma - take out

Aurora Borealis - Shoreline - take out

Bambu - Seattle - Door Dash, Postmats, Grub Hub

Bed Head Coffee - West Seattle - take out

Ben Paris - Seattle - take out

Bent Bine Brewery - Belfair - growler fills

Beth's Cafe - take out

Beveridge Place Pub - West Seattle - take out, growler fills

Big Fish Grill - take out

Big Time Brewery - U District - take out, growlers

Bigfoot Java - Tacoma - take out

Billy's Cafe - Burlington - take out, delivery

Black Bottle Gastrotavern - take out and Door Dash

Black Feet Brewery - Tacoma - crowlers to go

Black Ring Spirits - Port Orchard - delivery

Black Star Pub & Grill - Tacoma - take out

Blazing Bagels - take out

Blazing Onion - Gig Harbor - take out, Door Dash, Postmates, Uber Eats

Blue Agave Mexican Grill - Gig Harbor - take out

Bluewater Distilling - Everett - delivery

Bob's Burgers & Brew - Tulalip, Burlington - take out

Bok a Bok Fried Chicken - delivery

Bon Bon Candies - Bainbridge Island - free shipping

Bread and Bone - Bellevue - delivery - (meal delivery, Hello@BreadandBone.net)

Brian Carter Cellars - Woodinville - drive-by wine pickup

Briley's BBQ & Grilll - Lake Forest Park - take out

Bruno's - Eaonville - take out

Bubba's Roadhouse Cafe - Sultan - take out, delivery

Buddha Brudda - delivery and take out

Buddha Ruksa - take out

Buffalo Wild Wings - take out, delivery

Burger Claim & More - Belfair - take out

Burger Planet Food Truck

Calozzi's Cheesesteaks - Seattle - take out

Camperos Restaurant - Brewster - take out

Can Am Pizza - Bothell, Millcreek - delivery

Cactus Restaurants - take out, delivery

Carnation Cafe - take out

Casey's Bar and Grill - Belfair - take out

Chainline Brewing Company - Kirkland - take out, growlers to go

Charlie's Restaurant and Lounge - Puyallup - take out

Citron - Spanaway, Tacoma - take out, Door Dash

Cold Stone Creamery - Covington - take out

Cooper Point Public House in Olympia - take out

Copperleaf Restaurant at Cedarbrook Lodge - Seatac - take out

Cougar Mountain Cookies - online orders

Country Burger - Arlington - drive thru

Country Cousin - Centralia - take out

Courtyard Cafe in Port Townsend - take out

Crabtree Kitchen and Bar - Poulsbo - delivery or take out

Crazy Tacos - Spanaway - take out

Cristiano's - Marysville - take out

Crows Nest - Montesano - take out

Crucible Brewing - Everett - delivery

Cutter's Point Coffee - Gig Harbor - take out

Da Tiki Hut - Tacoma - take out, delivery

Doofer's Bar and Grill - East Renton - take out, delivery

Dough Zone Dumpling House - take out, delivery

Eagan's - take out

Egghole - Kent - take out

El Chupacabra - Greenwood Ave. - take out

El Parasio - Everett - take out

El Toreador Mexican Restaurant - Redmond - take out

Emerald City Smoothie - Gig Harbor - Door Dash

Esquim Wine and Spirits - 1/2 hour delivery with Drizly

Essence Lounge - Tacoma - take out

Ezell's Chicken - take out, Door Dash

Farelli's - Fredrickson, Puyallup - Door Dash

Farm's Ready - Chimacum - drive thru

FOB Poke Bar - delivery

Forever Sushi - Puyallup - take out

Four Generals Brewing - Renton - growlers, kegs to go

Fremont Norm's Eatery and Ale House - delivery

