YOU Can Take on the FCC at Home!

Play Along with Ted vs The FCC at Home!

March 16, 2020
Beat the rhymes yourself!


Another round of Ted vs The FCC stacked another in the win column last time, but could YOU outdo Ted's record? You have the chance!

Download The Mens Room app and play You vs The FCC while you're working from home, waiting for the kids to knock out homework or just kicking back waiting for normalcy to return. We got you!


Ted vs The FCC kicked the shandy out of that rhyme! Give the game a turn or three on The Mens Room app now, your cabin fever depends on it! #YouvsTheFCC

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If you are cooped up and decided to play a round, we'd love to see the video proof that you beat Ted. A little competition to distract us is welcome, so bring it on!



And listen LIVE 2-6p PST on the app!