Pick a Pizza for your pleasure

Mens Room Poll: Pick Your Personal Pizza!

Mens Room Poll Takes on your stay-at-home pizza choices!
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What got YOU in trouble?

That Time You Got Arrested

What got you arrested?
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Poll It UP

Choose the TV Titan!

Which of these would appease your TVs?
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Choose That Outfit Carefully

Good Luck Explaining This Outfit At Your Family Reunion!

You have to wear ONE of these for a year. Good luck explaining this new wardrobe at Thanksgiving!
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Back to Tell More of the Greatest Story

Back and ready to drop!
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Welcome to the Greatest Story Never Told!

New, shiny toy for your ears here!
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Which Pod Would You Eat?

Hola Bitcholas, Today was 'Big Dummy' day so another Mens Room Poll was put forth. We conducted some 'show research' today with regards to podcasting. We get a lot of request for elements of the show, so why not put it in a podcast? We asked - "Which segment of the show should we put into a binge-...
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