Fremont Taste of India - delivery

Fujiyama's Japanese Steak House in Silverdale - take out

Geaux Brewing - Auburn - take out

Green Valley Meats - Auburn - delivery, order online

Hearth Restaurant - Kirckland - delivery, take out

Hob Nob in Tacoma - take out

Hole in the Wall BBQ - Seattle - Door Dash, Grub Hub

Homegrown - delivery

Homestead in Tacoma offering take out

Idle Hour - take out

Il Paesano Restorante Italiano - North Bend - take out

Infusion - Snoqualmie - take out

Island Cafe - Oak Harbor - Chownow.com

Ivar's Fish and Chips - take out, Door Dash, Uber Eats

Ixtapa in Clearview - take out

Jaks - take out

JayBerry's Cafe in Renton - take out or Uber Eats

JB Bungalow - Kirkland - take out

Jellyfish Brewing - Georgetown - take out, growler pick up

Jeno's Restaurant - take out

Jim Bob's Chuckwagon - McKenna - take out

Jimmy's on Broadway - take out, growlers to go

Jimmy Peppers - Everett - take out, food truck

JImmy's Pizza & Pasta - Stanwood - take out

Joe's Wood Fired Pizza - Whidbey Island - take out

Joeseppi's in Tacoma - take out, Uber Eats and Postmates

Johnnyboy's BBQ - take out

Kami Teriyaki - Snohomish - take out, Door Dash

Kate's Pub - take out

Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern - Tacoma - take out

Katina's Kitchen - Seattle - take out

Kauai Family Restaurant - Seattle - take out

Kin Ken Thai Night Bites - Fremont - delivery

Kizuki Ramen locations - take out

KKO KKO Place - Lakewood - Uber Eats and take out

Krungthep Thai Cuisine - Burien - Grub Hub

L&R Cafe - take out

Lake Forest Bar and Grill - take out, Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub

Lect's Soup Stop - Georgeotown - take out

Legendary Doughnuts - Uber Eats, take out

Lele's Restaurant - Gig Harbor - take out

Lifeline Espresso - Kirkland - take out, 1/2 off for all medical staff

Little Si - North Bend - take out

Lost Woods Brewery - Bonney Lake - growlers to go

Luke's donuts - Puyallup - take out

Macky's Dim Sum & BBQ - Issaquah - take out

Madras Kitchen in Lower Queen Anne - take out or delivery

Mae Ploy Thai Restaurant - order from site for free delivery

Malicious Woman Coffee Company - online orders, take out

Marcia's Silver Spoon Cafe - Tacoma - take out

Marco Polo - Georgetown - take out

Matador - TAcoma, Ballard, W. Seattle, Redmond - delivery

Maxi's Chinese - Marysville - take out

Meals on Wheels - available

Mercury Coffee Co. in Woodinville - take out

Mike's Chili Parlor - Seattle - take out

Miso - Lacey - take out

Moshi Moshi - Tacoma - Door Dash, Uber Eats

Mr. Lu's Seafood & Burgers - U District - delivery

Mrs. Turner's - Puyallup - take out

Musashis - Wallingford - take out

Muscle Maker Grill - Puyallup - Grub Hub

Mustardseed Grill & Pub - Bellevue - take out, growlers to go

Nashville's Sports Bar - Kent - take out

Nick's Grill in Kirkland - take out

Noble Barton - White Center - take out

Noble Palace - Marysville - take out

Noren Sushi - delivery

Oddfellas - Auburn - growlers to go

Old School Pizza - Olympia - take out

Otter Bar and Burger (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, take out and offering 1/2 off the kids' menu)

