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Meat and Potatoes and Chicken and Doughnuts

Ted's Meat and Potatoes Served Up the Colonel's Latest Creation!

Thee Head Chef has the chicken doughnut sandwich we didn't know we needed!
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Be a mensch, pick your stench

Can You Smell That Unwell Smell?

This Mens Room Poll wants to know which you'd give a go!
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Poppyseed Muffins and Bagels Are About to Ruin Your UA

The Mens Room Poppyseed Challenge Results Are In!

Welcome to the Mens Room Poppyseed Challenge Results!
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Choose Your Hobby Wisely

What Would You Try If There Were No Consequences?

The Mens Room Poll wants to know how you'd party if there were NO repercussions!
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XFL and the Mens Room Meat Meet

The Seattle Dragons Host the Best Meat Meet!

The Seattle Dragons can host your next meat meet and Mens Room Original Sausage is on the menu!
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Choose your chomp!

Chomp on ONE of These!

You have to discover ONE in your food as you chew, which way you going?
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Take On The FCC Like Ted!

The FCC won this round!
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This poll dance is different

But Which Bothers You LEAST?

Which would you rather?
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Down with the FCC!

Another Shocking Win in Ted vs The FCC

The FCC was more bark than bite last time!
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What got YOU in trouble?

That Time You Got Arrested

What got you arrested?
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