Sit and Spin: Another Top 10 Mashups!

We had another Top 10 Mashups on Sit and Spin this week and due to high demand, here's the full list! Children of the Grave – Get Ready Video of The Temptations and Black Sabbath - "Get Ready for the Grave" Shape of You – Down with the Sickness Video of Shape of the Sickness - Ed...
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Sit and Spin Had Another Round of Mash-Ups!

Hola Bitcholas, You look great today. No seriously, I mean it. "Sit and Spin" today covered one of favorite categories of music..."Mash- Ups". Can't explain it, but 'mash-ups' (generally) make me happy. Maybe it's the musician in me...or maybe I just like it. Anyway, today's was pretty awesome, or...
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Sit and Spin: Mashed Up Again!

Combine apples with oranges and you get delicious fruit salad. Combine Metallica with Stevie Wonder and you get internet gold. Sit and Spin returns to the mash up well this week. It’s deep and the water is great. Jump in! Billy Jean on the Storm Sad but Superstitious Super Jumper Rolling with the...
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