Pac Island Grill - Federal Way - take out

Packer's Kitchen & Bar at Semiahmoo Resort - take out

Pagliacci Pizza - take out, delivery

Paisano's Carnacerita - White Center - take out

Papa's Mexican Grill - Lake St4evens - take out

Peaks & Pints - Tacoma - take out, growlers fills

Pecado Bueno - delivery

Pecos Pit - West Seattle - take out and delivery

Pellegrino's Italian Kitchen - Tumwater - Uber Eats

Petra Mediterranean Bistro - delivery

Pho Than - Ballard - take out

Pickles Deli on Whidbey Island - take out

Pigfish Cafe - Burien - take out and Door Dash

Piroshky Piroshky - delivery

Pizza Addict - Renton - Door Dash

Pizza Bank - Kingsgate - delivery

Pizza Coop - Woodinville - delivery

Pizzeria Fondi - Gig Harbor - take out

Pomadoro Italian - take out, Postmates, Uber Eats

Portage Bay Cafe - Seattle - take out, Grub Hub, Caviar, Postmates

Postdoc Brewing Company - Redmond - growlers and beer to go

Puyallup Pizza Time - delivery

Red Robin - Bothell - take out, Door Dash

Red's Wine Bar - Kent - Uber Eats

Retro Restaurant and Lounge - Seattle - take out

Reuben's Brews - growler pick up

Rich's Tacos - take out

Ricky J's - Fredrickson - take out

Riley's Kitchen - Tacoma - take out

Ristorante Machiavelli - Seattle - take out

Rivers Edge Cafe - Sumner - Door Dash, take out

Rocket Taco - Capitol Hill - take out

Robin Hood Pizza - Bonney Lake, Auburn - delivery, take out

Romeo's Pizza Kitchen - Edmonds - delivery

Rom Mai Thai - Capitol Hill - delivery

Roti Cuisine of India - Queen Anne - delivery

Round Table in Puyallup and Bonney Lake - take out and growlers to go!

Roving Chef - home cook - 985.789.9484

Royal India in Kirkland - take out or Door Dash, Uber Eats and Grub Hub

Sage Bistro & Cafe - take out

Salt and Iron - Edmonds - take out

San Carlos - Bainbridge Island - take out, delivery

Sand Point Grill - U District - take out, delivery

Sarkall's Donuts and Noodle Soup - Burlington - drive-thru, take out

Savage Moose Sports Pub - Kenmore - Grub Hub

Scalehouse Cafe - take out

Scuttlebutt Family Pub - Everett - take out

Secret Cove - Anacortes - take out

Senor Moose - Ballard - take out

Shari's - Kirkland - Door Dash, Uber Eats

Shari's - Tacoma - take out, Door Dash

Sip Wine Bar - Issaquah - take out

Sirens - Bremerton - take out

Skylark Cafe & Club - West Seattle - take out

Slice of Life - Tacoma - Door Dash, take out

Slippery Pig - Poulsbo - growler fills, delivery

Smoke and Shine - Kirkland - take out

Smokey Point Bakery & Cafe - Arlington - delivery

Snohomish Bakery - take out

South Bay Pub - Olympia - take out, growlers

Stanley and Seaforts in Tacoma - take out

Star Lake Inn - take out

Stink Cheese and Meat - Tacoma - take out

Stoup Brewing - growler pick up

Taco Time - drive thrus open

Tami's - Tacoma - take out, Grub Hub, Door Dash

Tedesco's Italian Fresh - Sequim - delivery

Thai-ger Room - take out

Thaiku - Seattle - take out

Thai Thani Kitchen - South Lake Union - delivery

The 5Spot - Queen Anne - take out, delivery

The Baked Cafe - Camano Island - delivery

The Box & Burgers Eatery in Kirkland - take out or delivery

The Brewmaster's Taproom - Renton - take out

The Brick Deli - take out

The Bryant Corner Cafe - Seattle - take out

The Buttered Biscuit - Sumner - take out

The Church Cantina - Tacoma - take out

The Cove - Lynnwood - take out

The Dahlia Bakery - Seattle - take out, Caviar, Chow Now

The Dane - Seattle - Door Dash

The Guest House - Kenmore - take out

The Islander Restaurant - Mercer Island - take out

The Lime - Kirkland - take out, delivery

The Lockspot in Ballard (take out)

