Try Not to Admit Your Crime On the Air!

Hola Bitcholas, We asked, what I thought, was a simple question sure to inundate us with interesting stories. I was so wrong. We asked, "why were the police there to arrest somebody?" There are endless tales of police interaction but, seemingly, none of them were interesting. Not the stories we...
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Where Did THAT Come From?

Hola Bitcholas. I love that people download our app and listen to the podcast. It means a lot to us that people wanna hear everything we do. That said, sometimes it can lead to an embarrassing confession. For example, this week we asked "who called the police and why?". Well, at one point today, we...
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When You REFUSE to Give an S

Hola Bitcholas, Lamarr Chambers. Does that name sound familiar? I've made this guy our "Shot of the Day" on two separate occasions...but for the same reason. If you don't know, Lamarr was arrested in Essex, England back in January for SUSPICION of having drugs. He was detained, but they're pretty...
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