Choose carefully!

Which One of These Could You Explain Away?

The Mens Room Poll puts you between a rock and a harsh reality
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Upgrade Your New Year!

New year, new...which one?
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Choose Your Awkward Cinema!

Which could you sit through?
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The Mens Room Poll Goes to Hygiene!

The Mens Room Poll stinks this week!
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Have You Done the Duty?

Hola Bitcholas, We had a discussion about jury duty today. No one loves it, but we wondered which would be the better scenario: average, boring 2 weeks or a 'crime of the century' type trial (like OJ) for 7 months? Initially, I thought I'd prefer the 7-month-spectacle. I figure it's interesting at...
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You Had the ONE Job!

Hola Bitcholas, Today's Question of the Day was, "Who really messed up?" The Question was inspired by a story out of India. The Indian Navy proudly launched the country's first-ever nuclear submarine. The $2.9 billion dollar vehicle launched from harbor to much fanfare. And promptly sank. Sure,...
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Choose Which to Lose!

Hola, bitcholas! It was Big Dummy day today and with Big Dummy comes the Mens Room Poll. The Mens Room Poll (I'm sure you already know) rivals Pew and Gallup for accuracy and the importance of what is asked. As proof, here was today's poll: Which would you give up : One HAND One FOOT One EYE All of...
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