The Lost Dutchman - Maple Valley - take out and Door Dash

The Mariner Cafe - Sequim - delivery

The Mill Steakhouse and Spirits - Milton - take out

The Port Taco Truck and Bar - Lacey

The Repp - Snohomish - 15% off take out

The Rhodes River Ranch - Arlington - take out

The Ridgecrest Public House - Shoreline - hosting food trucks*

The Roy Tavern - take out

The Swinery in West Seattle - take out

The Viking Lounge - Lacey - take out

The Warthog - Fife - take out

The Woodshed - Belfair - take out

Thirsty Hop - Kirkland - growlers to go, take out

This & That Catering - order online

Tijuana's Restaurant - take out

Timber Monster Brewing - Sultan - take out

Ting Tong Thai Cafe - Kent - Door Dash, Uber Eats

Tizley's Europub - Poulsbo - growlers, take out

Topside Bar and Grill in Steilacoom - take out

Toulouse Petit - take out

Trail Ends Taphouse - Snohomish - take out, delivery, growler fills

Trappers Sushi - take out

Tres Hermanos - Marysville - take out

Triplhorn Brewing - Woodinville - growlers, kegs, gift cards

Trotters - Auburn - take out, Door Dash

Tuscan Stone Pizza - take out

Twede's Cafe - Snoqualmie - take out

Twins Asian Bistro - Kingsgate - Door Dash or Grub Hub

Two Beers Brewing Company - SODO - take out, growler fills

Umi Sake House - take out and Caviar delivery

Uptown China - lower Queen Anne - take out

Urban Coffee Lounge - Kirkland - take out

Urban Family Brewing Company - growler fills

Vivi Pizzeria - Woodinville - delivery

Voula's Offshore Cafe - take out

West Seattle Brewing - growler fills

Westside Pizza - take out, delivery

Wingman Brewers - take out, growlers

Wood, Wine and Whimsy - Buckley - take out, growler fills

Xian Noodles - take out

Young's Restaurant - White Center - take out, gift cards

Zippy's Burgers - White Center - Door Dash




And miscellaneous businesses other than food? Oh yeah, we got you there too...

Alki Mail and Dispatch

Beauregards Cleaning and Removal LLC

Blackened Hammer - custom metal fabrication

Bosch Electric

Cellar Homebrew - Greenwood Ave

Cutters Crabhouse - take out

Design N Signs - Rainier, WA

ECHO Project Management

Economy Fence

Fingers Duke Design Studio & Screen Printing 

Glass Doctor

GP Automotive - Everett

Graafstra Construction

GRC Prime Bath Renovations

Harbor Cleaning Services - Gig Harbor

Harbor Flags - wooden American flags

Heating and Cooling NW

Hippie Hounds Dog Grooming

Home Health Agency - Lakewood

Home Instead Senior Care

HoodSport n Dive

Ignite Local

Jafco Sewer Repair

John's Finish Line - Yelm

Kitsap Optical

Lice Girls - Lakewood, Silverdale

Los Galivanes Grocery - Everett

M4 Construction

Mac's Flooring

Mary Jane's House of Glass

McLendon Hardware

Mobile Grooming

Movile PC Upgrades

My Big Sister's Shoes Boutique - Sumner - shipping available

Nelson Motorsports

Northwest Automotive

P & D Logging and Tree Service

Pangea Gardenscapes LLC

Pike Place Market - pick up orders, online orders of your favorite shops

Quincy Public Market

Ranaway Diesel and Auto - Duvall

Reclamation Candle Comapny

Robblees Total Security - Tacoma

Sam's Cats and Dogs, Naturally - Monroe

Schwans Food Delivery

Senior Helpers of Olympia

Simply Flawless Skin & Beauty - Monroe - gift cards!

Sound Auto Care - Seatac, Burien

Specialty Metals - Kent

The Beer Essentials - Lakewood

The King of Clean - Enumclaw

Too Easy Detailing 

Tri-County Construction

U Name It Services

Underwater Sports

Valley Liquidation in Tacoma

Village Autocare - U VIllage

Walk Wasted Dog Walking

Wellspring Home Health - Lakewood

Winslow Salon - Kirkland - gift cards!




Please email us if your business isn't listed, we'd love to get the word out on your behalf!

Email us directly: Themensroom@Mensroomlive.com

Take care of each other and stay safe!




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