Some kind of WIN in Ted vs the FCC

A WIN in Ted vs The FCC to Start the Year!

Ted vs The FCC and the..FCC lost.
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2019's Best of Ted vs The FCC

The year in Ted vs The FCC!
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Ask the Mens Room - Live Day Edition!

Ask us Anything! But send those questions NOW!
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A Duck-Sucking Win for Ted vs The FCC!

Ted vs The FCC ducked up.
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The Shortest Ted vs The FCC Ever?

Was this the fastest Ted vs The FCC of all time?
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3 Out of 5 Broke a Mens Room Rule Today!

Hola Bitcholas, Pain the Grass is in full swing and we, the Mens Room, will be there tomorrow. Looking forward to it and hoping to see your ugly mugs there. On that note, must go. I sh*t SEVEN times at work today, Miles 5, and Ted took yesterday off to recover from these weird poops. Hoping it's...
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Pick Your Poison!

Hola Bitcholas, Another rousing episode of 'Big Dummy' has come and gone but, as always, we conducted a Mens Room Poll. The scenario is that you've died and gone to Hell. It's nothing personal, we're just assuming that you are an insufferable heathen. Anyway, you're in Hell, but Hell is kind enough...
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Give Her the Ol' Chattanooga Jack

Hola Bitcholas, Welcome to the 'Tale of Chattanooga Jack'. Talking with Ryan Castle this morning in the office and he asked if I recognized a certain name. It sounded vaguely familiar, something on the periphery of my memory, but I couldn't quite place it. Castle points out that this person is...
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Spit It Out!

Hola Bitcholas, On yesterday's show we had a brief discussion about a photograph making the 'world wide rounds'. The photo in question features a humpback whale with a sea lion in it's mouth. The whale is breaching and appears to be uncharacteristically EATING the sea lion. Well, I was kinda HOPING...
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Have You Improvised When Fixing Something?

Hola Bitcholas, Today was our "Random Question Question", so we covered a lot of different topics, but the one that seemed to stick had to do with 'ghetto DIY'. The inspiration for this involves a guy in Colorado. He had a busted tail light, but instead of replacing it, he decided to get creative...
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