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Choose carefully!

Which One of These Could You Explain Away?

Hola Bitcholas, Today was 'Big Dummy' day and it lived up to its name when we talked to a particular contestant named Tetra. Bless her sock, but DAYYYY-YUM! ‚ÄčAh, but today is also the day we conduct our Mens Room Poll. As always, we asked a question of critical importance and most CERTAINLY a... Read More
Some kind of WIN in Ted vs the FCC

A WIN in Ted vs The FCC to Start the Year!

Holaaa! We jumped into the new year with some hope to stump Ted in Ted vs the FCC, but no dice! He pulled an unlikely W last time and you can witness the close call here - Kicking off the year with a W! And you can play a round or three on the Mens Room app too - look for #YouvsTheFCC! A post... Read More

Upgrade Your New Year!

Hola Bitcholas, Today was Big Dummy day, so, as we do, we conducted a very scientific Mens Room Poll. It's a new year, so, today, we presented you the opportunity to start new. Pick one of the following to replace: New Job New significant other New car or New family? As always, pick wisely. Until... Read More
Sugar coated

Coats for Kids, You Can!

Hola Bitcholas, It's a new year so I'm gonna start the year like a decent human being. In this Now that I have kids, I actually like them..I know. I also believe we should do all we can to make their lives good and healthy before they grow old and grizzled like the rest of us. That... Read More

2019's Best of Ted vs The FCC

Hola, bitcholas!! As a gift to you and yours, we've compiled some of the most outstanding moments in Ted vs The FCC from 2019. Keep your submissions coming for rhymes and riddles and we'll be looking forward to another decade of near misses! You can play You vs The FCC on the Mens Room app with the... Read More
What's a bough of holly?

Episode 8, Nothing Short of Great!

Hola Bitcholas, If you're a regular reader of this blog then perhaps you've asked yourself, "Where has the blog been the last few days?" The answer is that the blog has been buried...deep in that place where I forget stuff. Totally spaced. I forget a lot of things in general. People often claim it'... Read More
Choose Wisely

Which One Would You Wipe Off the Calendar?

Hola Bitcholas, Big Dummy day today and it was a fairly 'off the rails' kinda show. We prefer that. Mild chaos is our collective life-spice. Anyway, as we do every Thursday, we conducted a a Mens Room Poll. Today we gave you the opportunity to be done celebrating one of the following: Christmas... Read More

The Craziest Thing That Happened at Work?

Hola Bitcholas, Helluva day today. Quick side note; 'helluva' is recognized as an actual word by my computer. My computer corrects me all the time. It's almost like I can't spell or something, but I tell myself that my computer is just an a**hole. Ah, but today's show was just dark. It wasn't bad,... Read More

Welcome to Mens Room Black Season!

Hola Bitcholas, We have our own beers, Men's Room Red and Mens Room Gold. They're both available year-round, but we also have our seasonal brew. For many years now we've released around now and it's called Mens Room Black. Maybe you knew of it, maybe you didn't, but now you do. And if you like beer... Read More
Bermuda WHYangle

The Real Deal with the Bermuda Triangle

Hola Bitcholas, Today was our Random Question Question, where we ask each caller a different question. One of those questions was something about 'the longest trip you've ever taken?'. Well, not so much the 'trip' itself, but how long it took to travel to your destination. It reminded me of the... Read More