Artsy, Fartsy, PAIN and a Party!

Hola Bitcholas, Full disclosure, I totally forgot about doing a blog. We've been far too distracted by the massive reveal of Pain in the Grass! That said, I'll take this opportunity to ask for artists. I'm working on a 'thing' with a few other guys and it involves visual art. That's all I can tell...
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Pulling Your Muscle Again?

Hola Bitcholas, Question; how do you pull a muscle in your back by sitting in a chair? I ask this question because I'm sitting here doing the show, leaned over to adjust my microphone and, somehow, I just pulled a muscle in my back. WTF?!? That's all I've got today. Ouch. Until tomorrow, Ca-Caw and...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Bows to General Ow

Hola, I forgot to do the blog today. Yeah, got sidetracked with, well, the show!!! It happens every-so-often. I know what you're thinking; "YOU were distracted BY the show?!? We couldn't tell because you sucked as bad today as any other day!" I know this. I'm only saying that I was distracted, not...
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Here are some people that could use your help. Last month, someone in Skagit county was arrested on a count of Arson after he allegedly set fire to a home. Because of that fire, the family inside were put in the hospital with severe trauma and worst of all, lost the lives of their 2 daughters. On...
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