Bathroom Chicken, Anyone?

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked about your bathroom story. Not the usual story of pooping or puking or rummaging through other people's medicine cabinets to see if they have anything worth stealing. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, the story that inspired us comes to us courtesy of (drop-dead gorgeous...
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Be Gone, Bodily Demons!

Hola Bitcholas, How was the weekend? I think I spent most of mine on the toilet. OK, that's an overstatement but there was a point yesterday where I 'visited' the toilet 5 times in 30 minutes.​ It was impressive and disturbing all at once. I'm not sure if I'm getting sick, got sick or was expunging...
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WHY?!: Bathrooms

Hola Bitcholas, We talked about 'bathroom stories' today. Conversation often deviated to bathroom cleanliness (or lack thereof). Why is the floor always wet? Why do people forget to flush toilets? Why is there always so much f**king pubic hair on toilet seats? Why do people think it's OK to wipe...
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