Share the Dumbest Way You Hurt Yourself

Hola Bitcholas, On yesterday's show, our very own Thee Ted Smith shared the very personal story of an extended family member who took their own life...with a BB GUN. And yes, exactly what you picture is how he did it...again, with a BB GUN. Not to be outdone, a woman in England died in a most...
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You Are the Trainwreck We Can't Look Away From!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we made the fatal error of asking, "What was the medical emergency?" Things went horribly wrong pretty quickly. First caller regaled us with a lovely story of the time he broke his PENIS. It was fascinating and terrifying all at once. It was hard to listen too, but you kept...
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Hummingbird Assault!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked ''What made you say 'I didn't expect to see that'?" There were a host of stories that inspired the question, but the answer I remember most involved a guy on a motorcycle. The caller who told the story was not the rider in question, but he witnessed this at a gas...
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