Air Fry your cares away

The Air Fryer is the Hero of the Stay at Home Lifestyle

Get an Air Fryer and Restore Your Sanity While Staying Home!
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Beat the rhymes yourself!

YOU Can Take on the FCC at Home!

Play You vs The FCC while you're home!
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Take On The FCC Like Ted!

The FCC won this round!
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Live Day Relived!

Basking in That Live Day Glow

ICYMI: The Barbershop Quartet shined on Live Day!
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Ask the Mens Room - Live Day Edition!

Ask us Anything! But send those questions NOW!
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Hiccup Up and Away!

On the hiccup and up
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Live In One of These Situations for 5 Years!

Choose wisely!
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Forget That Secret I Forgot to Tell

Forget this secret
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99.9 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

99.9 Bottles of beer on the wall
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What About the First Time You Saw Skin?

When was your first peek?
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