Thrill's Heart Grew Three Puppies That Day

Hola Bitcholas, Every year at Pain in the Grass the fine folks at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue join us backstage with a smattering of dogs and cats in need of a good home. It's always interesting see the Corey Taylors, Marilyn Mansons and Rob Zombies of the world 'ooh' and awww' over these fuzzy little...
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When Your Kids Love the Strangest Things

Hola Bitcholas, Kids...most kids...love the zoo. My daughter is one of those kids that loves the zoo. This makes me happy because it provides cheap entertainment and the kid just might learn something. And she loves animals and nature and all that. So much so that she endures the smell of a zoo...
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Welcome to the Squirrel Zoo!

Hola Bitcholas, As happens from time to time, a question pops into my mind and I am forever distracted by it. And like most questions that contaminate my thinking space, I COULD just Google it...but that wouldn't contribute to the healthy dose of mania to which I've grown accustomed. For reasons...
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