How did you let that happen multiple times?

What Happened Multiple Times?

What happened more than once?!
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The Robots Are Winning

Hola Bitcholas, Let me start by saying that this computer I'm currently typing on is a c*cks+cker. Yup. I don't say this idly. And, frankly, I'd prefer to like this computer, but like that irresponsible cousin you have somewhere in your family who borrows money, the computer did me dirty. I'd typed...
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Unhidden Talents!

Hola Bitcholas, Who knows how much truth there is to this woman's statement, but there's a story circulating about an escort in Everett, Washington who put two bullets into a John's head. The reason she gave was that he was so bad at oral sex that she shot him. Seriously. Again, don't know if that'...
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