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The Kids Need the TRUTH!

Hola Bitcholas, Up until I had kids I was never good around kids. They just don't make sense and they have too many questions and all that. Now I HAVE kids and they confirm that children are, in fact, nonsensical and inquisitive. But I like them. Anyway, I have those moments where I just have to be... Read More

Excited to get LIVE DAY On With YOU!

Hola Bitcholas,​ Live Day is coming. I know you've told me this already. I get it. Just understand that we're excited about it. The crazy thing about Live Day is that this particular event is the envy of many other radio stations. Seriously. As we approach the date, we get requests from other folks... Read More

Mens Room Poll Yourself

Hola Bitcholas, Today was Big Dummy day so, as we do, we conducted a Mens Room Poll. Today we presented you the glorious opportunity to be a spokesperson for one of the following products: RID...for lice and crabs Valtrex...for cold sores but really herpes Vagisil...infections of the most private... Read More

We're Doin' It LIVE!

Hola Bicholas, Live Day was announced today! If you don't know what Live Day is...well, you're uninformed savage...but I'm not here to judge. Live Day is a day where we, and the morning show (BJ and Migs) perform our entire shows live. I know what you're thinking; Thrill, you are a sexy mother**ker... Read More

Ooh-Ooh, That Smell

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked the simple question, "Who dealt it and who smelt it?" Not a sophisticated question but a really easy one, as everybody farts...and everyone has done so in a not-so-convenient space-time. Whatever your political leanings, religion, ethnicity or income level, farting at... Read More

Meeting for Meat Would Be Better. A Meat-Meet, If You Will

Hola Bicholas, I'm not a big fan of 'meetings'. Most people aren't, but UN-like most people I'm exceptionally vocal about things I hate; meetings, vegetables, New England Patriots, the length of the traffic light at the top of my street...the list goes on. Anyway, this particular week is rapidly... Read More

Which Could You Do Without?

Hola Bitcholas, Big Dummy day today and lived it up to it's name! Soooo...thank you? At any rate, Big Dummy day is the day of the mighty Mens Room Poll! Today we wanted you to cut one thing out of your life for the rest of your days...but it was your choice. Which could you give up easiest: Your... Read More

How did you get THAT?

Hola Bicholas, Today we asked 'how did you get that horrible thing you got?' as in a disease or other affliction. Multiple headlines contributed to us asking but man, oh man. The stories we heard today from you, our beloved listener, were f**king crazy. This is what I figured out; I do not want... Read More

Yes, It's Too Early for These Sit and Spin Songs

Hola Bitcholas, Today on 'Sit and Spin', Ryan Castle brought us "10 Unnecessary Christmas Songs". Sure, it's only September 17th, but the 'holiday season' seems to encroach on Labor Day a little more each year. I can't explain it but Christmas, it seems, knows no bounds. Some of the bigger... Read More

Thank You for Making Redfestival a Party!

Hola Bicholas, Holy hell, Saturday, Redfestival was f**king awesome! It really was. The vibe was spectacular, so thank you if you were there. And I wanna be clear; everyone kept thanking US! We just threw a party. You showed up and made it awesome, so thank you! Until tomorrow, do what you do best... Read More