Air Fry your cares away

The Air Fryer is the Hero of the Stay at Home Lifestyle

Get an Air Fryer and Restore Your Sanity While Staying Home!
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Beat the rhymes yourself!

YOU Can Take on the FCC at Home!

Play You vs The FCC while you're home!
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Down with the FCC!

Another Shocking Win in Ted vs The FCC

The FCC was more bark than bite last time!
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What got YOU in trouble?

That Time You Got Arrested

What got you arrested?
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Some kind of WIN in Ted vs the FCC

A WIN in Ted vs The FCC to Start the Year!

Ted vs The FCC and the..FCC lost.
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Ted vs The FCC Wants YOU

Ted vs The FCC invites you to play along!
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A Duck-Sucking Win for Ted vs The FCC!

Ted vs The FCC ducked up.
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Ted vs The FCC Found Another Loss!

Ted vs The FCC put another L on the record last time!
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Thank You for Making Redfestival a Party!

Thank you for helping us help the Fisher House at Redfestival!
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3,000 Questions and We Want Yours!

Hola Birchola, Totally forgot to write a blog today. At first I wasn't gonna admit that, and, instead, come up with something, but I've got nothing. Weird day today. To put it in perspective, if I told you that I had a story about falling 30 feet out of a grandstand, onto and into a concession...
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